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Cardiovascular System By Bangalore Murthy, MD
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Cardiovascular System review for medical students preparing for USMLE Step 1.
Gross Physiology of the Cardiovascular System By Robert Anderson
Paperback: $7.56
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A groundbreaking, global overview of the mechanical function of the cardiovascular system, as featured at the website. This text explains fundamental but often... More > misunderstood concepts, such as: the unique hydraulic characteristics of the heart as a pump and the cardiovascular system; the determinants of cardiac output; the mechanism that maintains blood volume equilibrium between the systemic and pulmonary circuits; and the primary contribution of the atria to circulation rate. Distilled from decades of research and surgical experience by Dr. Robert M. Anderson -- a pioneer heart surgeon, biomedical inventor, award-winning professor, and former Associate Dean of the University of Arizona College of Medicine -- the text is a far more explanatory and predictive account than the conventional model featured in many basic physiology textbooks (with its often misleading focus on incomplete parameters such as preload, afterload, contractility, and stroke rate times stroke volume).< Less
Heem O. Globin's Great Cardiovascular Adventure By Ash Mahenthiran
eBook (PDF): $10.00
a story about a cells travel through the cardiovascular system
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians Conduct tests on pulmonary or cardiovascular systems of patients for diagnostic purposes. May conduct or assist in electrocardiograms, cardiac... More > catheterizations, pulmonary-functions, lung capacity, and similar tests. Sample of reported job titles: Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT), Cardiovascular Technician, Cardiology Technician, Cardiac Technician, Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS), EKG/ECG Technician (Electrocardiogram Technician), Echocardiographer, Electrocardiogram Technician (EKG Technician), Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS), Cardiopulmonary Technician< Less
The Complete Body System and its Fuctions By Alana Monet-Telfer
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Having trouble on Biology? Need to find out information about the organ systems and how they work?. This book contains the five different body systems,plus, three more body systems. This is an... More > excellent book if you need, or want; to learn about all the systems of the human body in one go. In this book it contains information on: 1. The Digestive System 2. The Respiratory System 3. The Circulatory/Cardiovascular System 4. The Immune System 5. The Renal System Plus 1. The Endocrine System 2. The Nervous System 3. The Reproductive System< Less
Everything You’ll Need to Know Vol.14 Human Circulatory System By RC Ellis
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The function of the circulatory system is to carry oxygen filled blood and nutrients through the body; feeding each individual cell and picking up waste materials like carbon dioxide which it drops... More > off in the lungs to be expelled from the body as we breathe.< Less
Everything you’ll need to know Vo.14 Human Circulatory System By RC Ellis
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The heart and circulatory system is probably the most important, and the least appreciated part of the human anatomy. Those afflicted with circulatory system disease suffer from many problems that... More > are sometimes attributed to other areas. Poor leg circulation – restricted blood flow to the legs – is most commonly caused by Peripheral Vascular Disease, or PVD.< Less
Weight Loss and Anti-Obesity Effects of Natural Saponins Extracted from Herbs and Foods (Journal of Personalized and Systems Medicine) By (Editor)
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Obesity is a serious health problem globally. However, only a few medications are available on the market, and their long-term safety is still unknown. Pancreatic lipase activity is related to the... More > source of excess calories. Natural dietary supplements such as herbal extracts that can serve as pancreatic lipase inhibitors have been considered promising candidates for weight loss and anti-obesity. For example, herbs such as ginseng have been found useful for the management of metabolic syndromes. Saponins isolated from these herbs may have significant weight loss effects. Many of these saponins have both anti-diabetes and anti-obesity properties. They can inhibit pancreatic lipase and delay the intestinal absorption of dietary fat. Many also have anti-inflammatory properties. Some can control blood pressure and reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases. They can be potential therapeutics for healing obesity-related diseases including hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.< Less
55 Cancer Preventing and Cancer Fighting Juice Recipes: Boost Your Immune System, Improve Your Digestion, and Become Healthier Today By Joseph Correa (Certified Sports Nutritionist)
eBook (ePub): $5.99
55 Cancer Preventing and Cancer Fighting Juice Recipes will help you to have a stronger immune system through a variety of powerful ingredients and mixtures in these juices. Cancer prevention is a... More > serious topic that should be addressed with cardiovascular exercise, sufficient rest, and proper nutrition. These juices should not replace your normal daily meals but should complement your normal day to day meals. Not taking the time to feed your body properly can have negative long term effects and that’s why this book will save you future problems and will help teach you how to nourish your body to achieve a strong cancer fighting immune system. This book will help you to: -Strengthen your immune system. -Improve your digestion. -Cleanse Your Blood Stream. -Have more energy. -Become Healthier on a daily basis. -Eliminate Toxins from your body. Joseph Correa is a certified sports nutritionist and a professional athlete. © 2014 Correa Media Group< Less
Deadly Sweet Embrace By Robert Turner
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Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity are already epidemic in modern society and rapidly worsening. Their burden on our health care systems is enormous and growing. Even our youth and... More > children are beginning to be affected. Life expectancy may have increased but our years of disability free living are fewer than ever. A common thread linking these diseases can be traced through anthropology, history and into recent research. A single chemical found in much our daily food has clear connections and is also implicated in many other illnesses, including arthritis, asthma, immune system disorders, some cancers, dementia, osteoporosis, nerve damage and repetitive strain injuries. Choices you make for yourself and your children are influenced by an industry without conscience that has been manipulating science and world politics to preserve its profits.< Less

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