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The Hidden Variables Theory: The Initial Values of the Fundamental Constants in Physics By Israel Fried
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In this revision: The electric charge of a subatomic particle is originated from its Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM). There is explanation for the electron's zero OAM at ground state, interpreted as... More > the OAM is not necessarily related to motion. The electron mass is a magnitude that expresses quantitatively the square of its magnetic flux quantum. The proton, the neutron and all baryons consist of three energy levels on which the quarks are orbiting. The third energy level is equivalent to 80.7 Gev; it plays a role at decaying process through the weak force while hosting charged mesons (Pentaquark for instance) that are emitted thru W bosons which acquire the level's energy. The quark's OAM is a third or two thirds of the reduced planck constant. The proton's missing spin is resolved by quarks OAM contribution. The electron is a bound state composition of a negative Pi meson and electron neutrino. The second and third quarks generations are a variations of different kinds of down and up quarks compositions.< Less
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Anti Heisenberg III - Refutation Of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle By Ilija Barukcic
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Abstract. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle concerning a series of measurements of a quantum mechanical observable is already refuted. A series of measurements of a quantum mechanical observable is... More > grounded on a single measurement. Thus far, one might assume that Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is refuted for a single measurement too. We must remember, however, that a single measurement of a quantum mechanical observable (in a given state) is related to the wave function of a quantum mechanical observable (in a given state). We conclude, therefore, that there should be a relationship between the wave function and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. This paper is about to make the prove that Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is refuted concerning a single measurement too.< Less
The Foundations Of The Relativistic Quantum Theory By Ilija Barukcic
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Abstract. A unique, fundamental and universal description of the physical world based on causation is still neither generally available nor at least generally accepted. This point of issue is... More > related especially to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle claims that physical properties like position and momentum cannot both be known to arbitrary precision. The more precisely or accurate one property (position measurement) is known, the less precisely or less accurate the other (momentum measurement) can be known (and vice versa). In last consequence, exact simultaneous values cannot be assigned to some and my be all (conjugate) variables. This publication will make the prove, that Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is not valid even for one single measurement.< Less
Anti Bell II - Refutation Of Bell's Theorem By Ilija Barukcic
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Abstract. According to Bell's theorem, we must abandon either quantum mechanics or local realism, a third is not possible, tertium non datur, both exclude each other. After Bell's theorem was ... More > published, a variety of experiments were devised to test Bell's inequalities. One of the first experimental tests of Bell's inequality were performed by Freedman and Clauser [3]. Meanwhile, dramatic violations of Bell's inequalities have been reported by the so called Bell test experiments which is equally taken as an empirical evidence against local realism and as a positive evidence in favour of quantum mechanics. Based on Bell's theorem and contrary to Einstein et al., we are forced to accept, that our world is non-local. Nonetheless, is there a physical reality, whether the same is measured or not? The purpose of this publication is to refute Bell's theorem by the proof that Bell's theorem is a fallacy of the excluded middle.< Less
Countdown to Armageddon By Luis Vega
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The purpose of this book is to investigate and ascertain the possible prophetic variables that will lead to the ultimate Battle of Armageddon. The presumption is that certain events in the Middle... More > East, in particular have been building up perhaps to this apocalyptic event that will involve the nations of the world, the redemption of Israel and the return of the King, Jesus Christ. This study assumes that 'Armageddon' will be a literal event yet to be fulfilled, if the Bible account of the Book of Revelation is to be taken literally. Although the topic of Armageddon has a multitude of possible themes to consider, only certain aspects relevant to the theory of its Biblical fulfillment will be considered and discussed in a conceptual way from a compilation of essays related to the End Time topics leading up to the Countdown to Armageddon.< Less
Differences between forecasts and actual performance regarding EU Member States adherence to the Maastricht criteria: The Greek Case By Stefano Pilato
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The truth may be hidden behind a set of variables strongly intertwined, such as the precarious state of the Greek statistical institutes who had the task of monitoring the condition of the country in... More > order to report to the Commission, perhaps the failure by the Council and Commission to clearly assess the trend of the national budget, and perhaps the desire to accommodate the Hellenic Republic - birthplace of western culture, home for centuries and centuries of democracy, Western philosophy, medicine, historiography, theater and founder of the mathematical principles and of the Olympic Games in 776 BC, within the Eurosystem.< Less
The Theorem of Kochen and Specker - A logical fallacy By Ilija Barukcic
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Abstract. The Kochen and Specker's prove is regarded as one of the most general and as one of the strongest of the available no-go theorems of quantum theory that the quantum-mechanical behaviour is... More > incompatible with the existence of hidden variables. The main purpose of this article is to point out the logical background of the theorem of Kochen and Specker and the logical inconsistency on which the theorem of Kochen and Specker is based upon. This is important because the theorem of Kochen and Specker is based upon a logical fallacy.< Less
Bellmore Group Management Services, Tokyo Japan’s 3 Risks of Investing in the Stock Market By Riley Harrison
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Risk and reward are inextricably intertwined, and therefore, risk is inherent in all financial instruments. As a consequence, wise investors seek to minimize risk as much as possible without diluting... More > the potential rewards. Warren Buffett, a recognized stock market investor, reportedly explained his investment philosophy to a group of Wharton Business School students in 2003: “I like to go for cinches. I like to shoot fish in a barrel. But I like to do it after the water has run out.” Reducing all of the variables affecting a stock investment is difficult, especially the following hidden risks.< Less
Quantum Mechanics: From Realism to Intuitionism By Ronnie Hermens
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A large contribution to the discussion of possible interpretations of quantum mechanics is given so-called impossibility proofs for hidden variable models; models that allow a realist interpretation.... More > In this thesis some of these proofs are discussed, like von Neumann's Theorem, the Kochen-Specker Theorem and the Bell-inequalities. Some more recent developments are also investigated, like Meyer's nullification of the Kochen-Specker Theorem, the MKC-models and Conway and Kochen's Free Will Theorem. This last one is taken to suggest that the problems that arise for certain interpretations of quantum mechanics are not limited to realist interpretations only, but also affect certain instrumentalist interpretations. It is argued that one may arrive at a more satisfying interpretation of quantum mechanics if one adopts a logic that seems more compatible with the instrumentalist viewpoint namely, intuitionistic logic. The motivation for adopting this form of logic is linked to some of the philosophical ideas of Bohr.< Less