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The SHTF Stockpile By Easton Sims
Paperback: $8.95
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The SHTF Stockpile - Emergency SHTF Items You Should Have To Survive In A Time Of Crisis!(FREE BONUS INCUDED) This eBook “The SHTF Stockpile: Emergency SHTF Items You Should Have to Survive in... More > a Time of Crisis!” is a great source for you to learn about different aspects which you can cover in an emergency situation. You have to survive to sustain your life well even if you hit with an emergency situation which is why it is necessary to prepare for it beforehand. You can learn a lot about the survival through this guide because here you will find the information regarding the equipment, supplies and food which you need to keep in your house for the proper survival. Here are the chapters for you to make the learning easier such as: Basics of SHTF Survival, Emergency SHTF Items You Should Have, First Aid Kits for SHTF Emergency, Arrange Water and Food in Stockpile, Survival Skills to Increase Your Survival Chances< Less
Ultimate Prepper and Stockpile Handbook: Prepper Barter Items for Survival & Emergency Food Storage In Shtf Situation By Butros Fraiha
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Bartering is as old as Civilization itself. When you need a product or service, someone always comes to provide and fill your needs. Bartering is actually at the heart of all ecomonic markets. In the... More > event of a catastrophic event money will hold no value. And you can only stockpile so much. Disaster may strike and the worst possible scenarios become reality. Items such as food, and weapons are what remain valuable during dark times. It's certainly a goal to be prepared for those SHTF situations. But more likely than not, a sceario you are not prepared for is going to hit. Just by storing some universal items you can make up for deficiencies which would otherwise put you in a much more dangerous situation. Simply by trading, you can increas your chances of staying alive longer. Trading one item for another is just one aspect of bartering. You can also pay for goods and services in return for a favor, food, or shelter. There may come a time when you need something someone else is equipped to offer. .< Less
Prepper Barter Items: Extensive Guide to All You Need to Know About Survival Barter Trading and Stockpiling for Survival In Any Shtf Situation By John Carpenter
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Civilization and bartering share a symbiotic relationship. People always need things, products and services. Someone needs to come through for the community in times of emergency. All economic... More > markets depended or originated from barter and trade. In tough times when money holds no value and space is limited, you must know what to keep on hand and what to leave. When natural and economic disaster scenarios become reality certain things must be kept on hand. These things bring value and personal comfort which also increase your chance of survival. * Got it? Good! * Here's to your health * Water And Food * Services And Much Much More! Take Action and Download Your Copy Today!< Less
Stockpile & Barter Handbook: Ultimate Prepper Survival and Emergency Food Storage Guide By Avi Regev
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Bartering is as old as civilization. People need products and services, so someone always needs to come through and provide their items to fill your need. All economic markets derive from bartering,... More > specially in the event of a disaster. Money holds no value, and space is limited, learn what you need to keep on hand and what to leave behind in case you need to get out of dodge. Disasters can strike at any moment and disaster scenarios become a reality. Certain items need to be kept on hand which bring value and personal comfort in dark times. It should be a certain goal of yours to be prepared for such situations, just by storing some universal bartering items you can increase your chances of survival.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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