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Official Rituals and Instructions of Thelema By Aleister Crowley
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Never before has there been a complete collection of Aleister Crowley's Class D publications...until now! Every Thelemic ritual and instruction prescribed by Aleister Crowley's magical orders are... More > here in this 400 page hardcover edition. The Connecticut Gnostica Society has compiled this beautiful book of rituals is a must for any one interested in Thelema, magick, and the occult. Perfect for your altar space or book shelf Some of the technical Class D publications included are the Star Sapphire, The Star Ruby, Liber Resh vel Helios, and Mass of the Phoenix. As an added bonus we have included other class documents such as Crowley's notes on theurgy and a performance instruction on pranayama! Be sure to check out the Holy Books of Thelema compilation by the Connecticut Gnostica Society:< Less
The Law of Thelema – Quantum Yoga By Oliver St. John
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The author here discloses the Quantum Yoga treatise, or Reification of Starlight, not included in The Ending of the Words (2007). The work was tempered by correspondence with Kenneth Grant, who... More > inspired the experimental magical operations that led to the book’s conception. Quantum Yoga resulted from Grant’s suggestion that a commentary be written on his Liber 29 or Book of the Spider. In the words of the author, The Law of Thelema—Quantum Yoga, presents “the secret teachings of the Typhonian Tradition, heretofore never revealed”. The text to The Ending of the Words has been updated to include the events of 2015 e.v. that fulfilled the prophecy encrypted in the third chapter of Liber AL vel Legis. Format: 6x9 hardbound, dustjacket; blue linen; gold foil stamp lettering on spine; black on cream pages.< Less
Holy Books of Thelema By A.'.A.'.
Hardcover: $29.93
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The most complete collection of Thelemic Commentaries to The Book of the Law, Liber 65 and Liber 7, by The Master Therion.
The Holy Books of Thelema By Aleister Crowley
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This affordable hardcover Private Edition of the Holy Books of Thelema is a collection of the most essential "Class A" documents by Aleister Crowley. It's is a must have for any one... More > interested in Thelema and the occult. Perfect for that altar space or book shelf. You will also find the preliminary and history lections of the Order A.'.A.'. (Liber LXI vel Causae). Along with Crowley's paraphrase of the Stele of Revealing. These sacred texts are the cornerstone of the religious system Founded by Aleister Crowley. They were received through automatic writing while in a deep mystical trance, or through direct-voice dictation from a divine intelligence. They therefore are to be considered 'inspired' works. Official Rituals and Instructions compilation Or the Probationer's Textbook:< Less
Fortified Island Anthology By Irish Order Of Thelema
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Fortified Island is the journal of the Irish Order of Thelema, an innovative thelemic Order based on the island of Ireland. This anthology is a compilation of content from the first five issues with... More > bonus material relating to the Irish Order of Thelema and its work.< Less
Doorways of Perception By Irish Order Of Thelema
Paperback: $11.82
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Doorways of Perception is issue 7 of the Irish Order of Thelema's journal. Fortified Island. This issue features contributions on visions, altered states and the journey inwards. Contents... More > include: Turas Istigh (building an inner grove) by Brian Breathnach, Science and Spirit: An Introduction to Neurotheology by frater Ildanach, Liber Astarte as Theurgic Ritual by Brandy Williams, Initiation in the Big Top by frater Gishtil and much, much more...< Less
2019 Thelema Calendar - All Ages By Joseph Marek
Calendar: $16.24
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This is a THELEMIC calendar. It features/lists all Thelemic Feast Days, plus American Holidays. It also includes "Thelemic Fundamentals".
The Order of the GBG : Secret Magick of Thelema By Magick
eBook (PDF): $7.98
A rare text about the magick and mystical practices of the Order of the G.B.G., a secret Thelemic lodge that was heavily influenced by Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. Details its origins and... More > development. Illustrated with rare photos.< Less
Paperback: $14.20
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Contenuti: I - Scopo del Libro II - Tecniche primarie dello Yoga: •Pranayama, Mudra e Mantra III - L'uso delle Maschere nei riti dell'Africa, Maya e Inca, nel teatro Nô, nella Tradizione... More > Orfica, nella Commedia dell'Arte IV - Il lavoro sugli Archetipi V - Oltre l'Illusione VI - La via degli Artisti •il Teatro Magico e Alchimistico •Tantra, Spanda, Krama •il Canto di Ankh-af-na-Konsu Appendice A: Repertorio di Mudra e Mantra Appendice B: Repertorio di Maschere Allegoria< Less
Love Under Will - The Sphinx'* Commentary By AL THOTH ASH & ATELIER THELEMA
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A la eternidad qu'espera en la encrucijada de estrellas: "Viens-tu du ciel profond ou sors-tu de l'abime? Sors-tu du gouffre noir ou descends-tu des astres?" Ah, Periclinus de Faustis! Oder... More > dem Adler gleich, der lange, lange starr in Abgrunde blickt, in seine Abgrunde... in himmer tiefere Tiefen ringeln! Listen, oh listen the eternal prayer whose pages have to be nortourrish every day and every night with humours & sperm & blood. Perfecto Commentario to Liber AL yo Aleister Crowley in Cairo 1904 nova lectura multilanguage on medium channelling pendent 2004 et 2007 .:. Thelema (Cefalù, with Sr. .:. S.Q. .:. A.L.A.), recherches en Ingolstadt, in Manchester (Isis-Hathor T.) again in Cairo. Full color text, with photo reproduction of the hand Commentary writ ab Fr. vel Al-Thoth-Ash up on the original of Fr. Perdurabo [Ipsissimus Master Therion].< Less

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