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Theological Clarity By Scott Thomas
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A book of my poetry.
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A book of my poetry.
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A Schizoid's Theology By Christopher Denny
Hardcover: $50.32
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Growing up in a strict Baptist home with Schizo-Affective Disorder altered my view on religion and life in general.
The Theology of Facts versus The Theology of Rhetoric By August Vilmar
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August Vilmar is one of the least well known German Theologians of the 19th century. Despite his obscurity, his odyssey from the theological school of skepticism, to the Confessional faith of the... More > Lutheran Reformers, is a transformation worthy of attention. Vilmar’s words still speak to us in a time when skepticism about Christ and his Gospel seem to reign supreme in society and the Church. Vilmar’s ascent and devotion to the pure Gospel of Christ is no better illustrated than in The Theology of Facts. Here, Vilmar describes the lifelessness of theological skepticism—what he calls the Theology of Rhetoric. In contrast stands the Theology of Facts which brings Christ and his gift of salvation to the people: “Theology of Facts serves real life in this world and in eternity...its content is for those who receive it, the breath of life, an indispensable nourishment, no different from air, and sunlight, and bread, since none on earth can live who does not receive what proceeds from theology.”< Less
Scripture, Hermeneutics, and Theology: Evaluating Theological Interpretation of Scripture By Brian Collins
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This dissertation offers a critique of and constructive response to several areas of theological interpretation. Section one evaluates the role that tradition ought to play in interpretation and... More > theology. The second section evaluates the tendency to move back toward a multiple-sense approach to interpretation. Section three evaluates the role that biblical and systematic theology should play in the interpretation of Scripture. The final chapter proposes how biblical theology and systematic theology ought to work together in theological interpretation. Ecclesiastes 9:1-10 serves as a test case. This chapter also includes a discussion about how to apply Scripture in the contemporary world.< Less
Theological Propaedeutic: A General Introduction to the Study of Theology By Philip Schaff
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A reprint of Philip Schaff's THEOLOGICAL PROPAEDEUTIC: A GENERAL INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THEOLOGY. The digital files utilized in this reprint may include printer's marks, copy marks, library... More > marks, and/or readers' marks.< Less
Reformed Theology's Reformations Are Not Producing a Biblical Systematic Theology By Pastor Edward Rice
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Reformed Augustinian Theology is, as its name so aptly captures, a reformation of bad Augustinian Theology that previously framed up the belief system of Roman Catholic Theology. The reformers began... More > the reformation of the Roman Catholic theology and reformations have progressed until a common question is asked “Exactly what is reformed theology?” This work will analyze rate of change for reformation theology. It is feasible to understand where the transformation began, in the heart of Roman Catholic Doctrine, and where it is to land, in the heart of Biblical Baptist Doctrine. It had to depart from Catholicism and its horrid soteriology, tyrannical ecclesiology, mislead eschatology, inept Bibliology and defective theology. Is it now circling towards the epicenter of truth, or does it continue in the venue of its mother Church spiraling ever further from the truth? This effort focus and clarifies the position and course of Reformed Augustinian Theology with a clarity never before addressed.< Less
Theo-Logic: Christocentric Theology Series I By James A. Fowler
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In the "Christocentric Theology Series," publishing by Christ in You Publishing. Seven syllogisms that are foundational to Christian thought are exposed as invalid when considered by... More > natural human logic but thoroughly valid within the revelation of Theo-logic.< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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Full Count Ministries Romans Journal Full Count Ministries... By Carter Reese et al.
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