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A Christian Apologetic For Christian Apologists By Lance Waldie
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The Christian faith is based on historical truths that, if properly understood, can be defended as truth and not wishful thinking. In a day and age where it is said that truth does not exist, or that... More > truth is whatever people believe it is, Christians must stand up and present the truth of Jesus Christ in a loving and clear way. We are to be prepared at all times to defend our faith, why we believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. This book lays out the traditional arguments for the existence of God, proves that there must be only one God for anything to exist that does exist, and then it demonstrates that the only God is Jesus Christ. Moreover, the Bible is shown to be reliable and believable, for it is the logical avenue through which God, if He exists, would communicate with His people.< Less
Supernatural Faith and First Truth By Clinton LeFort
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Supernatural Faith and First Truth looks at the many ways in which we encounter supernatural faith in our spiritual journey. Among the many topics covered are questions and answers regarding first... More > truth, the relationship between God and his creatures, St. Augustine on Faith, the work of God in our life, freedom and grace, and many others. First Truth St. Thomas Aquinas, in his disputations on truth, De Veritate, asks in Q. 14, art. 8 ‘Is First Truth the Proper Object of Faith?’ It must be noted at the beginning the concern of St. Thomas was supernatural faith; that is, "the substance of things to be hoped for and the evidence of things that appear not." (Heb. 1:1) First, St. Thomas lists several difficulties in answering the question. St. Thomas lists sixteen different difficulties and in his Answers to the Difficulties he answers each one individually. Let us draw our attention to the first difficulty.< Less
Latin Christianity: Hippolytus, Cyprian, Caius, Novatian, Appendix By Phlip Schaff
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This volume presents some of the critical founders to the founding of the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. Many different schools of thought existed during this time and some of them are... More > presented within this text and refuted with the proper theological thinking that these fathers had learned from their predecessors. Thought some of the claims in this text has been updated by various church organizations in the present years, this represents the original thinking and it shows how it influences our thinking today.< Less
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A critical work into the working and theology of the most mysterious person of the holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Many times Christians recognize but do not focus on the Holy Spirit even though He is... More > the most active person of the Godhood in our world today. This work goes to correct that and delves into Scripture to reveal to us how he works and what he is like so that we can properly revere him as Almighty God.< Less
The Essentials of Prayer By Edward M. Bounds
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Do you come with the right mindset when you pray? Do you only come in times of trouble? Bounds reminds us that in order to have a proper prayer life we must always be focused on God and have an... More > undivided heart devoted solely to the one and only God. Even those who only pray in times of trouble can find the Essentials of Prayer helpful as they struggle with the issue of whether prayer works.< Less
The Bible By The Resolved Church
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Theology 211 is an intermediate course on reading the Bible with the proper principles of interpretation required to study the Scriptures well while gaining confidence in the authority of God's Word.
Sacraments of the Christian Faith By Hugh of St. Victor
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Hence the doctrine of sacramental efficacy, set forth in Hugh’s De Sacramentis is a great and almost excessive improvement on St. Augustine’s doctrine, and on that of the early mediaeval... More > writers; it prepares and forebodes the Lombardian conception of the sacrament, as cause of grace. Our author considered that the study of Sacred Scripture and its historical and literal meaning makes possible true and proper theology, that is, the systematic illustration of truths, knowledge of their structure, the illustration of the dogmas of the faith. He presents these in a solid synthesis in his Treatise De Sacramentis Christianae Fidei (The Sacraments of the Christian Faith). Among other things, he provides a definition of "sacrament" which, further perfected by other theologians, contains ideas that are still very interesting today.< Less
40 of the Most Popular Bible Verses and What They Really Mean By Gabriel Hughes
eBook (ePub): $3.88
Most of the Bible verses and stories we think we know... we don't! Even in our churches, some of the most quoted Scripture passages have been taken so out of context for so long, we’re no... More > longer paying attention to what they really mean. Pastor Gabriel Hughes highlights 40 popular (and often misused) Bible verses in their proper context so that the reader might learn to rightly handle the word of truth. The chapters are short, to the point, and easy to grasp. Featuring hundreds of Scripture references, and recommendations toward other teachers and study materials. Enjoy this book for personal growth or as part of a group Bible study!< Less
Primitive Christianity By William Penn
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A book that causes you to dig and think deeply, it was written by the founder of the Quaker movement. Although not a full discourse on that sects beliefs it gives a good overview of what the Quaker... More > movement stood for and believed in. These writings were so controversial in their day that Penn was imprisoned in the Tower of London on multiple occasions for these beliefs. Although many will not accept the beliefs that are taught here, it is important to take a look back at what certain groups have believed to make sure we are well aware of such teachings and how to properly approach them if and when they will re-emerge in today’s world.< Less
The Practice of Piety: Amplified with Notes by the Author By Lewis Bayly
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This work by Lewis Bayly, originally written and published in 1611, has been republished dozens of times. It was one of the most popular devotional manuals of the 17th century. It demonstrates how... More > the Christian may walk in a manner worthy of the high calling Christ Jesus has called them to - holiness and PIETY. Bayly masterfully teaches the Christian how to live as a Christian, and to love God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength. At the same time, he exhorts the unconverted to look upon Jesus Christ, the One that ought to be their great INTEREST. Many editions in the last decade have been published from a faulty 19th century publication. This edition has focused on updating that work with proper Scriptural proofs and punctuation that have been otherwise left incorrectly published, including all the notes by the author that were added for further clarification. This is not a scan or facsimile.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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