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The New Adventures of Pi 2nd Edition: Your Guide to God's Latest and Most Important Revelation By Theory Parker
eBook (ePub): $0.99
These are the divinely inspired texts of God’s latest and most important message to mankind yet, Pi-ism. Pi-ism is a peaceful and empowering quasi-religion based upon the transcendental,... More > irrational number Pi, a number upon which our entire universe is founded. The reason why our universe is founded upon the number Pi? For the sake of answering God’s single solitary question: “Why do I exist?” Retelling and interpreting Pi-ism's Revelations and its associated Suggestions is the work of Theory M. Parker, Pi-Hd, an atheist God has chosen to herald this latest spiritual message. In choosing Mr. Parker for this monumental assignment, God has used His divine powers to keep Mr. Parker from actually believing in Her existence. This was done in order to make Mr. Parker’s task of bringing Pi-ism to the world incredibly difficult and to prove a point about what can be achieved through the power of Pi. What will you achieve with the power of Pi? Be good and be happy,and you’ll find out!< Less
FIRE N' ICE By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
A teaser story, the "origins" of FIRE N' ICE! A drugged out fiend meets a mysterious girl and stops doing drugs only to find her missing one day. Then the sky cracks open, sending this... More > world into a nightmare alternate reality, with himself thrust into 3 different planes of existence at once! He wants to find the girl. Little does he know his destiny lies as a hero. This story will adapt later into a bigger story (300 pages)but you can't miss this part as it exposes the truth behind his junkie ways and the strange girl! This story won't get fully written out till I finish three 100 page projects first. A cult hit even now! 3 pages, 7 pages in all.< Less
THE GRID By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
A teaser story, the "origins" of THE GRID! An unknown drifter wanders too far off into the desert badlands. There's not much hope either. He escaped from desert pirates to end up stuck in... More > the middle of nowhere. Soon he'll understand why it's not safe to go too far off into the desert! A short story idea that I'll adapt into a bigger story later. But you can't miss this part as it exposes the truth behind the grid! This will be my first chapter by chapter story, followed by two 100 page books, and then finally FIRE N' ICE will be my 4th. These teaser stories are collectibles! 3 pages, 7 pages in all.< Less
THE GRID - chapter 8 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Finding themselves hiding from the cops in an underground train bunker, they share a magic kiss. Nightshade shows Renegade the underground city where everyone hides from the world above. She tells... More > him his fate isn't in this world and he grows fearful of losing her. The underground city is really an army waiting to rise up against Thanatos. She shows him the city and they explore it. Within its depths is a base of operations for the rebellion at the church of cyber saints. They choose Renegade for an important mission. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Now enter the world within a world!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 7 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Revolution is the plan. Nightshade tells Renegade of her plan to take back the city. Renegade starts to wonder if this cute girl is even real and he's falling for her.He suspects her of being a... More > possible seeker, the enemy. They race through the city on jet cycles as the city buildings morph and disappear, making this a dangerous idea. He tries to prove himself to her but forgets to turn on the inertia pads. This ride will be one bumpy roller coaster as he dodges reappearing skyscrapers. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Hang on for one wild ride!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 6 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
A bizarre young woman in a hood appears and tells Renegade to come with her. The club his band sang in wasn't really a club, it was an enemy base. So Nightshade takes him back to her place and they... More > start flirting. Soon they're entangled in bed and become lovers as well as partners in vigilante justice. She tells him of how she came to be in this place and she became a vigilante hero of the night. People get upgrades in this future much like computers. It's a survival of the fittest. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. There's no turning back on this adventure and he wants in!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 9 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Renegade and Nightshade have now become vigilante heroes and turn people through his band's songs. The "turned" flee to the underground city only to be replaced by holographic constructs.... More > Freaky versions of people that look more perfect. This leads them to wonder if they're doing the work of the enemy in a conspiracy. Thanatos sets them up to perish in a gunfight with his mech army at the scene of a planned bank heist. Soon they're surrounded by tanks and mechs. They fear Thanatos cannot die. But they'll die trying! 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Join them in the fight!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 10 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Now Nightshade tells Renegade of the true origins of THE GRID. Xereto was commanding troops inside THE GRID from the real world. It was his world! THE GRID was expanding however, swallowing up the... More > desert. Like a virtual domain, but more real than that, it wanted more. A rebel force hides in the club, in the form of punks. The C.R.A.Z.E. wants to take them out, a force constructed by the police and military. The two of them must take out the mechs for the punks to stand any chance. Thanatos makes another appearance, can he not die? They're surrounded. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. Time to hold your own!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 2 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Chapter 2 is here. The tables have turned and the sand pirates have taken over. Six and his secret squad "7 Black" have been captured. They now face impending doom as they're given a head... More > start on foot before the pirates come after em' in supercharged, armored dune buggies. Can they outwit these savages? They're trained for anything, even the unknown! Will the desert take new victims?! The odds are against them. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. It starts like "The Road Warrior" and turns cyberpunk later!< Less
THE GRID - chapter 5 By Theories in Practice
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Finally, chapter 5! Redgrave went into the vortex to take his chances. He ends up being a darker version of himself, Renegade. Without recollection of who he was he goes forth into the dark city... More > before him. Now he's a singer and a strange female has shown up to tell him something. His former body lies bone dry in the desert. There's more to this world than he knows. 5 pages, 10 pages in all. The real cyberpunk is showing in this story now!< Less

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