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Theta By Joshua Patrick Dudley
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(2 Ratings) When Jack finds out he's dying, there's only one thing he wants to knock off of his bucket list before he goes: killing his cheating ex. Jack enlists the help of his best... More > friend, Karen, and the two set out on a murderous rampage. After a few coincidental mass murders, they become known as the "Theta" killers.< Less
Theta By j. v.
Paperback: $12.99
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Theta, the debut poetry collection from j.v, encompasses every emotion from the heavy weight of loss to a life altering sense of freedom. Written from the perspective of the lowly and heart broken,... More > Theta serves as the foundation along the path to self acceptance and discovery. The author succeeds in reminding the reader that it is okay to mourn the loss of one's self in order to continue to find love, not only for others but for yourself as well.< Less
Theta-Delta Journal Volume 1 By Theta-Delta Chapter Phi Alpha Theta
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The Theta-Delta Journal is a student published journal by members of the Theta-Delta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society, at Austin Peay State University. The journal includes... More > papers presented by students at history conferences on a wide variety of subjects. This volume contains papers on the Parthenon, conscription during the American Revolution, small boat operations on the Long Island Sound during the American Revolution, the Battle of King's Mountain, the development of armored doctrine during the Tennessee Maneuvers, German knowledge of the Holocaust, and Mary Kay Ash.< Less
Primordial Microchip Theta and Primordial Mean Theta By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $1,071.11
The Nordic Star Theta Nonary Mathematics System & Geometric Structure Geometric structures are found and utilized for several purposes, from microchips, to architecture and engineering, music,... More > arts, social management, big data analysis, molecular studies, new materials, new elements (Chemical chart of the Elements), DNA studies, immunology (Virus geometric structures). The PTT Primordial Molecule, The PTT Primordial Microchip & The PTT Primordial Virus is being studied by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, as for purpose of A.I. Technology Development, DNA and Immunology Studies.< Less
Theta Theory in English and French By Badr Assila
eBook (PDF): $5.00
this is a study of the theta theory in English and French, in attempt to show how the two languages are interrelated in terms of structural soles
Theta Theory in English and French By Badr Assila
Hardcover: $26.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
this is a study of the theta theory in English and French, in attempt to show how the two languages are interrelated in terms of structural soles
The I Ching Theta By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $34.24
The I CHING THETA Book of the Primordial Changes, describes how to generate an I CHING, book of changes, from a ternary, nonary or 99 code of elements. As for main example a ternary system will be... More > used: male-female-theta, and non-grams for reading and playing this new universe generated through a book of changes. The classic I Ching utilizes a binary code. What can for new bring us a ternary code and other new universes? The content includes: Alchemy of the 9 Elements, the 9 Families The 9 Stages of Development, the 9 Stages of Love, the Matrix 9+ Ascension with the I CHING THETA The 9 genders, and the book of primordial love The generation of numbers in the I CHING theta. Perception, Space and Time in the I CHING THETA. And several applications of the I CHING THETA for daily life, including the frequency of love 528 and the guidelines principles for the design of the vessel of the gods, the golden sphere of love. The author, reads/play the I CIHING THETA for you online< Less
The Primordial Sounding Archetypes Theta By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $44.29
the primordial sounding archetypes theta is a book dedicated to the journey of the primordial hero and to the music that can be played in our hearts, daily. the archetypes that are associated to the... More > primordial sounds of the spheres, would be utilized in our modern times and is a key for the application of prime tech theta. it is necessary the knowledge of elements, of the 9 primordial suns, to be applied for the golden age. when the frequencies that can be played, in any music instrument, including the body, and a choreography of a dance within the mandala of the nordic star theta and through the primordial art of cocreation, which represents the same journey of the 3 suns, to be described also in this book, are played together, with presence, self-awareness, self-love, gratefulness, joy, a transformational process within own heart will take place. Which means, the primordial sounding archetypes, their elements, genders, powers, journey, will be a journey of heaving sounds.< Less
The Asgardians Language Code Zero Theta By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $20.54
INTRODUCTION After 27 years of research on prime archeology, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken shares the Asgardian Language CODE 1, which is a series of 3D and MD, images, in perpetual movement, from... More > which the ideograms of the Asgardian language, the language of the primes come from. This language is ancient, its traces will be found in all mayor ancient cultures of earth, mythological earth and quantum earth. The following publications will include several references to this divine language and its use, as its relationship with the Prime Culture knowledge and Prime Technology, Prime Love and Prime wealth, already provided by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Odin Theta.< Less
The Book of the Seal Theta of Primordial Mathematics By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $135.91
The researcher will generate geometric structures by utilizing the 9-Gon Theta Seal, The 36-Gon and the PT Theta Primordial Sequence, and guidelines for the design of PT-Theta Algorithms (time... More > reversible and non time reversible) A descriptive assessment and respective conclusions will follow. A brief introduction to immediate applications, with references to previous publications and research study by the researcher. In particular for fields : emotional intelligence, assessment, education, strategic management, and PT-Theta Algorithms. Following research study and applications development possibilities will be as well suggested. In particular: The PTT 9 Primordial Arts including PTT Primordial Navigation Finally a correlation between the Roman-Watch-Cyphers and the 9-Gon Theta Seal Watch will be suggested.< Less

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