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Short Storys By sascha pascoe
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Short story's and tips for any age and it is fiction. story's include The Psychic, A girl I once knew,The movie Written by my mum,The shadows and THE CREATURE
secret element By Vernon Rush
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She hears a metallic rattling and feels the sharp press of steel against her skin. "Hand cuffs," she mutters. Erick Strong has reached a crisis point, and leaves Los Angeles for Miami.... More > Obsessed with finding out more about the woman who might be his mother and discovering the truth behind the classified file of the procreator while still being constantly tailed by the CIA, he begins to live a reclusive existence. In a bid to break free from the claustrophobic lifestyle, he decides to drop everything and go to London. While in England he meets with an old friend, however, the reunion is not all pleasure. In the second part of the series, the assassin Erick Strong is entrapped in a web of suspense finding the true meaning of the Secret Element.< Less
I Am Beale By Amard Efil
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When thrill seeking attorneys Lawrence and Stephen discover that the legendary urban myth about the lost Beale treasures is true, they decide to join the quest for treasure in hopes of finding it and... More > getting a piece. What they actually uncover is that the treasures are survived by a slightly above average Joe heir that is in a race against time he knows nothing about or wants to get involved with. He is searched for by two factions of the same secret society battling for the rights to the bloodline of the hidden Beale Empire. While one side needs him to sit as the head of their order to protect ancient secrets uncovered by his relative’s legend, the others, will stop at nothing to kill, steal, or destroy the bloodline to claim their dominance.< Less
Alien Galaxy-The Begining By Rso Cgo
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A Sci Fi thiller told by renowned sci fi author Christopher Heath.
Grace X: Consummation By Othello
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“We are all just triggers waiting to be pulled.” Othello as a modern, stylish noir novel? An intense classic is reshaped in cutting edge form. Dr. Grace Xavier, a frighteningly amoral,... More > bored and sexually obsessive psychologist, attends an art opening where she intends to acquire a casual lover, and instead meets John Tallis, a decorated soldier and Presidential advisor, whose fiancée, Christine, is a vulnerable sculptor. Desiring to craft a moment of consummate personal pleasure by precipitating a cycle of sensual destruction, Grace psychologically manipulates John, triggering him toward the murder of his fiancée. Why? What can she possibly gain from this? The story unfolds as a tight clockwork that circles between the four main characters, building until it bursts into a conclusion both violent and hauntingly subtle.< Less
3 X DNA X 3 By Janette Buchanan
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Three murders solved? Six more murders with the same MO? 700 miles away two more murders? DNA evidence points to one already on death row and two unknowns? When the killers decided to kill Margie and... More > her daughter Mary Lou, they received more than they bargained for. One of the suspects the Sheriff wants to jail; only his DNA does not match any profiles and how is there a DNA match to the man already on death row?< Less
The Dream Clinic By Michelle Murillo
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With the goal of helping children conquer their night terrors, The Dream Clinic was founded and so was a new kind of night terror.
Tiger's Blood By James Lewis
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When a snow storm hits San Francisco, everything comes to a halt; except for murder. Michael Stevens is a veteran of Iraqi freedom. A bomb strapped to a boy ended his career, and left him with a... More > strange ability that he doesn’t completely understand, but is driven to follow. A string of murders sets in motion an investigation by San Francisco detectives Burns, and Moretti. What they find, is game changing.< Less
Black Night By Darren G. Burton
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Warning: There are no sensitive new age vampires in this story, only evil ones. When a group of five friends venture into the wilderness to spend the weekend in a log cabin in the snow, they have... More > nothing but partying and fun on their minds. However, the fun soon turns into complete horror after night falls. Something is lurking out there in the woods; stalking them, terrorizing them and picking them off one by one. An urban legend has become reality and there is only one thing on its mind: To kill and drain the blood of its victims. This is a short story of approximately 13,000 words.< Less
Den of Thieves By VR McCoy
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This is an international crime thriller with espionage, criminals, terrorist and romance. The main character is trapped in a maze of international incidents and betrayal. He doesn’t know who to... More > trust or who to turn as he tries to maneuver his way out.< Less