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Brazil represents a consumer market of 210 million people, a great opportunity for many kinds of business. It is the fifth most populous country in the world. Brazil has become the world’s... More > largest consumer market for perfumes, second largest for hair treatment products, third for cosmetics and soft drinks and the fourth for bottled water, not to mention many other products like chocolate, mobile phones, video games, wall tiles and automobiles. Brazil’s diversity and dynamism defy any one-size-fits-all approach. It is necessary to plan by targeting city clusters within the country, and companies can seize growth opportunities. To do that, business models must be reviewed and new organizational forms and value chains included in order to drive wealth creation. Business model design indeed is central to value creation (Zott and Amit, 2013).This book gives an overview of different sectors of the economy where there are business opportunities and threats.< Less
Cyber Attack Threat Trends: Stuxnet By Harrison Dreggs et al.
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An examination of cyber attack threat trends including Stuxnet. With background on advanced persistent threats, cyber electronic warfare, cyber security standards, cyber-attacks, cyberterrorism,... More > Operation High Roller, Operation Merlin, Operation Olympic Games, Siberian pipeline sabotage, Tailored Access Operations, and vulnerability of nuclear plants to attack.< Less
Threat Signal - The Complete Drum Transcription By Alex Rudinger
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Threat Signal - The Complete Drum Transcription By Alex Rudinger This book includes note-for-note drum transcriptions of every song on Threat Signal's Self-Titled album, a transcription key, and... More > tons of other additional content. Whether you're looking to learn these songs verbatim or just trying to get an inside look at how Alex writes, these transcriptions will be the perfect tool. Transcribed By: Alex Rudinger Layout By: Alex Rudinger< Less
Terrorist Threat Finance Operations and Training By 2LT Scott Bennett 11th Psychological Operations Battalion
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In 2014's Global Community, amidst the roaring storms of wars, terrorist threats, savage religious fanaticism, and schizophrenic police-military-intelligence surveillance operations, the... More > counter-balance and solution to these violent offenses against sophisticated and civilized living can be found in the lifeforce of money; More specifically, in the psychological warfare and influence operations designed to specifically seduce, impregnate, and shape the minds and hearts of barbarians unfamiliar with the soft optimism and spiritual heaviness of money.< Less
Threats, dire warnings and sinister words By Paul Billinghurst
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Threats; an indication of probable trouble. Dire warnings; that serves to give grave notice. Sinister words; portending evil or harm. ...and then Rayna Waross awoke to the sound of intruders.
Revenue Sharing Fraud An ‘Emerging Threat’ By Ajji Ummah
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In the wake of the police crackdown on an illegal telecom activity called the International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF) last week, telecommunication companies here have foreseen an emerging threat... More > to their relations with their international counterparts.< Less
Operationalizing Counter Threat Finance Strategies By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
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It is a well established axiom that attempting to defeat an insurgency or a terrorist organization headon is merely treating the symptoms of a problem. For long-term success, the campaign must also... More > address the root causes of the insecurity that spawned conflict in the first place. In this monograph, British academic and practitioner Dr. Shima Keene describes a number of ways in which financial intelligence can be leveraged not only to disrupt adversary activities, but also to provide indicators and warnings of future actions and, ultimately, to address underlying insecurities. Dr. Keene was previously both a banker and a British Army reservist. In this monograph, she uses her expertise as a threat finance specialist to outline specific areas where financial intelligence analysis techniques, which are common in the private sector, can be applied to combating insurgency, terrorism, and other hard security threats.< Less
Thucydides Was Right: Defining The Future Threat By Colin S. Gray et al.
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To define future threat is, in a sense, an impossible task, yet it is one that must be done. In this monograph, Dr. Colin S. Gray explains that the only sources of empirical evidence accessible to us... More > are the past and the present. We cannot obtain understanding about the future from the future. Dr. Gray draws noticeably upon the understanding of strategic history obtainable from Thucydides’ great History of the Peloponnesian War. The monograph advises prudence as the operating light for American definition of future threat, and the author believes that there are historical parallels between the time of Thucydides and our own that can help us avoid much peril. The future must always be unpredictable to us in any detail, but the many and potent continuities in history’s great stream of time can serve to alert us to what may well happen in kind.< Less
Nonstate Actors In Colombia: Threat And Response By Max G. Manwaring & Strategic Studies Institute
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The common denominator intent of any terrorist group is to impose self-determined desires for “change” on a society, a nation-state, and/or other perceived symbols of power in the global... More > community. The solution to the terrorism threat is not simply to destroy small bands of terrorist fanatics and the governments that support them. Additional measures are needed. That is, once a terrorist group is brought under control or neutralized, multifaceted efforts must be taken to preclude the seeds that created that organization from germinating again. Given these realities within the context of the contemporary global security environment, the United States has little choice but to reexamine and rethink national and global stability and security—and a peaceful and more prosperous tomorrow.< Less
Desert Storm - "The Evil Threat" By Sgt. Jim Heitmeyer
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2 August 1990, Iraq attacks Kuwait. This was a year that would change the lives of many households in America. A dictator, Saddam Hussein, attacked the country of Kuwait. The 745 Military... More > Police Company and our sister unit, the 445th MP Bn., answered our country's call like so many other units did, and that the time finally arrived, to stop this evil Iraqi force from raping, and killing more innocent people. Over the years we have served with numerous other Military Police Units, the 89th Military Police Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas, 82nd Airborne Military Police from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, the 800th Bde, 21st and 401st Military Police, the 549th Military Police in Panama, and the 403rd Military Police-[Nebraska],whom we worked very close with, and many other outstanding units. The 204th Military Intelligence Battalion became known as the “Desert Storm Ruffians.” Through their hard work and intelligence, they reduced Hussein Saddam's threat to our troops.< Less

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