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It's Mostly About Sex ... And the Pleasures of Pleasing a Woman By Nancy Murdoch
eBook (PDF): $11.95
Be that Man Women Can't Say "No" to! "I don't know any woman who wouldn't do everything in her power to create a thunderstorm just to be held tight in the arms of a man who can make... More > love to her all night long." So, how do you make a woman purr like a wild sex kitten and keep her singing the high notes in your honor? What are the secrets to pleasuring a woman. Where to touch her, what parts of her anatomy will respond to his caresses, his kisses, his teasing licks, playful nibbles and the heat of his fully aroused passion. Should he start at the top and work down or at the bottom and work up? We all crave ecstasy because it's THE most delicious feast for the senses. Unfortunately, no one has the "one size fits all" solution to satisfying the erotic idiosyncrasies of every woman in the universe, but I do know how YOU can be that sexy, sensually exciting man that quality women are hungering to make love with, rain or shine. These simple answers might surprise you!< Less
The Lion's Skin By Rafael Sabatini
Paperback: $14.95
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Mr. Caryll, lately from Rome, stood by the window, looking out over the rainswept, steaming quays to Notre Dame on the island yonder. Overhead rolled and crackled the artillery of an April... More > thunderstorm, and Mr. Caryll, looking out upon Paris in her shroud of rain, under her pall of thundercloud, felt himself at harmony with Nature. Over his heart, too, the gloom of storm was lowering, just as in his heart it was still little more than April time. Behind him, in that chamber furnished in dark oak and leather of a reign or two ago, sat Sir Richard Everard at a vast writing-table all a-litter with books and papers; and Sir Richard watched his adoptive son with fierce, melancholy eyes, watched him until he grew impatient of this pause. "Well?" demanded the old baronet harshly. "Will you undertake it, Justin, now that the chance has come?" And he added: "You'll never hesitate if you are the man I have sought to make you."< Less
Retrieving Angels By Sandra Cimadori
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Where do you find the perfect boy, the boy all the girls on the radio sing about, the boy who will be better than God? Gina Fontana knows. After surviving a terrifyng attack as a child, Gina is... More > haunted by paralyzing fears. Her mother laments that she is ruined. It becomes the big family problem and the big family secret. Gina copes by immersing herself in a dream world filled with the music of her favorite rock star Paul McCartney. He becomes her imaginary protector, her shining knight, and the boy who keeps all the bad thoughts away... until the day when a real flesh and blood boy comes along and intrudes on her comfortable fantasy. Set in Miami in the 1960s and filled with characters as diverse, exuberant, and colorful as the South Florida landscape, RETRIEVING ANGELS is sometimes poignant, sometimes gritty, irreverent, funny, and sexy. It moves as fast as a summer thunderstorm, as fast as that night when you first tasted love and your whole world changed forever.< Less
The Almanac of Fantasy Weather Vol. 1: Swords & Sorcery By Oakes Spalding
eBook (PDF): $19.95
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THE ALMANAC of FANTASY WEATHER contains a massive 1,130 pages, charting the daily (and nightly) weather events over eight years for each of ten different "Swords & Sorcery"-type... More > climates. Here, you will find cyclone lashed coasts, burning deserts, steaming jungles, howling northern wastes and more. Each twelve-hour day or evening entry includes information on temperature (in Fahrenheit and Celsius) weather events - fog, thunderstorm, blizzard, sandstorm, etc. - amount of rainfall/snowfall, occurrence or possibility of lightning, wind speed, wind direction, phases of the moon, effect on movement rates and chance of getting lost. No more annoying die rolling or consulting an app or online program to generate a random or patternless result. With THE ALMANAC you can see all of it at a glance. Whether you're using Dungeons & Dragons 5e, an OSR retro-clone or any other current or past game or mechanic, this is the last word on weather for your fantasy roleplaying needs.< Less
Dungeon Dive 5: Eye of the Storm By David Garrett
Paperback: $11.11
Prints in 3-5 business days
So you're a busy GM who has developed a plot, created some NPCs, and bought a mini for the big bad boss, but you're missing a crucial component: the dungeon. Previously, you had two options: buy a... More > map and spend time populating it yourself, or buy an adventure and spend time stripping out everything you don't need. Now you've got a third option: Dungeon Dive. Each pre-populated adventure location in the Dungeon Dive line comes with a full-color map and fully developed encounter areas with options for low, medium, and high level parties. You concentrate on the adventure, and let us provide the dungeon. Dungeon Dive 5: Eye of the Storm contains 18 encounter areas detailing an unconventional stronghold located in the center of a raging thunderstorm. It contains traps, monsters, hazards, and treasure. All you need to do is to supply the plot. This product is appropriate for adventuring parties of levels 12-20.< Less
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An Assortment of Nuts By Janet Haneberg
Paperback: $20.00
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Set in present-day Kentucky, once again Thunder McCloud is attracting danger like Benjamin Franklin conducting his electrical experiment while flying his kite during a thunderstorm to collect a... More > charge in a Leyden jar. After watching Psyche Butterflies, a morning self-help show for anxiety sufferers hosted by an old acquaintance of Thunder's and hearing a clumsy exchange of words involving an unsolved 17-year-old murder case contributing to the guest's anxieties, plus an extended discussion regarding Thunder, she decides to make changes in her life. Going to great lengths of pre-arranging a private luncheon meeting at a prestigious downtown hotel solely with her husband to review their relationship - mainly their shared, gluttonous, sexual appetite for each other - she awakes to find herself in a hotel room with a note fastened to the pillow, a note from Anthony Grandis, an Alabama farmer. A subplot follows Charlie Face, a clever and secretive young man, who is unable to leave behind a disturbing childhood.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Autumn Equinox 2014 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
Paperback: $21.99
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Autumn is a season of powerful transition. It brings devastating hurricanes and stunning alterations in landscape. It reminds us to treasure what we have for surely everything can change in an... More > instant. Our photographers challenge us to look closer - to see the beauty and meaning in each moment. A bright-eyed owl is blind in one eye. A dragonfly seems dipped in gold. A landscape takes on new meaning when seen from a fresh angle. A bird's feathers take on shimmering color and symmetry when viewed from above. Our poets bring distant worlds to powerful life. We tremble in the powerful aftermath of a destructive thunderstorm. We weep at the tragedy of a Guatemalan village, ruthlessly mown down. We shiver in the frigid distance between a newlywed couple who has begun to split like a withered tree. We wrap ourselves in emotion as a patient grapples with a harsh diagnosis. Our fiction writers bring to life vibrant worlds which seem all-too-real.< Less

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