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The Pilgrilm Soul By Mira Pajes Merriman
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This memoir recounts the author’s white-knuckle escape at age seven through Poland and across Russia—the German war machine always two steps behind. Reunited in New York, she and her... More > parents settle in Manhattan but peace remains out of reach as domestic turmoil, eccentric refugee friends, Zionist summer camp and an environment of political and ideological uncertainties create a life fraught with new adversities. She and her friend plot a life of artistic escape and greatness. With her father she’s held tight in a chafing bond of love and rebellion. A failed marriage, artistic and existential despair, and disillusionment with post-World War II American society drive her to escape again, this time to paint in Spain. But peace remains out of reach there, too, despite a love affair, a conversion to Catholicism, and efforts at religious dedication. This chronicle of Jewish escape from Europe tracks the twists and turns of that displacement, and an immigrant generation’s struggle to build a new life in America.< Less
Old Embers & New Light: A Compilation of Poetry By Michael DeBenedictis
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Good and bad experiences forge us into stronger, adapted people. The old you dies, a new one is born, timely reflection upon what’s past is done, and then moved on from. We march onward to the... More > next chapter - former demons analyzed, exercised, and rationalized for missed signs. New warning systems are put into place, old chapters left in the rearview, and displaced miles from the new self. You live the learned lesson, the long game, see the beauty and serenity in how far you’ve come, how much stronger you are, and know it wasn’t for naught. Only then do we know what others are experiencing and how to guide them through. One doesn’t grow without facing and overcoming personal demons, and doing so shows newly acquired, personal light found. This chronicle is of personal adversity championed over. Other interesting anecdotes hit the consciousness along the way.< Less
The Road Back Quare Mead By Eva Kahn Minden
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The Road Back is a chronicle of two years spent in Quare Mead, a convalescent home for tuberculosis boys, displaced after World War II. It is based on fact and only the personal names of the... More > patients are used. A group of 750 youths from Europe were brought to England soon after the war ended in 1945. They had been deported to concentration camps when they were approximately between the ages of 13 - 16. Of the 40 T.B. cases found among them, most had been cured by the time this story occurs. In Quare Mead we meet the hardcore cases, those who were still ill four years after liberation. This book tells of twelve boys and one girl who, in years 1949 and 1950, finally found the courage to face normal life again, and returned to health. The way in which they were guided toward that goal, is illustrated in this book. The Road Back is written in the form of letters, a kind of diary of daily life in Quare Mead.< Less
Candada por error By Mara Pastor
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"Mara Pastor’s work traces a lyrical map full of travels and displacements. Her poetic subject is born from the liminal space between the “here and there”, and embraces this... More > constant “traveling” or travesía as an inescapable Caribbean condition. Her literary journey presents a personal struggle, where the poetic voice demands it’s life back, from the literature that holds it hostage: “La literatura/me ha podrido la vida que soñé de niña/ y le ha hecho una casa sin ventanas,/ la literatura me tiene de rehén mirando/ hacia la casa, lamentándome.” The poetic subject fights against isolation by creating a universe that allows her to escape spatial confinement. Pastor takes the reader through an intimate journey into the past, which always seems to find its way back into the present, defying lineal perception of time. The travesía takes multiple forms; sometimes as the artistic route between the idea and the written verse, and other times as a flight from the past, people, and the self.” Lorna Torrado< Less

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