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Poems About Life: Looking Back at the Cage By Rafa Selase
Paperback: $21.75
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This collection of poetry dates back to 2013, when Rafa left the “Corporate Ship” and set sail in uncharted waters, discovering the treasure of artistry that had been buried within. Since... More > that time, his poetry has evolved from written to spoken word, to music. "Selase has become notorious for his collection of protest songs composed to show the world what is never seen on the mainstream news." -A&R Factory "Selase stands out as a rare combination of authentic songwriting depth and world-class musicianship, showcasing a really rare blend of control over the entire vision that drives his tracks." - Jazz Corner Magazine "Rafa performs his spoken word poetry in a show that many are calling brilliant." - Justice Through Music "Free from stylistic boundaries, Selase is a true artist." - No Depression, The Journal of Roots Music “A singular artistic exploration of racial and social issues via jazz, afro-funk, social media, folk music and spoken word.” – Yousef Baig, Sacramento Bee< Less
Here's To Life By Eddy Adriaens
Paperback: $25.76
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I am Eddy Adriaens, married to Arlette Scheerlinck and proud parent of Tamara Adriaens. Arlette and I married in 1975. Very soon we will be sharing the good and the more difficult days for 50... More > years. At some time last year, I had the idea of erecting our personal Thaj Mahal as a lasting memory of our love and life experience. Since I am a lover of bronze sculptures, my preference went out to creating a bronze statue. Arlette is a very beautiful woman and one of the characteristics that are most idiosyncratic about her, is the way how she changes when she dances. Also, dancing together is what we mainly did that day in 1972 when we first met. That's why the scupture I designed for us shows the both of us dancing. This booklet shows where I got my inspiration for the final sculpture and details the process of the actual creation by the masters of You Fine Art Cy, supervised by Doris Cui and Iris Guo.< Less
Cavalier Attitude, Volume II, Issue 2 By Louis Kahn
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Welcome to the fourth issue of Cavalier Attitude. This zine focuses on the Old School Revival in fantasy role-playing. OSRIC is my retro-clone of choice, but I will cover other games systems as well,... More > as interest and time permit. The zine is publishing quarterly. The first issue was published in September 2017, and is also available here on The fourth issue’s contents include the following: an article introducing the WARRIOR MONK, a medieval western PC; an article detailing SHADOW GNOMES an evil sub-race of gnomes who dwell in the Under-Realm ; a set of 6 pre-generated player characters; an exclusive OSR adventure, “THE CRYSTAL TAVERN”: a hardscrabble hostelry in the Under-Realm; a showcase of Old School art; synopses of my recently published books; and a roundup of role-playing social media posts. This zine is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere! Thanks for checking us out!< Less
Legitimate Companies for Earning Money Online or At Home By Marcus Hill-Brown
eBook (ePub): $4.99
I have researched hundreds of work at home opportunities. All these opportunities are legitimate. Furthermore, there are opportunities for even the most unqualified person. A few opportunities... More > listed are for three-year-olds. There are many opportunities for teenagers. You can legitimately get paid for texting, chatting, helping people purchase tickets, helping people shop, adult texting or phone acting, selling hair or crafts, writing, etc. I've provided somewhere between 250 and 300 legitimate opportunities here that have been researched and proven to be valid. Anyone can make some cash from home. Did you know Amazon, GE, American Airlines and many other big names hire full time employees to work from home. Don't pass over this book. Once again these opportunities are legitimate. It took me several months to discover and verify all these opportunities. I promise you this book is worth every dime! Don't miss out, generate some side revenue!< Less
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Who Did You Say Your Father Was? By Sam Tallerico
Paperback: $16.99
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In 2009, adult adoptee Sam Tallerico undertook a search for his birth mother. In the process, he was led to believe that his biological father was the actor/singer Bobby Darin. This book asks the... More > following questions: When did the author find out he was adopted? How does an adult adoptee go about learning the identities of his biological parents if the records are sealed? What rights, if any, do adult adoptees have when it comes to viewing these files? What evidence did the author find that proved he was the son of Bobby Darin? Did the author do a DNA test? Was his birth mother able to verify his paternal parentage? Does he have any siblings? How have Bobby Darin's family and friends addressed this news? What's been the reaction from the deceased singer's fans? Why don't any current biographies (at press time), either online or in print, acknowledge the author's connection to Bobby Darin? Finally, just why did the author pen this memoir and what does he hope to gain?< Less
Headaches & Heartbreaks: Facing Reality Hurts By Tamia Gore-Felton
Paperback: $18.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Raised with manners, morals, and a good head on her shoulders, 21-year-old Paris doesn’t look a thing like what she’s been through. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Paris is whisked... More > away at an early age and raised by her paternal grandmother. While she blossoms into a respectable young lady, frequent flashbacks from her childhood leave her with a heart full of resentment and a box of letters from her imprisoned father. As summer break arrives before her final year of college, life as she knows it comes to a screeching halt when her grandmother needs assistance running the family-owned business. Without giving it a second thought, Paris dives in head first, and while learning the ropes, she encounters a roughneck named Sterling. While romance is the farthest thing from her mind, Paris discovers that she thoroughly enjoys Sterling’s company. Then smack dab in the middle of figuring each other out, the unthinkable happens, and Paris is left wondering if time really can heal all wounds.< Less
Believe in Yourself By Joseph Murphy
Paperback: List Price: $11.96 $5.98 | You Save: 50%
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Make Your Dreams Come True A great industrialist told me one time how he started in a small store. He said that he used to dream (Joseph was a dreamer) of a large corporation with branches all over... More > the country. He added that regularly and systematically he pictured in his mind the giant building, offices, factories, and stores, knowing that through the alchemy of the mind, he could weave the fabric out of which his dreams would be clothed. He prospered, and began to attract to himself—by the universal law of attraction—the ideas, personnel, friends, money, and everything needed for the unfoldment of his ideal. He truly exercised and cultivated his imagination, and lived with these mental patterns in his mind until imagination clothed them in form. I particularly liked one comment that he made as follows: “It is just as easy to imagine yourself successful as it is to imagine failure, and far more interesting.” (From the first chapter) Get Your Copy Now.< Less
Reiki: to heal our Modern Days By Dr. Robert C. Worstell. editor
eBook (PDF): $9.89
WHAT WOULD YOU GIVE for a belief-system which could give you radiant health, after curing any illness you might have - and also reward you with constant peace of mind, and even material abundance?... More > These are some of the benefits attributed to Reiki. But your results will vary according to your use and understanding of this subject, as well as your own training and that of any Reiki practitioner you work with. Because, just as with any line of philosophy, religion, or beliefsystem of any time or kind - you will only get out as much as you put in. The depth of your faith and your understanding are more the limiting factor than any physical or emotional restraint or handicap. Reiki is not just for healing, but also for personal evolution. I've long studied the humankind ways of operation and change. And in all these books, the sages of history past all wrote down the same principles and truths - just in different ways. Reiki tells you some of these and lets you find the rest.< Less
5 Star Student Ministry : The One-Minute Youth Ministry Manual By Wayne Hanson
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Is your church Youth Group struggling? Maybe it is and you don't even realize it. In 5 Star Youth Ministry (5SSM), Pastor Wayne Hanson shares the Five major areas that define ministry excellence... More > as seen in the Acts 2 Church; Ministry, Fellowship, Worship, Evangelism and Discipleship. What Grade would you give your Youth Ministry? Take a 100-Question Assessment at the end of 5SSM and find out where your ministry stands, according to these five major areas of excellence. As a 15-year veteran of full-time Student Ministry, Wayne brings principles to the table that most Pastors, Parents and Students don't even realize. If you take the principles of 5 Star Student Ministry and apply them to your ministry; your youth group will be transformed from an entertainment-driven program into a world-changing force in your city and region; driven by the passion of young people. This makes a great resource for anyone that works with young people.< Less

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