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Lotus-Eating Japan By Lotte Roy
Paperback: $13.00
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What sucked me in? What pulled me tight? What trapped my mind, believing that this was right? An escape, my way out…how delicious it tasted, How susceptible was my spirit to the conundrum... More > awaiting… When at the tipping point our reactions become irrational, our perspective warped and twisted, the filter be coated with rose-colored tint. This world, where interplanetary connections network indiscriminately, preys on the frailty of systems. With modern tools at hand, they stealthily encroach, the system we entrust only loosely securing the surface. What we will discover is yet to be revealed, by not pursuing this notion, have we failed to really live?< Less
Let's Cut The Crap (About Love) By Stephanie Zikmann
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Let's Cut The Crap... I mean, really! It's boring getting all doom and gloom about relationships. Here's an idea, stop crying and face the problem head on. This book is your wake-up call. Use it to... More > help you see through your rose tinted glasses. So, laugh with me and embrace all the lessons life has to offer. Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve but never forget about YOUR happiness. See how simple relationships are?< Less
Vintage Plump Photo Beauties - Postcard Scrapbook Album By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A sensuous picture book collection of dozens of curvy classic models, including the legendary Fernande! Early postcards, old photographs, some in gorgeous hand-tinted color! Beautiful larger ladies,... More > chubby Victorian Venuses and busty Edwardian fatties, erotic risqué portraits of lovely, buxom, big girls in old-fashioned French lingerie, and tasteful statuesque nude studies. A celebration of form and femininity, for admirers of Reubenesque women, pretty plumpers, antique BBWs, and for all connoisseurs & collectors of vintage erotica! In PDF ebook format, with optional rolling slideshow functions and random transition effects between images!< Less
150+ Vintage Fetish Girls - erotic ebook album / PDF slideshow By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $3.95
Over 120 risqué female art photo images (mainly vintage French postcards, some color-tinted) of classic sexual fetishes and fantasies - semi-nude models furs, stockings, smoking, whips and... More > crops, S&M, discipline, dominatrix, masked and veiled women, uniforms, corsets, sexy lingerie, costumes, leather boots, skates, lesbians, snakes, sports, smoking - an erotic fantasy treasure chest for your screen's boring little moments, all with a tastefully kinky touch! Supplied as a PDF format ebook for Acrobat Reader, with rolling slideshow plug-in. Watch the show, or browse at your own pace.< Less
Loath Letters By Christy Leigh Stewart
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Step into the world that exists inside all our heads. There are no secrets, no taboos, just humans being human. This book opens the door to our innermost sanctum so we can all gawk at the odd,... More > horrific, fantastic side of human's less spoken of nature. In this collection of short stories, you'll both laugh and cringe, maybe be left feeling violated or finally understood. Dive into the minds of humanity and view a world through gray-tinted glasses. If women ruled the world there would be no war, but we would all have been aborted.< Less
Family Reunion By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
I pull into Statham Legion for a family reunion.I'm in my Chevy Silverado. It's black, has a three inch body lift, & tinted windows. As i pull in a parking place by my cousin, Jaseph Hanson's... More > burgundy Aerostar. I see my brother, Jacob, Papa Johnny, uncle Chris, & cousin Zack, (all Hansons,) smoking. In the back of the Legion, wives & daughters are making chicken stew & barbecue. A small boombox that's 6" hihgh is playing Travis Tritt, "Here's a quarter. Call somebody who cares." My wife, Sherry, bounces up & we kiss. She smiles, "Me & the ladies are in the back, cooking for everybody."< Less
The Alpha Chronicles By Joshua Baylis
Paperback: $15.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
"Reed took a deep breath and began to run. His eyes had returned to a blue tint, lighter than they were before." Reed Foster has life ahead of him, plans of great ventures; but that all... More > changes after the Intergalactic Earth Task Force recruit him after he seems to possess abilities that are not natural. He’s called an experiment, one that got away. Soon Reed is thrown into life at the spaces station, yet as quickly as he begins to understand what he is there for,questions begin to arise. Why is the Admiral hiding information? Who is this Ghost? Why was he an experiment? What else is he capable of? But most importantly, Who will he become?< Less
Chance By Joseph Conrad
eBook (ePub): $1.25
Flora de Barral is the abandoned daughter of a bankrupt business, who must now live in a world without privilege and money. The red tint of his clear-cut face with trim short black whiskers under a... More > cap of curly iron-grey hair was the only warm spot in the dinginess of that room cooled by the cheerless tablecloth.  We knew him already by sight as the owner of a little five-ton cutter, which he sailed alone apparently, a fellow yachtsman in the unpretending band of fanatics who cruise at the mouth of the Thames.  But the first time he addressed the waiter sharply as ‘steward’ we knew him at once for a sailor as well as a yachtsman. -Excerpt from Chance.< Less
100+ Vintage California Postcards (Ebook / PDF Slideshow) By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A nostalgic collection of over 100 early picture postcard images of California - San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Redondo, Hollywood, Yosemite Park, Catalina Island, etc. The coast,... More > town and country, architecture, parks, mountains, fruit groves, etc, scanned and digitized. Scenic and historic views, and a breath of the West Coast from yesteryear! Mostly images from the early 20th century, many in hand-tinted color. Of special interest to Californians, architects and amateur historians. Supplied in as a PDF ebook with optional slideshow functionality and image transition effects.< Less
Standing On One Leg Waiting for You to Be as Foolish as Me By Kira Eonesca
Paperback: $7.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
This cathartic collection of poems documents a young woman's journey through a relationship, from the heady heights of rose-tinted infatuation to the lowest depths of crushing rejection, from which... More > she finally emerges stronger and transformed. Kira's witty character and deep insights shine through these written words of love, revealing a strength and emotional maturity which has not been compromised throughout the ups and downs of her journey. You will both relate and empathise with the vivid sentiments that this collection of writing evokes, despite the intensely personal nature of the prose. This anthology is for those who aren't afraid of the darker side of love and for those who learned how to pay attention to the little things.< Less

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