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Negative Thinking 101: Positive Thinking Wins! By Cathy Wilson
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Negative Thinking 101: Positive Thinking Wins by Cathy Wilson motivates you to get rid of the negative before it eats you up and spits you out! This book takes action showing you practical SOLUTIONS... More > that change your NEGATIVE to POSITIVE. Scientists, psychologists, medical professionals and health and wellness experts worldwide know the key to making your life more productive, longer and enjoyable involves LEARNING how to recognize and address the negative and unconsciously switch your flip to positive. STRESS is negative and STRESS is the trigger for disease and eventual death. The doctor says so! Are you TIRED of feeling gloomy day after day? Do you WISH you were more productive at work? Does being the center of attention appeal to you? Would you like to get rid of your annoying aches and pains? Want to wake up every single morning bursting with POSITIVE ENERGY? Let Wilson provide you with all the answers!< Less
Dust and Ruin By J R Liboiron
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You forge unrelentingly into the obscure murk until the blood red horizon burns away the black, distant vistas of monuments that loom from the earth like crumbled paper cities painted by tremulous... More > hands upon broiling clouds. Derelict isles of trial and war call your bleeding heart home. They are symbols of ascendance despite the great loss that has caused the abandonment of all words and feelings. From those apocalyptic halls of dust and ruin you shall grasp a fistful of clay and mould it into a world of untouched golden plains. There, titan-tombs lacerate the sky and tire-worn roads carry you to the ashen salt sea. The briny waters lap violently against the husk of basalt columns, and upon those cliffs you stand beneath the dome of thunderous chords. Hail pelts your shoulders like the arrows of gods. The infinite storm blisters and scars your skin, yet you stand stolidly in opposition, unwilling to surrender to all that attempts to shackle you to the darkness, to defeat, to death.< Less

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Full Count Ministries Romans Journal Full Count Ministries... By Carter Reese et al.
Paperback: $8.44
B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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