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Yesterday or Today? By nancy sellers
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Forgivess is the most important step when moving on to your future. Live in today and not in yesterday. This book will help you if you have this problem..
The Kingdom: Yesterday Today and Forever By James Rawlins
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We live in a time of great change. Change is the one constant we will experience as a believer and leader. Jim's story of how God has changed him is presented with transparency allowing the reader... More > to see past the veneer of ministry and into the reality of a man being changed and re-positioned so he advances the Kingdom of God. Jim's revelation of the Kingdom and his call for Kingdom thinking in the church is one every leader must embrace. He presents a clear word that as we gain insight into the Kingdom we get greater revelation of King Jesus Himself and this in turn changes us while positioning us to change all of creation. Enjoy! Dr Hope Taylor, International Leadership Embassy, Washington DC< Less
YesterdayTodayTomorrow By Kimberly Vukovich
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Yesterday, Today & Forever By Jeremy Moody
Paperback: $14.88
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This book is taboo, it concerns a lot of problems that plague America. If you're interested in learning more, then let me encourage you to purchase it.
Bermuda: Yesterday & Today By Darren Mason & Caitie Hughes
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Yesterday Left Us With Today By April Laugh
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This is a short story depicting the woes young girls face in relationships.
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow By Tracey te Braake
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Kaede & Ysabeau are embarking on the next adventure in their lives. Kaede proposes to Ysabeau & when she says yes they have to start planning their wedding. With their day just around the... More > corner watch as these two young lovers cope with one disaster after another all the while trying to stay in love. Once the wedding is out the way, Kaede convinces Ysabeau that they are ready to start a family. How they go about it is the surprise? But having a baby is the least of their problems when family descend upon this hapless couple as they begin their journey into parenthood.< Less
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This is my eleventh volume collection of poetry published now in print,from my ever growing poetry collection over the years.Here you will find all kind of poetry,so many written about so many... More > different subjects and penned in a lot of poetry styles and forms, all of which I've written with all my heart.My sincere wish among many is that some of my poetry may touch your heart and inspire you in your own life too, to make changes everyday for the best and to reach for the stars above.The sky is the limit.Make your own dreams everyday a reality.Enjoy my poetry!< Less
Poems of yesterday, today and tomorrow By Daniela Slaukova
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Poetry about love and lost, about everyday problems and situations through the eyes of an eastern European girl living in Bratislava and part of her life in London, as well. This poetry is written in... More > a very simple, easy to grasp way, touching your soul and heart. Sometimes you may feel, that the author is writing about the things you went through yourself. A must read!< Less
Here today gone yesterday By David Gilbert
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Simon Harrison gets a shock when he falls through a hole in time and space and finds himself living in the year 1488. Actually he's not the first to do this and makes new friends with similar... More > experience who help him get a new start in life. He immediately gets on the wrong side of the law but talks his way onto the right side. In fact talking, or rather, spin is how he earns his new living. He meets Robyn Hood, Friar Tuck, some very merry men and a witch whose doppleganger he once knew 517 years later. Did you know that they had newspapers and call centres in the middle ages? You do now.< Less