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Tokii's Infographics By Tokii com
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Tokii wants to share what we've learned about today's couples and about men and women’s changing opinions on various topics, so we've tallied all of the data that we have accumulated from our... More > famous DiscoveryGames, our Moodmeter and our quizzes and compiled the information into a fantastic series of infographs. They're funny, they're shocking, and they'll give you the inside scoop on what everyone else is thinking. Betcha can't read just one! Touch base with Tokii: Get together. Get talking. Get intimate. Join Tokii today at< Less
Tokii's Ultimate Quote Collection By Tokii com
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Tokii's been busy keeping busy relationships closer for a while now, and we learned very quickly that one of the best ways to do it is to help lovers share quick little moments together that mean... More > something to both of them even if it might not mean anything to someone else. It's always the little jokes, the quick little snippets of wisdom, or the cute little "I Love You's" that can sum up how somebody is feeling or thinking so perfectly. So here, for your enjoyment, are a collection of some of the best quotes we've come across and published online. Some of them are written to inspire, some are meant to put you in a sentimental mood, and it seems like more than a few are designed to get you to shoot your drink out of your nose. What they've all got in common is they have to do with couples, love, and life together. We hope you enjoy!< Less
Prime Desires By Tokii com
eBook (ePub): $1.99
After the phenomenal success of the 50 Shades trilogy, Tokii wanted to create a novel that also toes the line of love and lust in a blooming relationship. However, rather than the typical tale of ... More > “older boy meets younger girl,” we wanted to discuss the possibility of a mature woman progressing on a younger man. In Prime Desires, readers are invited to see a woman in her fifties as she builds her self-confidence and begins a relationship with a young billionaire after the tragic loss of her husband to cancer. Collaborating with author Brock Swinson, we have crafted this phenomenal story that puts readers in a whirlwind of emotions as this erotic novel also provides a taste of romance, comedy and mystery. Readers are invited to sink their teeth into this intriguing story that shows it is possible to build from the rubble after a life-altering event.< Less
The Risen By Tokii com & Kara Muse
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A young woman mourning her lost lover, Cassandra desperately clings to the reincarnation of him, only to uncover a new kind of un-dead rising from the underworld… The Risen. Unlike vampires,... More > zombies or werewolves, who must have blood or flesh to stay alive, these unholy beings crave another carnal pleasure. They pray on passion. In order to reclaim a place on earth, another chance to avoid an eternity in the underworld, they must have the lust of young lovers. However, the victim’s climax will mean his or her soul. Fuelled by the anger of a lover scorned, Cassandra makes it her mission to put The Risen back where they belong… in Hell.< Less
I.M. Jack By Tokii com & M.K. Bryce
eBook (ePub): $1.99
JACK VAN DUNEN WANTS OUT OF HIS PICTURE PERFECT LIFE... Jack imagined dousing his house with gasoline and watching it burn to the ground. Fresh start. Somewhere smaller, simpler. He spun around... More > in his chair once, then braced himself by grabbing the edge of his desk. He was surely losing his mind. ...WITH HIS CONTROLLING WIFE. “Are you asking?” “No.” HE FINDS SOLACE IN A TEXT-AFFAIR. He was not that kind of husband. Not that father. Not that man. Although, sometimes he wondered what kind of man he really was any more. BUT WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE... The back of Jack's skull exploded in excruciating pain. His eyes filled with bright orange and red. He blinked once. Then, nothing. WHO IS LEFT HOLDING THE SMOKING GUN?< Less

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