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Living Green By Tom Morris
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With all the information out there most people are at least aware of pollution problems. The concern is that with more people on Earth now and more pollution we are harming our environment. Since we... More > breath the air that is out there what is in it should be a top concern for each of us. Yet we often go about it without thinking twice about it. With all of the pollutants out there right now, imagine what it will be like for future generations. Each of us has the power to make some positive changes though. Some people believe that living green is a waste of time because you are only one person. Yet if the educational information out there about it could encourage many individuals to all do their part it would have quite a significant impact overall. The efforts of only one person over the course of their lifetime will significantly reduce the amount of pollution out there.< Less
Aburdica the People (black n white) By Karl Kiddie, Tom Morris
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(SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN TWELVE AND UP) Have you ever met a person with ball hands? Have you heard of a person that keeps days in a packet? Do you know of a man who's head is the moon? Have you ever... More > seen a woman that is a photocopy of herself? Meet these people among 52 other strange and wonderful beings in the world of Absurdica! For fans of Tim Burton and other dark material. This is the 'Black and white edition' Minimalistic Artwork, sketches throughout.< Less
Meeting Spice Pastor's Funeral Handbook By Dr. Tom Morris
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This tool was born out of desperation. The funeral handbooks I bought in school and those available in most bookstores, seem ancient and culturally distant from life in the 21st Century. This book... More > was first an iTunes App for the iPhone. It was so well received that I decided to make it available in book form. The book form will include three funeral sermons previously published on iTunes as Vital Thoughts on Grief. This tool will allow you plan a funeral with a family or insure you that you are always ready to perform a funeral. If you have illustrations, or ideas to improve this tool please email me @ Published by< Less
Concerning Christian Liberty by Martin Luther By Dr. Tom Morris (editor)
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Freedom was an issue in the time of Luther. Freedom is still an issue. Is freedom unlimited or are there limits. People and nations today wrestle with this issue. Consider these ideas as you address... More > this issue in your life and world. "A Christian man is the most free lord of all, and subject to none, a Christian man is the most dutiful servant of all, and subject to every one."< Less
Making Sense Out of Death: A Grief Devotional By Dr. Tom Morris
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Grief is a process that you must work through and it is not time limited. Some never work through grief while others work through it and return to a life changed but directed again to the future. ... More > Grief will affect all of us. Christians have hope but still grieve. This book will help you or a friend work through grief. This is a devotional that will encourage you and draw you closer to your heavenly Father who deeply loves you and wants to be close to you = your Daddy.< Less
Someone Died Now What? A Youth Pastor's Survival Guide By Dr. Tom Morris
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So you are a Youth Pastor or Youth Worker, and someone dies. It could be the grandparent, or parent of a youth in your ministry. Or it could be a youth in your youth who is killed in a terrible... More > accident, or it could be a student in a local high school or middle school. How will you respond to help the families, the individuals in your youth group or the youth in the local high school? Could it be that God has put you in the situation for a divine purpose? I think that is why you are reading this now. I don’t believe in accidents. I’d venture to guess that there is a reason behind why you are reading this even now! This is not the typical book for a youth pastor. But this book is about real life problems that happen everyday and in some way affects many of the youth in your group and could be a way to come to know others deeply in a matter of hours.< Less
Growing Through Grief 3rd Edition By Dr. Tom Morris
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Here is a book to help you or a loved one think and work through their grief. Many times people have no one to talk to about their loss. This book is also a resource to lead a grief group discussion... More > through the four tasks of grief. To learn more go to< Less
The Bondage of the Will By Dr. Tom Morris
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Luther was not a pious bore. He was a real man and at times an earthy man who was brash and bold. In the political correct world of today some might have trouble with him. He did not speak for... More > sound bites. Through this book you will have an intimate look into his world and mind. There are things you will respect and things you will admire. This look will let Luther be Luther. This is what you would have heard if you were invited into the Luther House in Wittenberg, Germany. Katherine his wife brewed his beer. Luther is not the kind of man that would have a cry if you did not like him. He knew who he was and spoke with confidence. He won the hearts and minds of Wittenberg even Duke Fredrick, then Germany and the world. Table conversation was filled with challenging ideas. This is considered Luther's finest work of thought. What do you think about the freedom of the human will?< Less
Meeting Spice Activities & Discussion Meetings By Dr. Tom Morris
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These activities and discussions were developed for youth meetings at YFC in the 60's but have been rewritten and developed for the current age. Now never be caught off guard by someone asking you... More > to lead a discussion with any age group. Now you have a pocketful of materials that never dreamed possible just a few years ago. Go to Meeting and see our other products and upcoming products. Warning Emergency Aid May Be Required* These meeting spice activities were developed in the 1960's through Campus Life. They are here now to spice up any get together of people from ages 8-80. Seriously is there anyone that does not enjoy a fun time? If you are caught without something exciting hopefully one of these spicy activities will turn up the excitement in your next birthday party, meeting, or whatever. Spice adds fun to life in food and especially in meetings. The greatest crime is to bore people in meetings.< Less
Meeting Spice Pastor's Wedding Handbook By Dr. Tom Morris
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A handbook to help plan a Christian wedding ceremony. To plan the Christian theme and message of the event. Materials that seek to communicate the essence of Christian Marriage to the 21st... More > Century.< Less