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Math Mammoth Canadian Money By Maria Miller
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Math Mammoth Canadian Money is a worktext that covers Canadian money-related topics usually encountered during grades 1-3. The book contains both textbook explanations and exercises, and is designed... More > to be very easy to teach from, requiring very little teacher preparation The book starts with topics such as counting nickels, dimes, and quarters. From there, the lessons advance towards second-grade, and finally to third grade topics. You can let your child work the pages of this book in different time periods, and not go through it all at once, depending on your child's current level. Making Change explains two basic ways of finding the change: counting up, and subtracting (finding the difference). This is all done with mental math. The next lesson also practices money problems using mental math. In the last lesson we solve money problems by rounding the total cost and finding change without a penny to give be given as change. This book has been updated since the penny went out of circulation.< Less
Studebaker Carburetor By Doug Holverson
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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'80s Small Press Comics creator, Doug Holverson, is back, inflicting a sketchbook of his various characters and universes, like Flexia Bast and Revella, Dissy Timing, Sci Fi Guy!, InterStellar... More > OverDrive, Captain Saucer, The Inventer & Igor; across many styles like Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, Panapetpunk, and Flivverpunk; plus catgirls and zaftig wonders, questionable cosplay, fan art, his Studebakers, and other randomness. Foreword by his ol' college buddy, Golden Toonie winner, Rolling Stone Hot Cartoonist, giant of alternate media, and all around nice guy, Pat Moriarity.< Less
Das Pareidolion By Stefan R. Ruthenfranz
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In this book, you may find the synthesis of several kinds of calligraphy, and also a lot of abstract, mytic and toony things. Appendix shows the developement of it over years. This kind of art will... More > speak to you clearer after a meditation or taking psychedelic substances. I recommend the first. (Sure.) Don´t take psychedelics without a seasoned tripguide, therapist or shaman, although psychedelic art can have a strong guiding and harmonizing effect, too. In a meditative state, the identification with the world of things ends, the mind stops searching for known objects in the percption. Paradoxically, then, possible meanings, figures or objects disclose themselves to the viewer. So, in kind of trance-state it is possible to fill the structures with the innerworld of imagination (it can get very vivid) or just to percept it´s calm suchness, emptiness, harmony and the flow of energy in the line.The book can mirror several states.I made the minimum price, but donations are welcome!< Less