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The Road Builders By Allen Topping, Allen Topping
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The Road Builders is the 2ed of the Dreamteller Series but reads as a stand-alone novel. Ages have passed since the last dreamteller fled her pre-historic tribe somewhere in the Alps. Now, the first... More > elements of a great land army are moving toward the Nile. Far in advance is a group of military engineers building a road to Pelusium, a stepping stone to the Nile. Their commander is Constructor General Ladda, a thoughtful, experienced engineer. Marching with Ladda is Nadli. We learn Nadli's mother was a mystic priestess dreamteller, a woman who could see into the future in her dreams. Jealous priests murder her mother and Nadli is sold into slavery as a ship's agent. She learns to sail and speak many languages. Treated with less care than a pair of old shoes, cast about and loaned away, her dreamteller skills have been smothered. She meets Ladda on the ship and is sold to him as a slave clerk and secretary. They become lovers after she outwits a corrupt official and the dreamteller's powers return.< Less
The Complete Top Secret Famous Recipes Cookbook By Top Secret
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In Top Secret Famous Recipes you will learn the jealously guarded secret recipes for the dishes from restaurants like Applebees½, KFC½, McDonalds½, Red Lobster½, Hard Rock... More > Cafe½, Wendy's½ and many more. With Top Secret Famous Recipes you will be able to make your family and friends dinners that taste just like they came from a famous chain restaurant and at the same time save money. Just imagine how impressed your friends will be with dishes like Olive Garden Eggplant Parmigiana½ or Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad½ that taste just like they were at the restaurant and how much satisfaction you will get from being able to make these great recipes at a fraction of what they would cost at the restaurant.< Less
The Bird People By Allen Topping
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Before time was a place that could be etched on stone or scribed to paper, there were dreamtellers, women with blood red hair who dreamed of fearful things and good things. Sometimes they dreamed of... More > successful hunts and carnage. Sometimes they dreamed of men who wore protective scales on their chest and arms and legs and men with blue eyes who laughed with backward sounds. Sometimes they dreamed of things in other times that were beyond understanding. Sometimes they dreamed of places not yet in existence and while the people in the dreams spoke in words not yet invented, the dreamteller understood the words but could not relate to a place called California and a tribe living there called Marin or a people in a place called Rothenberg or Cardiff. But, little else is known of the women with red hair, except they exist to this day... [ WHITCOMB UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES / ALLEN TOPPING / BOX(s) 247-248 / PRIVATE JOURNAL (1958?) pp 452-453 ]< Less
Seasons of Love: Spring By Neil Topping
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A lane in Sussex and a chance meeting involving a girl from south London and a German prisoner of war. So begins the relationship between Mary Shaw from Peckham and Paul Weber from Nuremburg, a... More > relationship that will impact on all those around them. After a lifetime in the construction industry this is Neil Topping’s first novel. It was written after detailed research and the enthusiastic support from many diverse organisations. The lives of the central characters and those close to them is described in detail and how they meet the challenge of personal, national and international events. The first volume, ’Spring’ covers the period between 1944 and 1952. The three remaining volumes will be published in the next twelve months and span the years between the fifties and the millennium. So now begin the journey with Mary and Paul…..< Less
Natural Love By Chris Topping
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Poem of a young boy and girl's effection for one another. A love story, in it's simplest form.
Enviro-Mentalist Calendar 2009 By Clare Topping
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Photographs of nature taken around the Daventry (Northamptonshire, UK) area.
Seasons of Love: Summer By Neil Topping
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“Summer” is the second volume in the four book series entitled “Seasons of Love”. “Spring” described the meeting between Mary Shaw and Paul Weber, a German... More > prisoner of war and their relationship. It followed their lives after Paul had returned to Nuremberg, Mary’s pregnancy with their child and their subsequent marriages to Frank and Helene. On a business trip to London in 1952 Paul discovers Mary’s new address and establishes that she has married. “Spring” ended with Paul facing a dilemma. Should he contact Mary and, if so, how and when? “Summer” continues from the early fifties. Mary and her husband, Frank, deal with the challenges to their family and life in the “Swinging Sixties”. It is also a period during which Paul and his family emerge from the hardships of the post war years. During “Summer” Paul confronts his emotions and makes a life changing decision which has irreversible consequences for his own and Mary’s family.< Less
Seasons of Love: Autumn By Neil Topping
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“Autumn” is the third volume in the four book series entitled “Seasons of Love”. “Spring” and “Summer” described the relationship between Mary Shaw... More > and Paul Weber, a German POW and their lives after Paul had returned home leaving Mary pregnant with their child. The story continued through the fifties and sixties and their subsequent marriages to Frank and Helene and the birth of Michael, Petra and Dieter. The sixties brought about the tension filled meeting between the Rice and Weber families. “Summer” ended as Paul came to London to celebrate Michael’s 21st birthday and visited Mary and Frank on his way back to Germany. “Autumn” moves on to the challenges and uncertainties of the 1970s for the Rice and Weber families 1970s. Michael establishes himself in the world of commerce and acts as a conduit between Mary and Paul …….< Less
Seasons of Love: Winter By Neil Topping
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“Winter is the fourth and final volume in the series entitled “Seasons of Love”. The first three volumes described the relationship between Mary Shaw and Paul Weber, a German POW,... More > their son Michael and their lives after Paul returned to Germany. “Autumn” ended in 1980 as Paul left Europe to begin a new phase of his career in America. “Winter” takes the story of Paul and Mary through to the end of the century. It describes his time in America and his return to Germany. It covers the years of “Thatcherism” followed by recession in the UK and the fall of the Berlin Wall and its consequences for Germany. “Winter” continues to follow the lives of the various members of the Rice and Weber families. One question remains. After 50 years, will Paul and Mary achieve fulfilment in their relationship?< Less
Cellophane Lane By John Topping
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CELLOPHANE LANE is a story of the world’s most powerful business family. A stolen fortune; the collapse of a banking empire; the dream of revenge; all are in this strange saga of the von... More > Wessenburgs and their history. CELLOPHANE LANE is a fantasy thriller mixed with world events, involving the obsessions of Sebastian, the last remaining member of the von Wessenburg family, his love of Eva and a plot of murder… But what is real and what is fantasy? Does Sebastian reclaim his dangerous inheritance with the help of Mutaqabbir, his friend and brilliant scientist? Does their venture wreck the world’s banking systems? Unknowingly their destinies will soon be irrevocably entwined.< Less