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What if you were a lamb, who was lost, and in need, and what if you were a half grown yellow kitten, and what if you found this lamb? And, if you were a little lost black kitten, who was very hungry,... More > would you go to a sweet, trusting face who happened along? And, if you were a duck with two heads, would you be there for your friends? What would you do to help and save them from harm? And, if you were a shepherd, who'd lost his favorite little lamb, would you leave the flock and search for this little one until you found him? Would you go anywhere you needed to go? And when you found him, would you love him forever and care for him always? And what would you do when the whirlwind came? It's on the way, you know.....Come with us to the meadow, where magical and mystical things happen all the time!! See how our sweet babes will deal with a deadly event. Be with us, and hold us close!< Less
Weatherman Stan Book 1 A Windy Day By Mark Trewren
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Join the children of Weathertown School with their teacher Miss Sunray on an adventure you will never forget. For when they meet the local TV weatherman, Stan, they are taken around the world, talk... More > with animals and trees and find out more about the weather than they bargained for!< Less
Kansas Tall Tales By Jerri Garretson
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Three rollicking tall tales: Johnny Kaw - The Pioneer Spirit of Kansas, Kansas Katie - A Sunflower Tale, and Twister Twyla - The Kansas Cowgirl each explore many facets of history, geography and ... More > life in Kansas. Illustrated with B&W line drawings children can color or teachers and librarians can copy for classroom use, along with added content like useful internet sites about the themes and topics in each tale, suggestions for further reading, even a song and a cookie recipe.< Less
Whirling Winds: the Twister By Erikson Arias
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Twisters are intensive phenomena, and now you can see the collection of photos from all over the US of these monsters raging towns and cities, leaving nothing spared. See the twisters' first picture... More > to the most recent. See Whirling Winds: the Twister< Less
Emergency Preparedness Handbook: The Only Book You'll Ever Need By Zina Holt
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There is nothing anyone can do when nature decides to leash out its fury. There is no way to stop it so people should brace for the worse and seek shelter. In order to minimize the loss of life,... More > most towns and cities have created emergency plans. Sirens are placed in strategic locations to announce a major evacuation; the emergency broadcast system is in place in the event that power and electricity has been cut off as well as stockpiles of food, water and medicine. In this easy to read ebook learn everything there is to know about preparing for disasters. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!< Less
Disaster Free Survivor Strikes Back: Storms of Love & Loss By Christina J. Easley
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Disasters happen! These are the stories of love and loss. Many victims died in disasters. These are the stories of how survivors lived to strike back. Survivors were trapped, but then set free when... More > they were rescued!< Less
Disaster Free Survivor Strikes Back: Storms of Love & Loss By Christina J. Easley
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Disasters happen! These are the stories of love and loss, death, and destruction. Many victims died in disasters. Other survivors of the disaster were trapped. They were set free when they were... More > rescued! The disaster survivors hovered between life and death lingering in limbo. Victims were stranded without food and water. Many victims were left to die from their injuries. Some of the disasters are man-made disasters, while others are natural disasters. The survivors of disasters in society include child abuse victims, domestic violence, battered wives, war veterans, and orphans. There are disaster relief organizations that help those in need to recover from the destruction.< Less
Twisters: The Basics By Erikson Arias
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This tells you the basics of tornadoes and how to shelter yourself from them. Erikson Arias knows what it feels like to experience them and has studied them over a period of time. There are very... More > clear paragraphs and real photos of these monsters ravaging the land. If you want to get a basic look a tornadoes read Twisters: The Basics< Less
Flood By Darren G. Burton
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When a major weather event affects a small seaside town, it isn't long before everyone and everything is under threat; not only from flooding, but from raging rivers, gale force winds and deadly... More > tornadoes. Who will survive in this gripping novelette?< Less
Inventing Pratt:urbanism in a new key By Jacqueline Margetts
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This book describes the work of Auburn University Master of Landscape Architecture students in Pratt City, Birmingham AL. Design scenarios are proposed for the redevelopment of Pratt after the 2011... More > tornado. Techniques associated with landscape urbanism are employed to devise design solutions.< Less

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