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AFTER THE FALL By Dr. Alhasan S. Ceesay, MD
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William Shakespeare said, “He who is low need fear no fall.” Rising from a fall is where we differ and what brings new life. Africa reels with endless victims of politicians they brought... More > to power. Nothing progresses as Africa lapse and lack of passionate nationalists. These deceptive, ruthless despots leave toxic legacies. Africa needs strong institutions to maintain freedom and democracy. Politicians turn their bile and vile nature that causes the peasants to remain in poverty. These leaders fall in disgrace leaving Africa in ruins and backward. They cause mayhem and bloodshed and so blood removes their footprints on earth.This work is about being a positive contributing member of society no matter where you may find yourself. It tries to shed reason why we need ignite the spirit and embers of giving not only to illuminate an others’ life but to remove dark and despondent moments from those needy hearts. I write to raise funds for building of Njawara village hospital.< Less
Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening By J.A.H. Diouck
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The Dark Melanin Matter stockpiled in your Brain Computer & Vital Life Organs is the same Dark Melanin Matter that Pervades the Entire Universe. "HE made darkness His hiding place, His... More > pavilion around Him.: Psalms 18:11 The Information Age has ignited a Spiritual Awakening across all 4 corners of the Earth, drastically shifting human perception, turning political & cultural beliefs upside down. Spirituality, Religion & Science are aligning & The Book of Revelations is Unfolding in front of our eyes! Its now time to heal, Black Israel. LEARN simple solutions on how to peacefully maneuver thru the organized chaos so you are "in the world but not of the world." Learn how to do a juice cleanse at home, eat mostly plant foods & everything else in moderation, mindfully meditate, use natural ingredients for skin care and flush toxic chemicals form your Body Temple. Follow this Magical Melanin Formula to vibrate with the electromagnetic life force energy of the Almighty Creator at your highest spiritual level.< Less
The Permanent Carnival By Mitchel Cohen
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"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." (Steve Biko) Mitchel Cohen's poems -- loaded with insight as well as incite -- seek to deny the... More > oppressor that weapon. Mitchel Cohen lives in “The People's Republic of Brooklyn.” He is a member of the Brooklyn Greens/Green Party, and for many years made his living (such as it is) selling his poems in the subways. He was a founding member of the Red Balloon Collective and its “poetry conspiracy” at SUNY Stony Brook in 1969 and edited its journal through the decades. Cohen was one of the “Lib­er­ty Bell 7,” arrested for demanding free­dom for political pri­son­ers Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier. He co-founded and coordinates the No Spray Coalition against toxic pesticides, works with NY State Against Genetic Engineering, Chairs the WBAI Local Station Board (99.5 FM), and broadcasts a weekly internet radio show, "Steal This Radio" at< Less
Provocation 3 By Mathieu Guimond
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Voici le 3e Fanzine Provocation et probablement le meilleur de sa série! Toujours aussi noir que ses précédents, c'est de l'humour toxic, absurde et violent. Ne convient pas du... More > tout à un public de 18 ans et moins. Vous êtes avertis,alors pour ceux qui adorent la provocation, ce Fanzine est fait pour vous!< Less
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Реферат На основе анализа... More > данных литературы систематизированы современные представления о филогенетических и видовых особенностях роли цикла оксида азота в организме рыб, процессах образования в организме рыб и биотрансформации во внешней водной среде нитритов и нитратов. Рассмотрены механизмы их токсического влияния на органы и ткани рыб. Ключевые слова: рыбы; нитриты; нитраты; токсичность; цикл оксида азота; физиологическая роль. Abstract Based on analysis of the literature systematized current concepts of phylogenetic and species characteristics the role of nitric oxide cycle in fish organism, the processes of creation in fishes and biotransformation in the external aqueous environment of nitrites and nitrates. Key words: fishes; nitrites; nitrates;toxicity; the cycle of nitric oxide; a physiological role. Słowa kluczowe: ryby; azotyny; azotany; toksyczność; cykl tlenku azotu; rola fizjologiczna.< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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