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Summary & Study Guide: Transatlantic By
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A Transatlantic Bargain for the 21st Century: The United States, Europe, and the Transatlantic Alliance By Ellen Hallams et al.
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In the 21st century, the transatlantic bargain that has framed the relationship between the United Statates and its NATO allies is under more scrutiny than ever before. In a changed geopolitical... More > environment, one characterized by the complexity of modern military operations, the growing power of China, and a climate of economic austerity in the West, a consensus has emerged on both sides of the Atlantic as to the need for a revised bargain to accommodate the changing dynamics of global politics. Washington is becoming less and less willing to tolerate what it sees as fundamental gaps within the Alliance—in defense spending, capabilities, and military transformation—and is sending clear signals to its European allies, as well as NATO partners, that they must take on a greater share of Alliance burdens, accelerate efforts to generate capabilities and resources, and move away from a deeply-entrenched culture of dependency. European allies are learning they must approach transatlantic relations...< Less
The Transatlantic Security Agenda: A Conference Report And Analysis By Stephen J. Blank & Strategic Studies Institute
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Immediately after the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, NATO members unanimously voted their support for the United States under Article V of the Washington Treaty. This... More > unprecedented action, the first time such a vote has occurred in NATO’s history, underscores the vitality of the Atlantic Alliance and its tremendous strategic value for its members. This vote conferred great legitimacy upon any response that the United States will make to those attacks and reminded us that the solidity of NATO allows the United States to defend its interests on the world stage with great confidence about European security. Nevertheless, the Alliance is not a wholly untroubled or static relationship. In the first half of 2001, there were numerous public signs of stress among the allies as they faced new challenges. Many of the issues involved in these tensions are particularly important to the future of European security and must be resolved for NATO to move forward...< Less
The Transatlantic Defense Industrial Base: Restructuring Scenarios And Their Implications By Terrence R. Guay & Strategic Studies Institute
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Today, U.S. and European defense firms are at a crossroads. Opportunities for the construction of a transatlantic defense sector are tangible, but significant obstacles may accelerate the formation... More > of a bipolar industrial base. While market forces played a key role in the transformation and consolidation of these sectors in recent years, political considerations are largely responsible for a restructuring process that has been almost entirely among U.S. firms in the United States and among European Union companies in Europe. In this monograph, Dr. Terrence Guay examines the forces that have shaped the restructuring of the U.S. and European defense industries since the end of the Cold War, and presents factors that will influence further restructuring and consolidation in the short- and medium- terms.< Less
ESDP And Missile Defense: European Perspectives For A More Balanced Transatlantic Partnership By Martin Agüera & Strategic Studies Institute
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Security cooperation with Europe has been the bedrock of American strategy for more than 50 years. Today, that relationship is undergoing both stress and refinement as Europe moves toward a more... More > unified political and security identity, and as the United States responds to a changing global security environment. While many issues have the potential to complicate U.S.-European security cooperation, few are more pressing than the U.S. pursuit of missile defense and Europe’s construction of European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP). In this study Martin Agüera, a prominent German defense analyst, explains the relationship between missile defense and ESDP. He shows that rather than serving as wedges between the United States and Europe, both of these can help construct a better security relationship. In fact, transatlantic cooperation and understanding of these issues is necessary for either of them to succeed.< Less
The Evolution Of U.S.-Turkish Relations In A Transatlantic Context - Colloquium Report By Strategic Studies Institute & Frances G. Burwell
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Since World War II, the relationship between Turkey and the United States has been characterized by complexity and flux; there have been periods of remarkable cooperation, even when significant... More > disagreements existed. Relations between the two countries are never merely bilateral, for the two are also linked to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU). The relationship between those two organizations is also complicated because of differing core purposes and somewhat differing memberships. Current Turkey-U.S. diplomatic and military relations are more strained than in recent years, but both countries recognize how vital it is to address issues of mutual importance. In mid-2007 the Atlantic Council, Strategic Studies Institute, and German Marshall Fund of the United States jointly organized a conference to discuss the current state of U.S.-Turkish-EU ties and to consider how those relations might be repaired and enhanced.< Less
The Future of Transatlantic Security Relations - Colloquium Report By Richard A. Chilcoat et al.
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The George Bush School of Government and Public Service, the European Center of Excellence at Texas A&M University, the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation, the Department of the... More > Army’s Eisenhower National Security Series, and the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute were proud to sponsor the Future of Transatlantic Security Relations Conference held at the Bush Presidential Conference Center in College Station, Texas, on March 8, 2006. A number of scholars from all over the United States and Europe came great distances to participate in the discussions and seminars. We appreciated their efforts, and I believe we have captured their remarks and ideas faithfully within this conference report. The Transatlantic Security Relationship has been an anchor of European and U.S. foreign policy since the closing days of World War II. As the conflict drew to a close, a new one rose from its ashes.< Less
Britain’s Role In U.S. Missile Defense By Strategic Studies Institute & Jeremy Stocker
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U.S. plans for missile defense have been a contentious issue in transatlantic relations for nearly 40 years. Notwithstanding the recent focus on events in Iraq, ballistic missile defense (BMD)... More > remains a significant part of American defense policy, and an aspect that continues to generate interest and concern abroad. At the same time, U.S. allies have potentially important roles to play in American missile defense and have developing requirements of their own. This monograph, by Dr. Jeremy Stocker, seeks to examine the many facets of the role that Britain, America’s closest and strongest ally, plays in missile defense, and to identify the ways in which disagreements can be minimized and cooperation enhanced, to mutual benefit.< Less
The Eastern Dimension Of America’s New European Allies By Janusz Bugajski & Strategic Studies Institute
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This monograph provides a set of recommendations to the United States, NATO allies, and EU institutions in promoting a more consequential Eastern Dimension. Above all, the U.S. administration needs... More > to clearly make the argument that progress toward stable states and secure democracies in a widening Europe and an expanding trans-Atlantic community that encompasses the Black Sea zone is in America’s national interests and serves its strategic goals. The eventual inclusion of all East European states that are currently situated outside NATO and the creation of a wider Alliance would help expand and consolidate democratic systems, open up new markets, stabilize Washington’s new allies, and increase the number of potential U.S. partners.< Less
Multilateral Constraints On The Use Of Force: A Reassessment By Seyom Brown & Strategic Studies Institute
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This inquiry has been conducted in the midst of increasing questioning by policymakers and scholars concerning the importance and role of alliances and other multilateral arrangements and legal norms... More > affecting the use of force by the United States. Provoked in part by the transatlantic altercations surrounding Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, the questioning is driven by systemic developments—changes in the structure of world politics and changes in the shape of war—of which the Iraq-focused disputes were a symptom. Together, the systemic political and military developments portend an era of decreased U.S. deference to and reliance on established multilateral institutions (especially the United Nations [UN] and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO]), and a decreased willingness to be bound by international treaties that can constrain U.S. flexibility in the development and application of military power. Yet an emulation by other countries of this trend in U.S. policy can undermine basic U.S...< Less

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