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The Great Transcendence By Osho
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What is the definition of truth? The definition of truth is that which was always, which is always and which will be always. The definition of untruth is that which was not yesterday but which is now... More > and which will not be tomorrow. Untruth means the existence of that which is momentary. Knowledge is negative, devotion is positive. Knowledge is like preparing the earth by removing the grass and the weeds and then putting in the manure, and devotion is like sowing the seed. Knowledge in itself is not sufficient. It cleans the earth but it does not sow the seeds (cannot be sown). It is necessary but not sufficient, because knowledge is of the mind and devotion is of the heart. All the obstacles on the path of the divine can be removed by knowledge. But the steps of the stairs can be climbed only by devotion. That is why knowledge is negative. It is very effective in removing the meaningless but it is not able to create the meaningful. Then it is possible to sing the song of the divine.< Less

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