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Transcendence, Spirit in the Age of Science, Second Edition By H. Bruce May
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A clear explanation of what transcendence really is, how it underlies all religions, and how you can find it in your own life.
Patterns of Consciousness: Part II Transcendent Emergence By Alan Peter Garfoot
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Once the individual has become truly independent and the self fully autonomous, then the ideology we have formed based upon our personal experiences and mediated by our framework of understanding,... More > can develop further and can yield the untold fruit of the subconscious mind. Through the freedom afforded to us by our society in the modern day we can, through the flouishing of analysis, criticism, synthesis and refinement expand beyond the limits and boundries which define self, perception and consciousness.< Less
The Temple of Transcendence, A Fairy Tale of Self-Transformation By Debra C. Burton
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A magical journey of a 'Child' soul, experiencing development and reconnection, leading to a surprising discovery ... !
Transcending Faith (Why did God send Jesus) By Henry Dietz
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Transcending Faith will help the non-believer understand their need to believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. The study will help the believing Christian to grow in their faith.
Transcendence: First Letter to Ka-tulong By Roger Anthony Farinha
eBook (ePub): $0.00
See up and coming author, Roger Farinha, create an entirely new genre--spiritual science-fiction! A human agent's communique to the representative of a big-brother alien species which have been... More > assisting human technological progress in the interest of sparking our own species spiritual transcendence. Written in the form of letters, in imitation of C.S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters," the protagonist expresses his myriad concerns regarding his role as the agent and agency of his (human) species' transcendence...< Less
Social Transcendentalism - Socialistic Means to a Transcendent End By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $16.79
This project brings the ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism more or less systematically into the open for the first time, and does so from a variety of genre perspectives - essays,... More > dialogues, aphorisms and maxims - with a view to examining and propounding the ideology in question from as many different philosophical angles as possible. As suggested by the title, the end is transcendental, but the means are socialistic (which is not the same as socialism, since transcendentalism remains the fulcrum and therefore determines the form of what is less than transcendent), and therefore aimed at taking the masses of a specific type of society to an entirely new ideological destination by dint of the fact that the impetus for this stems not from below (as in socialism) but from above, in relation to a kind of messianic resolve affiliated with all things transcendent. The cover depicts a white-on-black Social Transcendentalist emblem conceived by the author himself.< Less
Transcending Your Monkey Mind: The Five Trees and Meditation By Joseph Dillard
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It’s easy to focus on the forest and not see the trees of meditation. In this case, following the Buddhist concept of skandhas, there are five of them: the trees of thought, feelings, images,... More > sensations, and states. Together, they constitute the entirety of your identity and experience. This little book is not your typical how-to guide to meditation. It does not provide practical instruction about how to sit or where to look when you meditate, and it does not require that you believe in anything or follow any particular spiritual practice. Transcending Your Monkey Mind offers a deeper understanding of what happens in your mind when you meditate. You can learn to transcend both mind and self without needing to subscribe to any particular type of meditation. By using the tools offered in this book, you can be more successful in meditation no matter what approach you use.< Less
Transcendence: Second Letter to Ka-tulong By Roger Anthony Farinha
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Enjoy the first letter FREE to see if you might have an interest in this series... In this letter the human agent confesses how he had sought to run away from his fellow human beings and even his... More > family, in his dismay for having different sensitivities. He realizes that social withdrawal is not the path he should take, but that he should return to engagement with his fellow humanity if he will accomplish his life's mission of changing his world. He sees, accordingly, that in humble re-engaging with his family, the formula for his species transcendence is maid as plain as kindergarten principles...< Less
Psychology of Religion From a Transcendent Self Theory Perspective By Jarrod Reisweber
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Psychology of Religion From a Transcendent Self Theory Perspective integrates psychological theories to explain the impact of religions on the human psyche. Throughout this text, concepts from... More > Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Integrative, and Attachment Theory perspectives are used to explain how, at a psychological level, religions propel humans to engage in acts that range from peaceful coexistence to war. This explanatory potential is important, as the globalization of the marketplace and increasing access to nuclear weapons make an understanding of religion in relation to the human psyche paramount to humans’ prosperity and survival. Dr. Reisweber contends that the Metaphysical Attachment Figure, which is the main psychological mechanism activated by religions and uniquely described in this book, may be the greatest threat to and hope for humanity.< Less

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