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The Adventure of Transparency Hideout By Goldi Jennings
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Super Manface is a super hero who gets his power from God and God's Word. In this adventure, Tad and Princess learn that they can choose which emotion to show. They also learn how to keep their... More > emotions healthy. Tennie is a gifted friend and Fluff is a highly sensitive friend. They both learn that God created them extra sensitive for a reason. In the back of the book, there is a place for you to help keep your feelings healthy too! There is also a comic that you can help write! Have fun super heroes!< Less
Study Guide: Transparent By
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This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion.
Shifter 10 : Transparent White By Sreshta Premnath
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Shifter is a topical magazine edited by Sreshta / Rit Premnath. As the name suggests, Shifter’s topics have often focused on issues of subjectivity and rupture in language, and contributions... More > reveal an equal emphasis on visual and textual strategies. Each issue creates a community of artists and writers who may or may not have seen each other’s work contextualized together, and opens a dialogue amongst them. Shifter 10 includes contributions by Eric Anglès, Kathleen Miller + Clifford Borress, Joseph Bradshaw, Mark Cooley Melissa Dubbin + Aaron S. Davidson, Eric Gottesman, Branden Koch, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Matthew McAlpin, Kiki Petrosino, André Spears, Christopher Stackhouse, David Samuel Stern, Edwin Torres, Genya Turovskaya, Avinash Veeraraghavan and Ruben Verdu.< Less
Observations From a Transparent Cage By Alison Pearce
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A compilation of some of the best work by Australian poet, writer and artist, Alison Pearce, exploring the darker corners of the mind and the places of pain few show and fewer try to express. This... More > anthology is Alison's way of giving a voice to those who feel they do not have one to provoke thought and inspiration in the reader. The volume is interspersed with prose written to uplift the spirit as well. Special features include original art by Alison and spaces amongst many pages to add your own thoughts and art.< Less
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MAX BLECHER- O prima si ultima placheta de versuri, intitulata Corp transparent (1934) apare cu ajutorul prietenului sau Geo Bogza, versurile fiind uneori suprarealiste, onirice. „Unul din... More > cei mai originali scriitori interbelici, din speta avangardistilor, M. Blecher are astazi, ca si Mateiu L Caragiale, cea mai inalta cota de pretuire.” - Nicolae Manolescu, Istoria critica a literaturii romane (2008) Brosura este bogat ilustrata cu desenele lui Juan Miro. Editura SAGA 2018< Less
Obiect transparent By Adrian Grauenfels
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Obiect Transparent - este o carte experimentala, un mixaj de stiluri, traduceri, poezii originale, eufonii, poezie concreta si avangardista care demonstreaza forta irezistibila a literaturii... More > post-moderniste.Textul este insotit de ilustratiile lui Jules Perahim, Beatrice Bernath, Miriam Gamburd. O carte unica, semnata de 13 autori.< Less
Transparency: Open to Do God's Work! By Tammy Garrett-Williams
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Transparency uncovers the Leadership, Church Congregation and others looking to understand what it is to do Jesus work honestly,by being transparent. This book has exercises to do, to expand your... More > understand about being transparent while doing His work. This book will also help Leaders and their congregations to understand that people do not want to be judged because of their appearance or past. They want to feel loved and accepted. They want to experience the real love of Jesus Christ. If the Church stop trying to be the biggest business in the world, and focus on being the biggest servant of the The Lord. There will be more chances that lives can be transformed.< Less
Transparency: Open to Do God's Work! By Tammy Garrett-Williams
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Awakened on a Sunday morning suddenly out of my sleep. It was about 2am. The thought of a lot of things was running through my mind. Things like; who am I, really? Is all the work I am doing... More > worth all the energy I put out? Is this the road I am supposed to be on, or am I forcing my existence? Then I said to myself out loud, WILL THE REAL TAMMY STAND UP?! Have you had a moment like that? Are there times when the service you've just preached was just a formality, and in secret you felt the presence of The Holy Spirit was absent? Who did you tell, or did you just covered up your feelings, and pretend you still have your game together? Husbands, Wives are your communications clear enough to each other making your relationship solid or is there some turbidness to it (trust me turbidness is a real word)? When we are doing the work of GOD we must be transparent or else the glory of The Lord cannot be seen and His work cannot be done effectively through us, if we are not transparent.< Less
The Astrogatrix (Transparent Ones Book 2) By Chang Terhune
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Drina thought her Mars business was as dead and buried as her military career. She was content to live out her life in drunken peace and harmony in a shack on the Mayan Riviera. Then her old... More > nemesis General Baptiste showed up with an unreasonable request: rejoin the UFW and come to Mars with them in a final push to defeat the rebellious and evil Free Mars Republic. As Drina faces down the unanswered questions of her past she meets up with the strange residents of the red planet: a grizzled crazy photographer, a boy soldier who looks exactly like her dead husband and a ragtag group of kids led by a pair of enigmatic, cigar-smoking twin 11 year old boys. But once she’s captured by the FMR the real horror begins. For Drina is about to meet the creature that killed her husband. The same ancient creature intent on taking Earth as its new homebase for an invasion of the galaxy.< Less
Creating A Transparent Democracy: A New Model By Shamar Rinpoche
eBook (PDF): $3.00
It is generally believed that democracy, though not perfect, is yet the best form of government created by man. However, with all its merits, democracy leaves room for improvement. This book is an... More > attempt to point out and remove the defects of democracy. Decentralization is necessary for social justice and participation in decision-making. People must be provided political literacy. It is unrealistic to expect illiterate and ill-informed people to understand political and economic issues rationally and comprehensively. Furthermore, democracy without accountability means little. As such, all those who exercise political power, must be accountable for their decisions. Among rights, the freedom of expression is of fundamental importance.< Less

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