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Manufacturing Insanity - Vol. 1 - Creating Truth / When Darkness Falls By Eva Moser
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The treatment of transsexuals turns medicine into a system of well organised prejudice, cruelty and mistreatment. Patients are abused while the perpetrators are convinced that this is necessary, good... More > treatment! In volume I of Manufacturing Insanity Eva examines how it is possible that patients suffer and die while doctors watch in complete denial. Maybe this denial of patient's needs and rights, all the abuse and death is created by an inherent systemic inability of medicine to acknowledge just these needs? But doctors letting their patients suffer and die because they are incapable to accept their own shortcomings? That's insane! Well, maybe not! Because on her way through the jungle of medical history, politics, practice, self-understanding and the patient experience Eva finds that in the end this is all about sex, power and cultist beliefs! The one piece in the puzzle that is completely irrelevant is the emotional integrity of the individual patient! Welcome to Manufacturing Insanity!< Less
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You Can't Shave in a Minimart Bathroom - Updated 2013 By Shauna Marie O'Toole
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Coming out as Transgender is different than coming out as gay or lesbian because everything changes! Your name and pronouns change. Your appearance changes. Every relationship you have ever had... More > gets torqued into a new direction. Some will accept. Some will not. Along the way, you will meet some fantastic people and have some extraordinary adventures! Best of all, you discover a voice you never had and a backbone you never knew was missing. Come and journey with me!< Less
Transgender: Fact or Fetish - Reality or Delusion? By Felix Conrad
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“Quite frankly, my research on autogynephilia was biased.” This astonishing admission from trans-advocate, Felix Conrad, is prompted by an e-mail from a young reader who has fallen into... More > clinical depression because she believes she is not transgender, but has a fetish. Chasing down his own secret fears of fetishism and delusion, Felix Conrad decides to throw LGBT politics to the wind and launch the world’s first objective analysis of the two most common alternative transgender narratives. His incredible findings – drawn from diverse disciplines such as evolutionary biology, linguistics and ethology – usher in a new era of understanding complex subjects such as the self as an erotic target, hybrid gender identities, and the biological dynamics which underpin a transgender person’s need to transition. This compelling narrative – both personal and scientific – will have you wondering if Felix Conrad is trying not only to save his young reader, but also himself.< Less
Unpredictable Passion By Faith F
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An innocent love thing had turn into an affair forbidden by trans and gay society. One by one Secrets of Bison unfolds that consistently breaks Katrina’s fragile heart. It turned out Bison has... More > a wife and leading more than one life. He's addicted to the night life and drugs, while she yearns for his love and affections. In the end both of them had deadly skeletons in their closet. One by one the secrets revealed which lead to heartache, physical abuse and possibly attempted murder.< Less
Trans Toronto: An Oral History By Darryl Hill
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Many social theorists claim that the end of the 20th century was the beginning of the “postmodern" era, a time in which many time-honoured ideas were rejected. Trans Toronto explores the... More > claim that trans people demonstrate a wide-spread repudiation of modern conceptions of selfhood and gender. But the opinions of those who live trans lives have yet to be explored. How do trans people understand gender? What do they think of the assertions of postmodern gender theory? Trans Toronto documents answers to these questions in an oral history of Toronto's trans communities at the end of the 20th century telling the story of gender and sex in the context of dramatic cultural and historical change.< Less
Life of Alexis Perkins Volume 1 By Sureen Ink
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Alexis is a young 17 year old autistic girl in her senior year of high school, but she has a secret, one that some might seek to harm her for. Follow Alexis as she gains new friends, learns about... More > herself and her own sexuality, and also learns about her friends and their secrets. An LGBT comic featuring lesser-known orientations, real situations, and sometimes even dark tones as it explores the truth behind being transgender, and what it means and how it feels.< Less
The Absent Brides By Jeudi Shimkus
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On the planet Nettara, women are being replaced by hermaphrodites, causing a decline in population, fewer marriages, and an increase in homosexuality.
Two Forms of ID By Joe Six-Pack
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Electrician Harvey Angler was living a life of quiet desperation until he finds himself tricked into doing something he'd never do. Pretending to be a teenage girl. Then, before he knows it, he's... More > become a pop star, and they want to see the girl behind the voice. Paperback book, no illustrations.< Less
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IF YOU CAN'T LICK `EM, JOIN THE GIRLS! (previously published as IF YOU CAN'T LICK 'EM, JOIN 'EM) Complete revised (10-11), double issue. Many new scenes, 160+ pages with illustrations. Includes... More > both of the classic Transvestia stories: "Down to Defeat" & "Marilyn Makes It." The tale of Merrill who loses a bet to a girl bully and must dress as a girl for six months. "I was shocked! I had always knew that my hips were larger than most boys but in a dress, they were more girlish than many girls. My youthful styled dress did nothing to hide my eye-catching bust-line, legs and hips. AND I was leaving the family “nest” in a dress. I was expected to be in all ways dress-wearing young lady, living in a female’s role. Grandpa was worried I would become even more totally and permanently girlie. I was only worried I wouldn’t. AND I also had become aware that my breasts were, while not by any means the size of a girl's, loose and slightly extended." In The Pink. TRANSVESTIA FICTION #5. 163 pages< Less

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