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Trapped By Sholei Croom, Mary Grutta
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What happens when you put a hardcore conservative and a hardcore liberal together and tell them to write a play? Pure Madness. Originating as a friendly argument over lunch, Trapped exemplifies the... More > hilarity that arises from a friendship of polar opposites. Mary Grutta and Sholei Croom take on equal writing roles in this debut piece and have performed it live as a Duo Interpretation of Literature.< Less
Trapped By Joslyn West
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A Floridian family flies to Canada for the first week of Winter Break. When they arrive, they are mystified by the wonderous new environment, but the trip becomes a horror movie when a snow storm... More > hits the cabin hard, and they find, they are unable to escape.< Less
Trapped By Max Litzgus
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In the year 2220, the Earth was inexplicably ripped in half. A barrier formed around each half of the planet, stopping people from entering or leaving, and preventing any kind of contact between the... More > two. Then, for 200 years, racial stereotypes from the past began to grow and become popular once again, until they were considered to be true. Both sides of the Earth hated each other, despite having no interaction in hundreds of years. It wasn’t until two centuries after the Earth’s separation that both halves were able to interact once again. But, due to the growing racism on either side, not all is well...< Less
Trapped By Caleb Pecue
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This story is not all the way finished, but I thought I would let everyone know what's it about. The story is about a plane crashing on an island and the people become reliant on each other, until a... More > beast preys on them. The story focuses on their lives.< Less
Trappings By Shirlee Fender
Paperback: $14.95
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A novel based in Valparaiso, Indiana. A thirty-five year old stockbroker learns that money isn't everything.In one explosive moment her life turns upside down, propelling her on a personal journey... More > that changes not only her life, but everyone she meets along the way.< Less
Trapped By Katie Pingilley
Paperback: $9.96
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Aubrey is a preteen who is getting ready for her middle school years. She has everything any girl could ask for. She always gets what she wants, because her mom does anything to make her happy. One... More > wrong decision changes her life forever. She is kidnapped by a man and is trapped in his house. She tries to figure out why this man has kidnapped her and how she can escape. Will she ever be free again or will she be trapped forever?< Less
Trapped By Nicole T Smith
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Trapped follows Natalie in to her new life as a Seeker but her first decision is to return to high school and graduate. Hayden supports Natalie in her decision but unbeknownst to him she is meeting... More > new ghosts. Beth is Natalie’s closest confidant in her new school, although Natalie must remember the warning her childhood angel once told her. People are not always who they appear to be. Natalie is taken into a new world, one in which she can’t find a way out of. Hayden must join forces with Carlos to find her, even though he believes Carlos may have ulterior motives. Trapped is the next installment in the haunting and tragic series, Chasing Natalie's Ghosts.< Less
The Trap By April Pratt
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Bringo the falcwing has always been different. When her family moves to the Blern Forest, she knows that it's dangerous, but her parents insist on moving anyway. She can't convince them otherwise,... More > but she knows she'll never be able to live in peace there, so she runs away to a place known as East Valley. She quickly gains knowledge and friends, but just when everything looks like it's going all right, she falls into a trap that could cost her, her family, and her friends their lives.< Less
Traps By Michelle Erickson
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Talon was born of a woman without a heart and a man without a soul into a world without a conscience. Now he has to fix it. Too bad he’s in the Sogoian Barracks, where hope of escape is... More > trapped in the jaws of the hounds, the horns of the stone bull-men, and the look in his father’s eyes. The Book of Benamii claims there is a traitor among his men. He’s determined to find out who it is and save as many of his men as he can while they all train for the blood sport known as Cubes. Safe on the other side of time, Brenna is learning things she never wanted to know about the past, present, and future. The past concerns the fact the Five Creators are not myths and they left a deadly surprise beneath the Phoenix. The present concerns what the Forest Wife does to those who disobey, and the future has no guarantees.< Less
Trapped By Eleanor Gibson
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There are two sides to every story…. Dragons. Mythical, winged creatures. Supposedly breathe fire. Said to possess sorcerous properties in their body - most famously, their blood and horns.... More > Over their long lives, accumulate much wisdom. Humans Overgrown apes. Gain fire from weaponry and arms. Have evolved into a formidable, ever-growing civilisation. Their pride, greed and relative lack of wisdom causes incessant rivalry and conflict among themselves. Whose side are you on?< Less