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The Virgin and the Troll By Harold C. Jones
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He just can’t get those graphic mental pictures of hot, gay sex out of his head. Andre determines to break free. How it all turns out doesn’t even matter. He wants to know just who and... More > what he is. Thanks to the internet he meets somebody equally willing to take a chance.< Less
Troll Time By Natalie Brake
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A boy stumbles upon a troll's collection of clocks. None of the clocks that the troll has are correct. The hands, numbers, and sizes are all out of whack!
Lottie Troll By Su Taylor
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Fed up with having to listen to the Gruff Brothers giving interviews about how awful the Troll who lives under the bridge is, with the help of its' family, the Troll steps out of the shadows to give... More > their first interview since the 'incident' on the bridge in order to set the record straight. The Troll is the VICTIM! And the Troll is a 'she'! Step forward, Lottie Troll.< Less
A Troll story By Chris Paker
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A short story that involves trolls and events that will be shire to knock you're socks off it's full of surprises will be sequel
The Troll & the Gremlin By Kim Barker
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This is a children's story about a troll and a gremlin. The moral of the story is it is better to give than to receive.
Trolling 101 By Andrew Patton
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books are BORING. so i made one that isn't, full of images of my online statuses and stupidity, and many arguements with baldies or bullies. i outwit the meanest and most superficial people. if... More > you're a huge fake jerk, or if you think you're cool and clever, don't even think about trying to battle me, i type 100 words a minute, seen 10 psychiatrists, written hollywood films and played college sports. i have the mouth of a lion, the whippersnapper of a jock in the showers snapping his towel at your buns, and i have the hottest buns and pecs any woman has ever seen. i'm god's gift to all women, inside is a preview to my other romance/poem book 'loves seasons, loves blossoms, loves leaves', so you can see the sweet side of me too, although in my opinion, all my foolishness and mean humor is aimed at bullies who are out picking on weaker people, like gays, blacks and animals. i'm against all cruelties like a compassionate redneck loose with a big ole yapper. i'm an outspoken bigmouth but for good.< Less
The Troll Garden By Willa Cather
eBook (ePub): $3.99
In the stories that comprise The Troll Garden, her first book, Willa Cather evokes the devastated, romantic dreams that haunt her characters. Artists, inveterate sentimentalists, hungering beauties,... More > and demon-ridden ascetics find themselves torn between the need to confess and keep secret their private aspirations. Involved with the hope that destroys the spirit, their lives reflect both the impoverished materialism and the deadly idealism of the Plains country, of the fashionable East, and of London at the turn of the century.< Less
Of Willows and Trolls By Sioranth Smith
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Spanning over a decade of work, a new poetry anthology brings together a little bit of everything for every little bit of us. From joyful works such as "Dauntless" and "Little Black... More > Gummi Bears" to the philosophical title piece "Of Willows and Trolls," readers will find themselves running the gamut from mirth to metaphor. This anthology includes 24 original poems as well as 3 works of vivid prose to capture a reader's imagination and heart. This book does include some mature topics and language.< Less
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Troll Intolerance By Selena Thana
eBook (ePub): $3.95
As a Brownie and a natural healer, the war and its casualties were often too much for Dinlas to endure. So when her heart's desire rejects her just for being an Unseelie she quickly escapes the... More > realities of the real world.Will this time will it be Dinlas doing the rejecting?< Less

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