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Apoidea By Douglas Thompson
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Apoidea… When the bees were wiped out, famine and war threatened and mankind faced the abyss. But then came salvation, in the form of the cyber bee. Fully functional, fully capable of... More > replacing its extinct predecessor. Humanity would survive. But suddenly, the bees are not behaving the way they should. Something is wrong... Apoidea… A fast paced, intelligent and frighteningly contemporary science fiction thriller from Douglas Thompson, author of Ultrameta and Sylvow. Praise for Douglas Thompson... "Thompson writes with the assurance of someone completely in control of his material..." Pete Tennant, Black Static magazine "Thompson uses the tropes of the fantastic in unique and compelling ways while at the same time creating vivid and fully realized protagonists…" Mike O’Driscoll, The Fix Online "Thompson has certainly shown he is a name to watch." Ian Sales, Interzone Magazine< Less
Behind a Mask; or, a Woman's Power By Louisa May Alcott
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Behind a Mask, or A Woman's Power is a novella written by American author Louisa May Alcott. The novella was originally published in 1866 under the pseudonym of A. M. Barnard in The Flag of Our... More > Union. Set in Victorian era Britain, the story follows Jean Muir, the deceitful governess of the wealthy Coventry family. With expert manipulation, Jean Muir obtains the love, respect, and eventually the fortune of the Coventry family.Since it was republished by Madeleine B. Stern in 1975, the novel has become important in critical reinterpretation of Alcott's corpus of works and literary importance. Many literary critics treat the novel; for example, one critic treated the novel as a version of the "Beauty and the Beast" trope, while others provide feminist critiques of the narrative. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Middlemarch By George Eliot
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Middlemarch is a highly unusual novel. Although it is primarily a Victorian novel, it has many characteristics typical to modern novels. Critical reaction to Eliot's masterpiece work was mixed. A... More > common accusation leveled against it was its morbid, depressing tone. Many critics did not like Eliot's habit of scattering obscure literary and scientific allusions throughout the book. In their opinion a woman writer should not be so intellectual. Eliot hated the "silly, women novelists." In the Victorian era, women writers were generally confined to writing the stereotypical fantasies of the conventional romance fiction. Not only did Eliot dislike the constraints imposed on women's writing, she disliked the stories they were expected to produce. Her disdain for the tropes of conventional romance is apparent in her treatment of marriage between Rosamond and Lydgate. Both and Rosamond and Lydgate think of courtship and romance in terms of ideals taken directly from conventional romance.< Less
The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne By Ann Radcliffe
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The novel is a set in a powerful landscape which became familiar in her later work, with complex clan feuds and mysterious romantic intrigues played out against a backdrop of ruined medieval castles... More > and rugged Scottish coastlines. Each of the characters can be defined by their passions: The present Earl of Athlin, Osbert, is driven by a passionate desire to avenge his father’s murder at the hand of Malcolm, the Baron of Dunbayne. His sister, Mary, is ever swooning and fainting in an attempt to resist her passion for Alleyn, a highlander not of noble birth. Alleyn is likwise driven to heroic deeds of rescue because of his love for Mary. Even the villain, Baron Malcolm, is driven by his desire—first a desire to kill Osbert; it is later supplanted by his desire to possess Mary. Although the passions of its leading characters dominate the plot, the castles of the title are as central to the narrative, establishing an enduring Gothic trope.< Less
Algol Asylum By David Conway
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ALGOL APOCALYPSE. DAWN OF THE DEMON STAR. An unprecedented cosmic event - the Algol Parallax - wreaks havoc throughout the galaxy and spells disaster for planet Earth. Civilisation collapses. On the... More > eve of annihilation Dr Thomas Lewis, director of Wyvern Abbey asylum, confronts the institution's most notorious inmate, Andromeda Polidori, leader of a doomsday cult whose esoteric doctrine may hold the key to salvation. His investigations propel Lewis deep into the savage heart of darkness - the emerald inferno - that has transformed the world beyond recognition ... a fantastic odyssey that culminates with the revelation of his own magickal destiny and the fate of all life. ALGOL ASYLUM combines the stylistic tropes of Gothic science fiction, Surrealism and Romanticism with the arcane symbolism of the occult, alchemy and Gnostic philosophy to create an apocalyptic epic of baleful power, invoking the radical experiments of iconic visionaries such as Aleister Crowley, HP Lovecraft, JG Ballard and Philip K Dick.< Less
Powder, Passion & Plunder By Richard Fannon
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On the face of it, there should be nothing romantic about pirates. They take hard-earned money and goods away by force - typically accompanied by torture, murder and rape. And yet there is still... More > something attractive about a life of adventure, freedom and lived without responsibility. SotC is a OGL role-playing game written by Evil Hat Productions and based on their FATE system. This supplement contains additional rules to tailor SotC to the pirate genre. If you don't want to use this game, the information will be useful for any tabletop campaign. As well as the rules, this book also contains a history of piracy (both in reality and in fiction) and looks at the enduring appeal of these "wolves of the sea" and what we find attractive about characters like Long John Silver and Captain Jack Sparrow that are as magnificent as they are malevolent. This book should allow you, the GM, to create games that tap into these tropes to provide a more enjoyable experience for your players and yourself.< Less
Playful Mapping in the Digital Age By The Playful Mapping Collective
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From Mah-Jong, to the introduction of Prussian war-games, through to the emergence of location-based play: maps and play share a long and diverse history. This monograph shows how mapping and playing... More > unfold in the digital age, when the relations between these apparently separate tropes are increasingly woven together. Fluid networks of interaction have encouraged a proliferation of hybrid forms of mapping and playing and a rich plethora of contemporary case-studies, ranging from fieldwork, golf, activism and automotive navigation, to pervasive and desktop-based games evidences this trend. Examining these cases shows how mapping and playing can form productive synergies, but also encourages new ways of being, knowing and shaping our everyday lives. The chapters in this book explore how play can be a more than just an object or practice, and instead focus on its potential as a method for understanding maps and spatiality.< Less
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The Masque of the Red Death (Short Story Books) (Hardcover) By Edgar Allan Poe
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The Masque of the Red Death is a classic short story by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in 1842 and considered an emblematic tale of gothic fiction. Featuring many of the tropes which define the... More > genre, we witness in its pages a grim setting of a castle, and its multiple rooms which themselves resemble aspects of human personality. The story is not without its ironies: Prospero’s castle, while mighty as an ideal guard against the disease ravaging the lands outside, ultimately serves an as an oppressor to the Prince Prospero, his wealthy guests, and his retinue. As the tension ratchets and the great and majestic masquerade turns to one of horror, we witness Poe’s evocative flair for grim and horrific prose. Given the description of its symptoms, it is possible that the titular Red Death was inspired by tuberculosis, which was rife among the European continent throughout the 19th century. The Red Death somewhat resembles a highly accelerated form of consumption, which was a terror in society.< Less
The Diary of a Nobody (Hardcover) By George Grossmith & Weedon Grossmith
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This comic novel by brothers George and Weedon Grossmith remains as entertaining and relevant today as the day it was first published. When it first appeared as a Punch magazine serial in 1888-89,... More > The Diary of a Nobody became a minor sensation for its quirkiness and wit. George Grossmith was already an accomplished musical entertainer, having contributed to Gilbert and Sullivan's comic operas during the 1870s and 1880s, while Weedon was a notable actor and playwright. Combining their talents into this book, the result is an astute and amusing social satire with plentiful relevance even today. Much of The Diary of a Nobody's humour is derived from the protagonist's unwarranted sense of self-importance. Charles Pooter commonly affirms his sense of worthiness the text, but in actuality undergoes a series of small humiliations in social life, all the while striving for goals which had become common tropes of the lower-middle classes in English society.< Less

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