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Truck Driver By Leonard McBride
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Have you ever even just wondered what really goes on in the world of eighteen wheelers? Can you be a trucker? It looks interesting, but it must be complicated. How could anyone even begin to maneuver... More > one of those huge monstrosities? Trust me, you can do this! Not only is it possible for almost anyone to successfully navigate into the world of transportation, but you will be helping out a necessary part of the economy and one that is constantly and even desperately in search of drivers. There is no unemployment for a big rig driver. Let me show you how to do it all! Everything you will ever need to know is right here in these pages including how to find some of the most incredible jobs, and many things that you are not supposed to know about. And there are MANY things you are not supposed to know about. So jump on it and learn what it takes to get paid to do what others are willing to pay for the privilege of doing.< Less
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From Lawyer to Truck Driver By Cornelius Hyzer
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While practicing law, clients driving semi-trucks could make over $500 per day, at a pay of $1 per mile. With encouragement from a few of the drivers, a lawyer steps into a big truck and a new... More > career! A wonderful story of courage, endurance, and luck! And that's just his wife! Get the whole story about how life can be an adventure while his wife wondered what was going on in his crazy mind!< Less
Elvis was a truck driver... By PINKMINT PUBLICATIONS
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Elvis was a truck driver...
Truck Drivers Adventure By Doug Olson
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He was a rookie truck driver going through the Appalachian mountains and he didn't pay attention to the sign at the bottom of the mountain.The sign said go down the mountain in the same gear you went... More > up the mountain in< Less
The Truck Driver's Son By Terrence P. Nelson
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Adventure, excitement and risks are all part of one, special spring for Russell Taylor. Circumstances have forced his single father, a truck driver, to leave his 13 year old son alone for several... More > weeks. What would you do alone in the country? Russell Taylor has found himself in a situation unlike that of most 13 year old boys. He has been left completely alone in a country cabin for weeks on end. He experiences the joys and threats of nature, and tries to cope with intruders into his seemingly perfect world. He is forced to develop survival skills that challenge both his body and spirit.< Less
TRUCKS By Cornelius Hyzer
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The highway to success necessitates a worthy vehicle to travel on that road with. Trucks are the key to modern commerce and as a truck driver the author was an integral part of that enterprise.
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Quello delle autostrade è un mondo a parte. Truck Driver è la visione d'insieme di questo mondo sconosciuto, vissuto e raccontato dai protagonisti che montano i grossi bisonti della... More > strada. Nulla è dato per scontato. Questa storia colpirà nel vivo molte persone.< Less
So, You Want to be a Truck Driver? By Les Auger
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Learn what it takes to be a truck driver from this experienced driver. See if you have what it takes to live this life. Written in a down to earth style and includes a "personality test" as... More > well as stories from the road, to help you see if you would like making your living driving the "Big Rigs". "...from now on I will have a much greater respect for the wonderful long-haulers on the freeways, cross country highways, etc. I will also try to give them the courtesy of knowing the masses that they carry and must account for when having to "brake". I have always tried to give them plenty of room when passing, but I will now know to even give them more consideration on the roads. I wish everyone could read your book and learn more about what it takes to be a "long-hauler". Bea Mack< Less
The Tale of Two Monster Truck Drivers By Dante sanaei
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this is a book on two monster truck drivers who get robbed but in the end they get their stuff back

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