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The Route Man By Joseph F. Nolan
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In the 1950’s and 1960’s drug use and crime rates were sky rocketing all across America’s major cities. This specific story takes place in Harlem, NYC, with an average hardworking... More > man trying to provide for his family while facing the danger that Harlem produced. The job description was a delivery truck driver selling cake on a cash basis to grocers and markets for a small company based out of NJ. Selling cake on a cash basis is what made this job so dangerous and nerve racking with drivers who more then often ended up in the hospital. The company finally found a driver who would be kept on this route and not only get the job done but dealt with these hoodlums. This book has stories not only of the author but stories of others who also had similar problems.< Less
The “People Power” Job Superbook: Book 21. the Transportation Industry (Train, Trucks, Sea Trades (Shipping, Boating, Oceanography, Diving, Fisherman), Car Industry, Air Travel, Aerospace, Astronaut) By Tony Kelbrat
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Try the following sections at the library: 385. Railroad transportation. 386. Inland waterway transportation. 387. Water, air, space transportation. 388. Ground... More > transportation. 625.Trains. Books about railroads are at #625.107 or TF6-TF197 at the library. Travel books go from #910 to #920. Truck driver is one of the most in demand trades around. The need for truckers to transport goods never ends. A truck driver needs a commercial driver's license. Many technical-vocational schools offer tractor trailer driving courses. There are short haul drivers, regular route drivers and long haul drivers. Some truckers own their own rigs and contract their services out on a per load basis. Others work for companies driving company trucks.The companies may be trucking companies or business companies hauling their own goods. The U.S. Dot,, governs truck drivers crossing state lines for safety reasons so they don't work too many hours without a break.< Less
OTREC-RR-11-22 By Peter Dusicka & Selamawit T Mehary
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This project developed a seismic model for Oregon truck routes using Risk for Earthquake Damage to Roadway Systems (REDARS2) and HAZUS-MH. We refined data from the first model to more realistically... More > represent bridge inventory, address the seismicity of the Pacific Northwest (PNW), conduct sensitivity analyses of soil data and develop a seismic network model of Oregon bridges to assess roadway vulnerability. Assumptions were reviewed and Oregon data was incorporated to replace defaults for economic loss. The largest probable PNW earthquake is a subduction zone earthquake. A shortcoming of REDARS2 is its inability to incorporate subduction zone attenuation. USGS shakemaps for Cascadia subduction zone events are incorporated to add that capability. Analyses of the network incorporating bridges and post processing of the data with input from Oregon DOT engineers resulted in recommendations for bridge route priorities. More data and cost-benefit analyses are needed for final retrofit decisions.< Less
Navajo By James Wilmarth & John Murphey
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For decades, the gleaming silver trailers of Navajo Freight Lines traveled America’s highways, including Route 66, bearing the striking image of a blue-eyed Indian. Starting humbly in 1934, in... More > Wichita, Kansas, Navajo expanded during the postwar years, reaching, at its height, a fleet of 5,000 vehicles, 67 terminals, and 3,000 employees. They called themselves the tribe and advertised using now-questionable imagery, such as “Squeezable Squaw” pinup girls. But changes in long-haul trucking in the 1970s retired the Blue-Eyed Indian just before deregulation struck. James E. Wilmarth’s research on Navajo Freightlines has been published in Wheels of Time and other periodicals. John and Kris Murphey write about historic highways and heritage travel, with articles published in American Road Magazine, SCA Journal, and others.< Less
OTR Driver Transportation Manual By Larry Gray
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This book is for Trucking Trainers to help teach Backing, 70 Hour Rule and Routing, Navigation and Trip Planning. Backing is not as simple as it might seem, I outline a dozen or so principles. I... More > offer a simple one form per day 70 hour calculator. I also have a 4 day example of how to use the form. I explain major routing and minor routing. I describe routes from interstate to shippers as runways. I talk about legs and way points. I talk about the various kinds of highways and roads and how to find the route from stop to stop.< Less
Old Time Tallahassee From A to Z By J. Kent Thompson
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A delightful look at old Tallahassee the way it used to be. This book takes the reader back to a simpler time in Tallahassee's history and recalls places of interest and rekindles one's memories of... More > the city.< Less
104th Meridian West By Daniel Parks
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Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the American Southwest, you discover you were wrong… very, very wrong. I’ve traveled throughout the West, from... More > California to Texas, from the southern border to the upper reaches of the north and I’ve witnessed some unimaginable phenomenon and extraordinary wonders that baffle the understanding and confound the very soul of man. This book is an account of the connection of seemingly unrelated events that turned out to be mystically linked by an impalpable longitudinal line that augurs doom and death to those who dared to cross it. When you open this book, you are about to enter… The 104th Meridian West (may you rest in peace)< Less
Guntruck By Joe Porisch
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After months of rolling up and down Main Supply Route Tampa, Army Specialist Tommy Lenstrom thought he had this whole Iraq thing down. All the strange sights, smells, shadows and dangers were... More > beginning to feel something like normal. But when a violent IED explosion separates him and his crew from the rest of their unit, that frail sense of normalcy is lost, and so are they. Ripped asunder from all things safe and familiar, they must fight through every minute and mile. And the deeper they drive, the further from sanity they seem to travel. Unexplained spectacles and macabre horrors fog their minds. Real and surreal barter for cognitive space. Death and oblivion threaten to close in around them and swallow them whole. Meanwhile Tommy hangs on to the memories and dreams of his home down, the girl he left behind and life he can only hope to regain.< Less
Still Being Poisoned 2008 and 2009 By Bharbara Gudmundson
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This is a short outline of what garbage leachate spills transpired October 7, 2008 to April 14, 2009 and the health ramifications involved. This outline will show the political appeals made by myself... More > in attempts to stop garbage leachate from being released from compactor garbage trucks on to our unsuspecting community. This book will show what was occurring wherever this truck travelled on it's route.< Less
New Rail System Implementation Plan for BNSF By Dale Rowe
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The New Rail System (NRS) is a system modification to existing rail networks. It is described in the companion book, "The Race To Deliver the Goods". This book quantifies the... More > cost-benefits of implementing the NRS on the BNSF's Southern Transcon route. It shows payback from the conversion to NRS within 3 1/2 years and a substantial market share gain from Union Pacific and truck lines as well as having some major operational profitability advantages.< Less

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