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Sahara Adventures of Two Lone Motorcyclists By J. Lear
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Two lone motorcyclists attempt to cross the Sahara to raise money for a childrens charity
Sahara By Julian Gallo
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Short Story He had gone to Morocco only six years earlier as a tourist. He had met a friendly and unassuming man named Bilial and they had become good friends. Six years later, he is returning to... More > Morocco only this time he isn’t coming as a tourist. He has something else in mind - something that will put their friendship to the ultimate test.< Less
Seed of Change By Neil Van Heukelem
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A sheltered scientist travels to the Moon for her part in a plan to terraform Mars. On the way, danger and intrigue plague her at every turn as a secret plot unravels to steal her handiwork. A... More > formidible security officer takes charge of the situation, but many factors could lead to an unexpected outcome, even for this seasoned veteran.< Less
Modern Science Fiction As Transformational Myth And Ancient Symbols As Scientific Clues By Ian Beardsley
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Two Works In Cosmic Archaeology
AEONews #0001 By Klaudio Zic
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#Mali #war #AEONews War on Mali. Venus is the attack planet NIKH, while Mars represents the enemy.
AEONews #0002 By Klaudio Zic
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Further eonic predictions for the Mali conflict and the region. " The clash happens in Pisces with Eris and Cacus below in Cetus. " Detailed #AEONews maps; Venus in Hydra, Scutum and... More > Pegasus, Uranus in Cetus.< Less
Africa Adventures By Kyle Forinash
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From dodging army ants and Tuareg warriors to searching for ‘Finnish’ beer and National Geographic cover girls, this memoir taps a collection of letters and voice tapes to friends and... More > family written nearly 40 years ago in Africa. The author, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, West Africa, relives the excitement and frustration of learning a new culture. Comical and melancholic at the same time, the story chronicles the maturation process that happens to all of us when we leave school for ‘the real world’.< Less
What is Next for Mali? The Roots of Conflict and Challenges to Stability (Enlarged Edition) By Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, Dona J. Stewart
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In March 2012, the government of Mali, one of the most touted symbols of Africa’s democratic potential, fell in a military-executed coup. At the same time, a 4-decades old rebellion among... More > Tuaregs seeking autonomy or independence reached new heights fueled by weapons from Libya and the belief that the Arab Spring could extend to northern Mali. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and their allies were quick to capitalize on the increasing chaos in a territory characterized by lack of government control and poverty and seized the major cities in the north. While French-led military intervention restored security to cities in the north, the underlying social, economic and political issues of the crisis remain.< Less
Mirage- Three exotic stories By Oscar Luis Rigiroli
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This work includes three stories. Mirage tells a love story in a violent environment. A French officer who obeys an uncertain chain of command in North Africa is ordered to report on the fate of a... More > group of refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing carried out by the Tuaregs in Mali. The expected relief from world powers gets diluted in a web of strategic interests, leaving the refugees homeless. In this environment love, disappointment and rebellion are born. The Girl and the Knight takes place in 1242 in the steppes of Russia. A Teutonic Knight flees from his Slavs pursuers and finds shelter in a Mongolian nomad camp. There he joins a Tartar girl, but the Russians determined to expel all invaders from their land will not give them respite. Oasis of Light tells the story of a young man sent to a Nazi expedition to Tibet in search of the origin of the Aryan race under the sands of the Gobi desert and what he actually finds in these remote places.< Less
Los chicos shokran By Jordi Mateo
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Moha un enano emprendedor, Jordi un viajero circunstancial, al que la curiosidad traiciona, Keita “el negro” y Moustafa, un hombre del lejano desierto, que se dedican a negocios turbios,... More > Khadija, la madre de Moustafa y punto de partida de toda esta historia, Zivago un doctor pijo, Romaisa una recepcionista y algo más, Pili, Mili y Maikita de nuevo, Lourdes la de Covadonga, su novio Ibrahim y un largo elenco de personajes , nos introducen en el misticismo de ese lugar. Ambientado en el lejano desierto, esta trama de aventura, intriga y negocios, nos adentra en un impresionante desenlace. Esta, es una historia de amistad sobre todo.< Less