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Seed of Change By Neil Van Heukelem
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A sheltered scientist travels to the Moon for her part in a plan to terraform Mars. On the way, danger and intrigue plague her at every turn as a secret plot unravels to steal her handiwork. A... More > formidible security officer takes charge of the situation, but many factors could lead to an unexpected outcome, even for this seasoned veteran.< Less
Sahara Adventures of Two Lone Motorcyclists By J. Lear
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Two lone motorcyclists attempt to cross the Sahara to raise money for a childrens charity
Sahara By Julian Gallo
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Short Story He had gone to Morocco only six years earlier as a tourist. He had met a friendly and unassuming man named Bilial and they had become good friends. Six years later, he is returning to... More > Morocco only this time he isn’t coming as a tourist. He has something else in mind - something that will put their friendship to the ultimate test.< Less
Modern Science Fiction As Transformational Myth And Ancient Symbols As Scientific Clues By Ian Beardsley
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Two Works In Cosmic Archaeology
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Un vaso di marmellata che contiene sabbia del Sahara è ciò che permette alla protagonista di lasciare tutto e di partire alla volta del deserto, spinta dal proprio bisogno interiore di... More > conoscenza. Il viaggio la porterà fino nel cuore del sahel, dove dominano il silenzio e la solitudine e dove la notte è così piena di stelle e così profonda da farle credere di essere sul bordo dell'infinito.< Less
AEONews #0001 By Klaudio Zic
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#Mali #war #AEONews War on Mali. Venus is the attack planet NIKH, while Mars represents the enemy.
AEONews #0002 By Klaudio Zic
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Further eonic predictions for the Mali conflict and the region. " The clash happens in Pisces with Eris and Cacus below in Cetus. " Detailed #AEONews maps; Venus in Hydra, Scutum and... More > Pegasus, Uranus in Cetus.< Less
Africa Adventures By Kyle Forinash
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From dodging army ants and Tuareg warriors to searching for ‘Finnish’ beer and National Geographic cover girls, this memoir taps a collection of letters and voice tapes to friends and... More > family written nearly 40 years ago in Africa. The author, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, West Africa, relives the excitement and frustration of learning a new culture. Comical and melancholic at the same time, the story chronicles the maturation process that happens to all of us when we leave school for ‘the real world’.< Less
Mirage - Images and Delusions By Oscar Luis Rigiroli
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Mirage is a short story that tells a love story in a violent environment. A French officer who obeys an uncertain chain of command in North Africa is ordered to report on the fate of a group of... More > refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing carried out by the Tuaregs in Mali. The expected relief from the world powers is diluted in a web of strategic and economic interests, leaving the refugees helpess. In this environment love, disappointment and rebellion are born.< Less
What is Next for Mali? The Roots of Conflict and Challenges to Stability (Enlarged Edition) By Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, Dona J. Stewart
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In March 2012, the government of Mali, one of the most touted symbols of Africa’s democratic potential, fell in a military-executed coup. At the same time, a 4-decades old rebellion among... More > Tuaregs seeking autonomy or independence reached new heights fueled by weapons from Libya and the belief that the Arab Spring could extend to northern Mali. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and their allies were quick to capitalize on the increasing chaos in a territory characterized by lack of government control and poverty and seized the major cities in the north. While French-led military intervention restored security to cities in the north, the underlying social, economic and political issues of the crisis remain.< Less