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Waking the Monkey!: Becoming the Hundredth Monkey By Claire Rae Randall
eBook (ePub): $2.97
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What is The Hundredth Monkey? Can we awaken it within ourselves? How do we move beyond a passive sense of victimhood and find the path which truly can lift us into a New Paradigm? Painted against... More > the canvas of the ground breaking Hundredth Monkey Camp event of 1995 this Vision Quest is the true story of a rite of passage through the Dark Night of the Soul to win self empowerment in the face of Opposition. This is the true story of how I found myself playing the various roles of outcast, scapegoat and trickster; a shamanic rite of passage which picked me up and tumbled me through an archetypal journey of self discovery. Walk with me as I face my Dark Night of the Soul, woven into the fabric of the camp event which included world healing and guided meditations, Talking Stick Circle, native American spiritual practices, cosmic channelling and more.< Less
The Sweetest Little Life By Courtney Hanson
Paperback: $17.95
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Do you know the path you’re on? Is it a clear, freshly paved cement road? Is it more of a dusty desert storm with tumble weeds blowing everywhere and smacking you in the face as you try to... More > walk? Either way, this book is for you. Finding your direction is crucial in creating your personal brand or small business. How do we know which way to run if we can’t even walk properly first? Do you know how you work best? How you thrive? By the end of this journey my goal is to have you feeling inspired, motivated, and excited to wake up each day and live the life you’ve always dreamed of creating for yourself. The questions that are hard to answer when your mind feels cluttered – were sweeping the storm.< Less
The Anthony Robbins Biography, Tony Robbins’ Secrets to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire By Gerry Nolan
eBook (PDF): $8.97
Anthony Robbins Life Story Biography ebook. Tony Robbin's Secrets to his Success eBook Reveals all. Anthony Robbins Divorce, Tonys Divorce uncovered. How did Tony Robbins "make it", what... More > is the secret to Anthony Robbins Success? You will learn how you can use the Amazing, Inspiring, "Secrets" to make Your Life a Success, modeling how the early Tony Robbins jumped from a "noboby" to an international rich millionaire with a successful life of love happiness, health, living his dream , when you buy this amazing eBook Tony Robbins Secrets to Success Anthony Robbins Life Story Today. Tony Robbins Success Secrets Life Story e-book will give you a behind the scenes look into Anthony Robbins amazing inspiring "Zero to Hero" & tumbles & falls & final success, which will inspire you to keep on keeping on.< Less
When Chaplin met Gandhi By James Kenworth
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It was the unlikeliest of encounters in the unlikeliest of places, but when Chaplin and Gandhi met in Canning Town, the men had more in common than they realised. They both knew cockney rhyming... More > slang, they had similar nicknames (Little Tramp and Little Leader), and they both stuck up for the underdog. This play tells the story of Gandhi’s remarkable 1931 visit to London, where he spent twelve weeks in the East End. While staying at Kingsley Hall, Gandhi met with local children, teaching the youngsters from the rough-and-tumble streets of East London his non-violent approach to the world. Charlie Chaplin, beloved across the world and in London at the time for the premier of his new film City Lights, requested to see Gandhi believing they had a special affinity for the poor and the working class.< Less
A Pirate's Revenge By Brandy Golden
Paperback: $25.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
Watching her father destroyed by pirates and her mother spirited away were the scenes that haunted Frankie Fontaine's troubled dreams. She vowed revenge on the pirate rogue Jacques LaSalle. With the... More > help of her twin sister and her Uncle Pierre, she sets out to find LaSalle and the black ship, The Nemesis. Driven almost to the brink of madness, Frankie finally encounters him in a Caribbean harbor. But little do the sisters know that seeking revenge will lead them to two ruthless "gentlemen turned pirates" who will tumble them head over heels in love and over their broad laps for a bit of well-deserved discipline. From the beautiful artwork of K. Manago on the pages, to its spicy content, this story is sure to become a favorite! For adults only. NOTE: The printed version page pictures are in black and white due to the printing cost for colored pages. The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by Lulu.Com. The actual book cover is attractive and clear.< Less
Ruby's New Coat By Jane Carling
Paperback: $9.53
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Ruby’s New Coat begins in London when, for one night only, Ruby Biggs forgets she is engaged to be married. A V2 rocket hits a London pub and Ruby’s life is turned upside down in more... More > ways than one, as she is tumbled into a doorway and dragged into the bowels of Selfridges by a mysterious and enigmatic stranger. Passion erupts and a connection is made. Her rescuer, Loukas, is from Crete and has to return, where he discovers terrible atrocities committed by both the Germans and the Cretans against each other. Meanwhile, Ruby is in trouble, even more so after her fiancé’s sister reveals a shocking secret. When her father returns from the war to discover his daughter has been “carrying on with a foreigner,” Ruby has no choice but to leave England. She throws caution to the wind and moves to Crete where she begins a new life. Combining fiction with historical fact, this romantic tale has twists and turns and heals scars spanning ten years of conflict.< Less
Unexpected Love By Daniel Blue
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Luke meets Ryno at the swimming pool on the research station in South Africa where he works. This handsome blonde man is just the most laidback bisexual that Luke had ever met and, as he came to... More > South Africa from Toronto to get away from a failed romance, Luke is keen to resist Ryno's abundant charms. However, one thing leads to another and they tumble into bed. Two days later Luke realizes that he is in love and he is astonished to find that Ryno feels the same way about him. As the two men plan how to be together it looks like fate is conspiring to keep them apart. Luke discovers that he would have to make a fresh application for a work permit before he can take up the new job he has been offered at the same lodge where Ryno will be working. Also, there are complications in that Ryno's brother, Kees, who happens to be Luke's work colleague, seems to have, as yet unreciprocated, feelings for Luke. Will the two men find a way to be together or will distance tear them apart? 8600 words long.< Less
Riverboats and Rainbows By Jewel Adams
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Historical Adult Romance Time Travel The renovated riverboat appears to be the perfect solution for her aunt's annual fundraiser. Angela La Cross' busy agenda didn't include falling into the boat's... More > hold. James McFarlain wanted his last trip up the Mississippi to be uneventful. The last thing he expected to see on the Silver Queen was a woman. Telling himself she was nothing but a mess of trouble didn't stop him from looking into her emerald eyes. Her trip back in time to 1875 became only a minor set back for Angie when compared to a good looking cowboy, cattle rustlers and one very determined Sioux warrior. Angela might survive her tumble through time, but can her heart decide between the love of two men? Can she find the answers before time runs out? Her journey is not an easy one when love keeps changing the rules. Join Angie in the adventure of a lifetime, one that will capture your heart!< Less
Autumn Leaves By Dawn Wilson
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Amy Stafford is a forty-five year old social worker, who thought she had found happiness in her second marriage to Scott, a successful attorney. To family and friends Amy seems to have it all; a... More > successful career, a beautiful home and a husband who is deeply in love with her; but things aren’t as they seem. After three years of marriage, Amy’s relationship is falling apart, a fact that her husband isn’t able to recognize. As much as Amy would like to leave Scott, she doesn’t have the courage to do it. As she resigns herself to the situation, a series of events happen to change her life. Just as she watches her life tumble down around her, a relationship from the past comes back into focus. As Amy finally begins to realize her one true chance at happiness, an unexpected surprise comes about, which may alter her plans for the future she dreamed of.< Less
The Series: The Chronicles of Life Season 1 By Ms. Phils
Paperback: $14.99
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Meet Runa: Bengali, Director of Programming at HBO in love with an African American. Meet Alex: African American, a former hustler who thought he made it out of the game. Meet Robert: Caucasian,... More > Part owner of RK Sports Management and all around hottie. Meet Natallia: Afro-Carribean, Naturalista, Educated and beautiful but in love with the enemy. Meet Keely: Japanese, street smart and savvy and planning her dream wedding. Meet Sheldon: African American, the Southern, gentleman who is trying to pave the way for his family. Not to mention Adelise, Jason, Lori & Tisha We can all admit there is a law of attraction in the universe that draws you closer to particular individuals; others more than some. These young adults are trying to plan their lives but their past is always one step ahead of them. Indulge in the journey as they tumble through life; Six degrees of separation is very real and you can’t move forward in life if you don't let go of the past.< Less

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