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Twinning By Richard Blake
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Twinning is a visual exploration of design through the lens of twins. Twinning is the thesis project of Richard Blake presented at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) 2014.
The Twins By Claire Duffy
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Two twins go on an amazing adventure, discovering a cure for Mondays and those creepy "friends of their mothers". Join them on the adventure of a lifetime in this short story!
Twins By Karen J
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When twins, born in different times and places, find each other in a dream, what are they willing to do and give up to stay together?
Twins By Shauna Marie O'Toole
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What if your twin was actually a homicidal maniac, and you were mistaken for him...
Twin By Joseph Puleo
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Carl is a world-renown computer scientist specializing in cyber forensics. When a corporation's computer network is hacked, he is called in to analyze and restore its network security, and track... More > down the hackers. Carl is one of the best in the business and well respected in the hacker community. On this day, after a successful mission, Carl is sitting in an airport lounge people watching, while waiting for his connecting flight. When there, less than 20 feet away, Carl sees himself walk by! The sight of his "twin" chills him to the bone. Carl, acutely aware that his own life has just been hacked, knows that he must find out what just happened. Without hesitation, Carl drops everything and pursues his twin. What he discovers is a world that in reality, could not exist. His journey takes him back to WWII, Nazis, and a soul-searching decision that will change his family forever.< Less
The Twins By Mike Sugen
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The Scandal of fake : beginning to fall By THE TWIN HORRORS
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The story about a man who ever walk past the most nightmares in his life for few years ago? But once day that he has to desire his mind to back to St. Louise, The place that start and End the bad... More > event again. The whole thing in his life has to back to the large deepest hole Of the murderer event by somebody that stay closer set the plan before he back. How could he can do….between the woman and friend there has a proviso if he choose One. He must lose one else too. That’s rule the world. for more information, please go to to read terms & conditions. and chapter 1 and more...< Less
The second Casanova's tale. By THE TWIN HORRORS
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Patrick handsome young man born to a rich family life in the Lords. Affluent wealth and land. Called Born Very promising everything. But I have to die just because her horse people in the suburbs.... More > Born less than his divinity opposites abyss. In spite of the fiancee waiting. But he came to know the locals. This is a story of revenge between man and woman. The authors guarantee. Now that your readers will never have met somewhere before. And the simplicity of his life gone out of it. The next story will be like. And then the final. After fighting with his fiancee has an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth with a tight diatribes. The story is just so intense. Traceable volumes inside it.< Less
Come Ride with Us 2012 By Twin Wranglers
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Come Ride With Us - the Twin Wranglers - Trail riding photos around the ranch in the northwest corner of Montana
The Cataclysmic Accounts from the Binary Institute By The Jackson Twins
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Catalogue for 'The Cataclysmic Accounts from the Binary Institute'. Includes a foreword by Rhonda Wilson, Creative Director of Rhubarb-Rhubarb, and notes from the artists, along with all photographic... More > images from this series.< Less

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