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The Wolf and the Lamb By Rosy Cole
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When Mary Cole, a butcher's daughter, caught the eye of Lord Berkeley, it was as flint to tinder. A forsworn bachelor, he was taken aback that she refused to be his mistress.Within weeks he'd brought... More > her family to bankruptcy. When, still, she eluded him, he plotted to abduct her. Aided by his corrupt chaplain, Hupsman, the Earl duped his 'shepherdess' with fake nuptials.Tumbling to the truth, Mary became passionately committed to gaining her eldest son's birthright. With an astonishing grasp of pastoral economy, she repaired the Berkeley fortunes while a succession of children compounded her plight.The scandalous activities of Mary's estranged sisters had to be curtailed at the highest level before a legal knot was eventually tied.Upon Hupsman's death, the Earl and Countess conspired to 'find' the registry of the 'first marriage'. The upshot was a sensational trial in the House of Lords whose repercussions were to shake the foundations of the Berkeley dynasty for ever and imperil Mary's life.< Less
Chiffon & Cigarettes By Veronique Aubé
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Chiffon & Cigarettes is a an account of a man's life as forthtold by a later author, in a gutwrenching tale of love, vice, sin, and truth. It is a philosophical guillotine that unleashes its... More > blade on all those who turn the pages. The story is in no way fictious, it is a living, breathing guilt trip here to taunt all those who dare to read it. Nothing short of brutal, it contains the purest of light for those who would look closely, and would tie into knots the stomachs of those who deceive themselves. Julien tells not only his story, but yours as well, and as you would be wise to heed his advice and watch your back. You sick dog. As he intended, here lies the truth in black and white. Here lies your faults and mine, the things you hide, and the things you never thought you would hear. This is what happens when you take the worst of humanity and give it a pulse. We are all guilty of something, and we are all sentenced to die.< Less
Explorers of the New World: Discover the Age of Exploration By Carla Mooney
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Explorers of the New World: Discover the Golden Age of Exploration offers a fascinating look at the explorers and their voyages during the Age of Exploration and Discovery. Readers ages... More > 9–12 can delve into the expeditions of Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, John Cabot, Hernán Cortés, and more. Using common household items and minimal supervision, kids enjoy 22 hands-on activities to help them learn about these legendary explorers and their voyages. Discover how the adventures of a few people 500 years ago changed world history. Projects include creating and using a compass, learning to tie a sailor’s knot, and baking and eating sea biscuits. Along with detailed, step-by-step instructions for each project, Explorers of the New World includes biographical sidebars, engaging illustrations, interesting facts, and vocabulary words that allow kids to experience this era in a fun, interactive way. Ages 9–12 Guided Reading Level: S< Less
Geez-A-Mighty By Lynn Wallace
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"Geez-A-Mighty" is the first book by author and conference speaker, Lynn Wallace. Lynn is the Vice President of Danny Wallace Ministries, an international Christian ministry based in... More > Atlanta, GA. This book is the telling of Lynn and Danny's incredible life together. Danny shared his perspective in his award winning book, "MASKquerade," and "Geez-A-Mighty" offers Lynn's perspective on many of the same details, while taking us all on a journey of love, hope, and commitment that only this amazing lady can tell. This book will inspire you to tie a knot in your rope and hang on, long after most people would let go and give up. Lynn Wallace is first, and foremost, a devoted wife, beloved mother, and adored grandmother. She has survived, forgiven, and conquered things that most women never would. This grand lady is a beacon of hope, and a true Ambassador of Grace. A MUST READ for any reader who is longing for peace in middle of the storm!< Less
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REFLECTIONS: A guide for the sentimentally perplexed By Will Foreman
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Many of the difficulties we have in our personal relationships, both intimate and with our family and workmates stem from an inability to understand how we ourselves function and our resistance to... More > how our partner or friends reflect our personality back at us. Most of the time we would much prefer to ignore what they make us see and continue to blame them for our own deficiencies. Our lack of real identity forces us into seeking external gratifications of all sorts to palliate our own flaws, but is it really so difficult to find out who you really are? In Reflections, the aim is to discover how we can avoid the traps that our false beliefs may lead us into, those crazy notions picked up during our lives that tie us into emotional and sentimental knots. Through easily-digested references to anthropology, mythology, motorcycles and buying shoes, the book will lead you through the minefields of 20th century psychoanalysis and the excesses of Eastern mysticism.< Less
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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60