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Dipeptidyl-peptidase IV (DPP-IV) plays a great role in the scientific, pharmaceutical, and medical research. Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (CD26; E.C. is plasma membrane glycoprotein exopeptidase... More > that belongs to the prolyl oligopeptidase family.< Less
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Many of the risk factors that increase the likelihood of Type II Diabetes Mellitus can change the epigenetic pattern in liver, adipose tissue and skeletal muscle by varying gene expression and... More > metabolism in such tissues. Obesity contributes to the establishment of low-grade inflammation and insulin resistance states.< Less
Diabetic Breakfast Recipes By Jenny Brown
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Diabetic Breakfast Recipes Breakfast in my opinion is very important and I have proven it for myself. If I have a low carbohydrate low saturated fat and low sugar breakfast my glucose does so very... More > much better and I have less chance of experiencing elevated glucose readings and have consistent great readings. I just want a little information and week by week I am learning what I need to know to improve my health as a type II diabetic. A little general information needs to be put into the picture at this point. There are some general concepts that we keep in mind with all of our recipes if we are diabetic. The latest information that I have seen pretty much indicates that we need to limit our carbohydrate intake. We need recipes for our breakfast to start our day. We diabetic breakfast recipes. Breakfast as a diabetic I have found to be the most important part that I and my friends were missing I hope and trust that these Diabetic Breakfast Recipes will be found to be very helpful in your healthy living.< Less
Diabetes Reversal - Best Tips and Advice to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Prevent Insulin Resistance, a Healthy Way to Change the Course of Your Life Naturally. By Kristy Clark
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Diabetes Reversal: Type 2 Diabetic Tips to Prevent Insulin Resistance. The bad news? Diabetes. The good news? Type II diabetes is reversible… and DIABETES REVERSAL provides the simple... More > three step solution to being free of this limiting disease. So take heart--this is the hope that every reader with Type II diabetes can hold on to with confidence. Is it easy? You decide. But once you read DIABETES REVERSAL, you’ll have a new perspective on Type II diabetes and a tried and proven game plan to erase it from your life. Get your copy today and start your journey to radical, unlimited health! Take action today and download this book now! Don't miss this great opportunity!< Less
51 Delicious Juice Recipes for Diabetics: Naturally Control and Treat Your Diabetes Condition Through Vitamin Filled Organic Ingredients By Joe Correa CSN
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Diabetes is one of the leading diseases in tthe modern world and preventing it is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. However, if you already have diabetes, it's not the end of the... More > world, but it should be treated properly and kept under control. Probably the biggest risk of diabetes is not the disease itself, but the complications that come with it. This especially goes for Type II diabetes. People know they're sick only when they feel these complications and that's exactly why its important to always keep the sugar levels in your blood in check. The most common complications are hypoglycemia (glucose deficiency in the bloodstream) and hyperglycemia (an excess of glucose in the bloodstream). Both conditions are extremely dangerous and if not treated, can develop into ketoacidosis or hyperosmolar syndrome.< Less
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Un grand nombre des facteurs de risque qui augmentent la probabilité de développer Diabète Type II peut modifier le motif épigénétique dans le foie, le tissu... More > adipeux et le muscle squelettique, variant l'expression des gènes du métabolisme dans ces tissus. En outre, dans les îlots de Langerhans des patients atteints de diabète de type II, ils ont trouvé des gènes présentant une méthylation aberrant. Tout cela met en évidence l'importance des mécanismes épigénétiques dans la pathogenèse du diabète de type II.< Less
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Modified Jade-Liquid Herbal Formula for Diabetes (Effective Traditional Chinese Herbal Formula Series) By (Editor)
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This herbal formula is effective for a common pattern of diabetes. It is modified from a formula designed by a famous doctor, Dr. Xichun Zhang. This formula was used on a 59 year-old male diabetic... More > patient who had three years of diabetes history and took many types of Western drugs without good effects. His symptoms showed improvement after taking 5 dosages of the decoction. After taking the decoction for 56 dosages, the patient recovered completely with normal diet and healthy complexion. The formula contains herbs for lowering blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity. Explanation of the formula according to Chinese medicine theories, and scientific studies of the herbs are also included.< Less
Nanoswarm - Invasion from Inner Space By Richard Buday & Mary Ann Pendino
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Life in the year 2030 was almost perfect. War, crime, hunger and pollution were history. Just as scientists were on the verge of curing disease, people all over the world started getting sick, and no... More > one knew why. Nanoswarm is based on an action-packed video game that takes tweens on a journey of self-discovery to save a friend — and themselves. Obesity has become one of the leading causes of death, worldwide. The Nanoswarm book and video game are designed as unique approaches to promoting healthy diet and exercise behavior. The project was funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). See the video trailer at:< Less
Check Blood Sugar Three Times Daily By Trey Stephens
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If you don’t know there is a problem how can you fix it? Checking blood sugar for a diabetic is mandatory. This applies to Type I and Type II diabetics. I check my blood sugar at least 8... More > times per day. I do this to allow me to closely monitor my blood sugar level. As a disciplined diabetic, I run the risk of low blood sugar episodes more frequently than a normal diabetic. By checking this often, I am constantly able to calculate the level of insulin and food intake needed for the upcoming events of my day. Stress from work or life as an adult diabetic causes my blood sugar to drop. However, low blood sugar is only a short term hazard of diabetes. The real culprit of diabetes and blood sugar is elevated blood sugar for extended periods of time.< Less