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Rudi's U-Boat By Jack Gill
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Rudi’s U-Boat tells the epic tale of Rudi Kurt, a 12 year old German boy orphaned at the outbreak of the 2nd World War, who is smuggled out of Germany in a U-Boat along with untold wealth in... More > the form of confiscated jewellery and art work in the closing days of the war as the Gestapo realise that they need to retreat. The U-Boat is stored in a secret base off the Transkei Coast so that it can be retrieved by Hitler and the Gestapo when they re-group but the war ends, Hitler is dead and for over half a century the U-Boat and its treasure remains hidden in the secret base … until, Rudi, in a bid to get his younger friend John over the death of his wife, puts together a group of very special people and sets about finding the hidden cave and its contents.< Less
The Diary of a U-boat Commander By Neal Stevens, Sir Stephen King-Hall
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"For forty-seven hours we have been hunted like a rat, and now, with the pressure hull leaking in three places, and the boat half full of chlorine, we are struggling back on the surface,... More > practically incapable of diving at least for more than ten minutes at a time. Even on the surface, with all the fans working, one must wear a gas mask to penetrate the fore compartment. Oh! these English, what devils they are! " The diary of a World War One U-Boat commander gives a fascinating glimpse of life on the German U-boats during the intense submarine blockade. Full of technical details and combat info. We read too of the intimate thoughts and intense love of a man longing for his sweetheart, a woman he cannot hope to win, but cannot live without. Authentic military fiction. This is a public domain story and can be downloaded free on the web. The book has some illustrations and is made for people who would like a nice print bound copy. The proceeds support Subsim.< Less
Diary of a U-Boat Commander By Stephen King-Hall
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The M.S. of this amazing diary of a German U-Boat Commander has fallen into our hands under somewhat unusual and mysterious circumstances, the name of the writer being withheld for reasons which will... More > be readily apparent to all who read his astounding experiences. It is, however, a story so thrilling and sensational that we have no hesitation in offering it as it stands to the public, kept so long in ignorance by the necessary evil of a rigid censorship. A particularly human and intriguing touch is given to the book by the Author's very frank account of his mad infatuation for a beautiful girl of his own country who was inextricably involved in his incredible exploits and adventures on the high seas.< Less
The Diary of a U-boat Commander (Illustrated) By Sir Stephen King-Hall
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The diary of a World War One U-Boat commander. As well as being a fascinating glimpse of life on the German U-boats during the intense submarine blockade, this also reminds us there were humans... More > involved - on both sides of the action - as we read too of the intimate thoughts and intense love of a man longing for his sweetheart.< Less
The Battle Against the U-Boat in the American Theater By A. Timothy Warnock
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This booklet is one of a series tracing selected Army Air Forces activities in the Second World War. It describes the Army Air Forces' contribution to the Battle of the Atlantic from the American... More > Theater. Flying radar-equipped long-range patrol planes, AAF airmen demonstrated the value of land-based airpower against naval threats. 32 pages, 10 B&W photos, 6 drawings, 5 maps.< Less
World War 2 U-Boat By Ronald Ledwell
eBook (ePub): $3.99
U-Boat the Happy Times: Shortly after America’s entry into World War 2, German U-Boats were roaming almost at their leisure up and down the East Coast sinking ships, just about entirely... More > unopposed. The Pacific War was drawing all of the assets of the US Navy and none could be spared for the Atlantic at this crucial time. Hitler’s U-Boats ravaged American shipping, eagerly targeting freighters and oilers and other transports against a background of a well illuminated East Coast shoreline. No wonder the Germans called these days “The Happy Times.”< Less
World War One U-boat Killers By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $9.22
An Illustrated World War I sub-hunting mission in the North Sea related by the the rNAS crew that flew the highly dangerous missions,
The Girl on the Boat By Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Girl on the Boat is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse. First appeared as a serial under the title Three Men and a Maid, from October to December 1921. It was first published as a book in the U.S. in... More > 1922 by George H. Doran, NY, and as The Girl on the Boat in the UK by Herbert Jenkins, London, on June 15, 1922. The maid of the title is red-haired, dog-loving Wilhelmina "Billie" Bennet, and the three men are Bream Mortimer, a long-time friend and admirer of Billie, Eustace Hignett, a lily-livered poet who is engaged to Billie at the opening of the tale, and Sam Marlowe, Eustace's dashing cousin, who falls for Billie at first sight. All four find themselves on an ocean liner headed for England together, along with a capable young woman called Jane Hubbard who is smitten with Eustace, and typically Wodehousian romantic shenanigans ensue. Pelham Wodehouse (1881–1975) was an English humorist, whose body of work includes novels, short stories, plays, poems, song lyrics, and numerous pieces of journalism.< Less
U-Boat Tipo XXI By Alessandro Colace
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La nuova edizione di questo testo che narra le vicende storiche e il contenuto tecnologico di un rivoluzionario mezzo che non ebbe parte attiva in guerre ma che la ebbe nello sviluppo di un reale... More > sommergibile, ossia un battello in grado di svolgere la sua attivita per la stragrande maggioranza del tempo in immersione . La nuova edizione puo vantare un incremento dei contenuti del 30% superiore alla vecchia nonche un maggiore apparato iconografico e una ancora piu approfondita ricerca storiografica.< Less
U-boat Wars Volume 1: World War 2 Album By Richard Baughman, Dennis McLelland
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Merriam Press World War 2 Album No. 27. First Edition, 2016. A collection of photographs taken by esteemed U-boat Captain, Herbert Werner, one of a handful of U-boat commanders to survive World War... More > II, and whose memoir, "Iron Coffins," is a classic. This fascinating collection of impromptu photographs has been, for the most part, unseen by the general public. It is important to reflect upon how difficult, and often horrific, life was on a U-boat. The crews of each U-boat fully understood that there was the very real possibility of forever being entombed in their “iron coffins,” if an enemy’s cannon, bomb, or depth charge, found its mark. The U-boat war was fast becoming, as Werner stated, “one long funeral procession for us.” 105 photos and illustrations.< Less