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We Are Glass By u.v. ray
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Over the last 20 years u.v. ray's fiction, poetry & articles have appeared in magazines and anthologies around the globe. u.v. ray's acerbic work refuses to fit the conventions of even outsider... More > literature. The seventeen new short stories in 'We Are Glass' explore fuck-ups, sleaze, booze, sex and drugs... but all are also infused with u.v. ray's uniquely venomous philosophising. Richard Godwin ('Apostle Rising') introduces 'We Are Glass', recognising that "You are about to read a man of letters in the truest sense of the word. The things you thought were true may never have been so. Writing exists at the edge of the world as we know it... u.v. ray's voice is undeniable, and a gratifying antidote to the tastelessness that masquerades as Art."< Less
Spiral Out By u.v. ray
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“No one loves anyone else just for who they are. In the end we simply choose to acquaint ourselves with people who make us feel better in some way, someone who fills a void within us. We are... More > all trapped within the shell of ourselves. That’s how it is, and I don’t care if anyone else disagrees with me because that simply indicates that they are wrong and I am right. It’s all about voids. Voids in the universe. Voids within ourselves.” Mark Karzoso has spent his life distancing himself from humanity. Drugs, booze, cynicism and venom guide his world view. He’s become unashamedly selfish, misogynistic and hostile. But can anyone’s ego survive the wrong woman and a savage killing? u.v. ray's caustic novella "Spiral Out" explores the depths of humanity against a 1980s' British backdrop of crime, drugs and women. It will appeal to fans of Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, Hubert Selby Jr. and Eddie Little.< Less
Savage Kick #6 By Dan Fante et al.
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The sixth issue of THE SAVAGE KICK features another line-up of ballsy and - at times - shocking tales from some of the leading writers in the crime and confessional genres. Headed by an exclusive... More > excerpt from Dan Fante's 2013 release POINT DOOM, SK#6 features exclusive interviews with both Fante and Debbie Drechsler. At over 200 pages, SK#6 delivers a jolt to the gut, never shying away from dark themes in twelve punchy tales that'll stick in your memory.< Less
World War 2 Journal Number 4 By Ray Merriam
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Merriam Press World War 2 Journal Number 4. First Edition (2014). Twelve articles covering a wide range of topics on World War II: 1. U.S. Medium Tank M4 Variants. 2. Malta: Mediterranean Bastion. 3.... More > Carl V. Sheridan: Medal of Honor Recipient. 4. Interrogation of Captain Kyuzo Tamura, IJN and Commander Binzo Sugita, IJN: Allied Offensive Mining Campaign. 5. “Hammy” Gray: Fighter Pilot, Victoria Cross (RCAF). 6. The First to Be Freed: British Military Administration in Eritrea and Somalia, 1941-1943. 7. Crossing the Rhine: The 5th Division at Oppenheim. 8. A Letter For British Boys and Girls in the United States. 9. Interview with General Adolf Heusinger (German Army). 10. The Search for Hitler’s Retreat: One Historian’s Observations. 11. General Alexander M. Patch: From the South Pacific to the Brenner Pass. 12. A Brief History of Guided Missiles in World War II. 16 images. 2 maps.< Less
One Crazy Day By Jeffrey Frye
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"She turned around and smiled and said, ‘I didn’t see you standing there. I'm sorry.’ I dropped my voice an octave to put some bass in it and said, ‘Not half as sorry as... More > you're getting ready to be because I need you to put your hands flat on the counter and not make any sudden movements...and I need you to remain calm and breathe. Do you understand what's going on here?’ "As I said this I arched my left eyebrow and gave her what I call, ‘The Bank Robber Big-Eye.’" After his arrest that followed a lengthy manhunt in 2009, Jeffrey Frye was termed a "serial bank robber" by authorities. He is now serving a 20 year prison sentence. 'One Crazy Day' takes us through a standard day in the life of your favourite felon, as he juggles his drug addiction, a money grabbing girlfriend and - of course - one of his seven bank robberies. 'One Crazy Day' is limited to 200 copies... grab your own slice of the Bank Blogger's life while you still can.< Less
The Devil's Diary 16 By Draconis Blackthorne
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The poetry issue features interviews with Reverend U.V. Ray, Warlock Sonny Bellavance, Satanic Serenades, a poetic horror anthology The Legend of Devil Lake, with essays on Time Travel, technology,... More > science, and Cereal Killers! plus multimedia reviews in the Noctuarium section, The Devil's Web, & more!< Less