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Monsters of Uncertainty By Justin Woodside
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This book looks at some of the chief doubts that many Christians face. How does God speak to me? How can I be certain of salvation? Am I living a life pleasing to God?
The Uncertainty of Vunerability By Collette Butryn
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A collection of poetry all about what life hands us: love, insecurities, anxieties, and finding what is in ones heart.
Place of Uncertainty By Tom Hibbard
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Tom Hibbard has recently enjoyed getting much of his literary work published on and off-line. Poems, reviews, essays and translations can be found at Jacket, Big Bridge, Word For /Word, Moria, Milk,... More > Fish Drum, Cricket, Eratio, Otoliths and elsewhere. An essay on “Linear/Nonlinear” was published in the 2007 issue of Big Bridge. Also in 2007 Bronze Skull published a prose poem titled Critique of North American Space. Hibbard lives in Wisconsin, U.S.A., where he devotes his spare time to growing pumpkins.< Less
The Uncertainty Principle: A Philosophical Perspective By Harish Damodaran
eBook (PDF): $4.00
New Scientists talk the language of Indian Philosophers, especially, Vedantins. This is an attempt to introduce the vedantic implications of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.
The Holy Gospel of Uncertainty By Pedro A. Sandín-Fremaint
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Jewish theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote: “The worship of reason is arrogance and betrays a lack of intelligence. The rejection of reason is cowardice and betrays a lack of faith.”... More > In this collection of homilies, Pedro A. Sandín-Fremaint treads the movable, often zig-zagging line between reason and faith, between faith and doubt, concluding that, before the inscrutable mystery of the holy, there is virtue in uncertainty. He writes: "I have learned to value uncertainty and unknowing as holy ground on which I can only kneel and take-off my shoes. To quote the great poet Mary Oliver, I have found this to be the ground where there is never proof, 'but neither is there any way toward disbelief.'”< Less
An Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty By B D Hall & D R White
Paperback: $4.68
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This introduction to measurement uncertainty is intended for metrology professionals working in calibration laboratories and metrology institutes, as well as students in tertiary-level science and... More > engineering programmes. The subject matter is presented with an emphasis on developing models of the physical measurement process. The level of mathematics and statistics used is basic and is typically covered by high school studies.< Less
The Uncertainty Principle in Paraconsistent Logic By Daniel Deleanu
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A metaphilosophical approach to paraconsistent logic in uncertainty.
Nano-Uncertainty By Gary Durbin
Hardcover: $29.99
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Software supergeek James Forrest becomes unexpectedly embroiled in a murder and the murderer when he is hired to investigate the software at Distributed Nanotech Inc. James tells Susanne Anderson,... More > DNI's CEO, that her murdered Chief Scientist copied his code from an artificial intelligence project; this makes her life even more complex. While James struggles to understand the software, they become murder suspects. Recent statements by Stephen Hawking and Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, about the possible dangers of artificial intelligence have raised public concern. Readers will find Nano-Uncertainty accessible, thrilling, and disquieting.< Less
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On a certain practical uncertainty By Federico Federici
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To most human beings on Earth, the difference between Newton’s theory and Einstein’s is so infinitesimal that can only be expressed in scientific terms. In this long poem, Einstein's... More > Relativity and other topics of modern Physics are addressed from an entirely new poetical perspective, accompanied by visual poetry and asemic tables.< Less

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