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The Future of the Arab Gulf Monarchies in the Age of Uncertainties (Enlarged Edition) By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
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Seismic cultural and political shifts are under way in the Arab Gulf monarchies. The political upheavals and transitions that have swept through the Arab world over the last 2 years have not toppled... More > the Arab Gulf rulers, but did not leave them untouched, either. Rulers of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states face heightened internal and external challenges and uncertainties. Pro-democracy protests and calls are extending from Bahrain to other oil-rich countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The expectations of GCC citizens, particularly the educated youth, are increasingly moving from socio-economic demands to political ones. They are now not only asking for jobs or wage increases, but also for more political participation and accountability. Chief among internal challenges is the resurgence in several GCC countries, particularly Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, of a decades-long sectarian rift between the Sunni regimes and their Shia subjects.< Less
My Date With Depression: From Mental Uncertainty to Self-fulfillment By Kwame MA McPherson
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In 2006, I journeyed through the darkest days of my life. No idea how I got there, what I was going through or how to get out of it whilst being in it. I’d no idea how to acknowledge my... More > emotional, physical, mental or spiritual failing state.  I couldn’t shout or scream for help or communicate from the place I was in since I was never taught how to do so. Naturally, the manifestation became evident in how I treated myself and others, doing things I wouldn’t normally do or consider doing at any other time. My entire character altered from who I was to who I never thought I could be, yet, it was during that time I grew mentally, emotionally and spiritually, coming to understand, accept and embrace a time which was vital in my life journey and way to BEING. MY DATE WITH DEPRESSION: From Mental Uncertainty to Self-fulfilment maps a challenging time, one which I wish to share with others - mainly men - who are facing or have faced their own challenges. It’s my hope that my journey empowers you too.< Less
Financial Modern Applications and Uncertainty Models based on Artificial Intelligemce By Alberto Ochoa et al.
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The book abord this problems ecnomics of mexico and us. This papper are products of studens of undergradue schools.
The Ludic Uncertainty of the World and Its Word: A Philosophical Investigation of Nichita Stanescu’s Poetry By Daniel Deleanu
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A logosophistic examination of the poetry written by one of the greatest poets of the 20th century.
“ Effect on Strength of Involute Spur Gear Tooth by considering Uncertainties in Geometry and Material Properties by using Finite Element Methods ” By Chandrakant Pawar et al.
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Analysis of spur gear tooth is carrid by considering uncertainties in material and geometric parameters.
Thomas Ligotti and the Cioranian Uncertainty of the Real: A Logosophistic Exploration of His Fictional Wor(l)ds By Daniel Deleanu
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A meta-philosophical approach to the philosophical fiction of one of the greatest writers in the English language.
Sonja Gerdes - Pie of Trouble. Let's Hang. Air for Free. Uncertainty. Absurdity. You look at it but it doesn't exist. Anahata. Vishuda rising. Unpredictability. By Jean Milant
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Exhibition catalog for Pie of Trouble. Let's Hang. Air for Free. Uncertainty. Absurdity. You look at it but it doesn't exist. Anahata. Vishuda rising. Unpredictability. The catalog highlights Sonja... More > Gerdes first solo show with Cirrus Gallery. Gerdes presents sculpture, video, photography and writings that not only probe our disdainful relationship to the environment, but consider the convergence of technology and organic life, and the malleable, amorphous mind as a means to create and embark upon a utopian future.< Less
Solace By Edwin Chow
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An anthology of poetry and short stories on self topics such as uncertainty and regret.
Breaking the Law of Averages: Real-Life Probability and Statistics in Plain English By William M. Briggs
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Quantifying Real-Life Uncertainty Statistics has traditionally been taught decade after decade in a fashion that is long outdated. This book presents a brand new way of understanding probability and... More > statistics at the introductory level. The approach taken does not require mindless memorization. There is very little math. This book takes busy work out of standard statistics and puts insight back in. The book web site is William M Briggs has a Ph.D. in mathematical statistics from Cornell University, and is now a statistician at New York Methodist Hospital and consultant in New York City. He has long been interested in the math, philosophy, probability, and statistics of how well people make predictions and understand uncertainty. He works mainly in medicine, meteorology, climatology, and in any area in which people are willing to pay him. He has concluded that too many people are too certain about too many things.< Less
teatime with nathaniel and one of all we have left By jesse brookstein
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A wedding gift from Jesse to his friends Taylor and Danielle, "Teatime With Nathaniel" is a tribute to the fundamental balance of love - and the understanding of how fragile and... More > temperamental our existence can be. In its second volume, "teatime" is accompanied by a collection of ten new poems entitled "one of all we have left," which too addresses the enlightenment and dark depths of one's relationship with their inner-self and those they love.< Less

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