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unemployANT By Steven Prince
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Times are tough all around. Even ants, nature's hardest workers, aren't immune to recession. Eddie Antley just got laid off from his carpentry job and has joined the ranks of the unemployed. He finds... More > out fast that looking for a new job isn't easy - it's hard work! Despite the overwhelming odds against him, Eddie perseveres. He never gives up because if he does he'll never be anything more than unemployANT.< Less
Unemployed By Artavius Wilson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Two hilarious college drop-outs find themselves unemployed until they land jobs at a prison, and get mixed up in a murder of a inmate. A conspiracy by the CIA sends them on the run across states... More > while they try to stay alive and prove their innocence. Their antics keep you laughing hard and brings constant action to your eyes. This story has thrill, comedy, and love wrapped in one.< Less
International Unemployment Bank By powerless unemployed & Petrus Tan
eBook (PDF): $1.22
I am Petrus.I have come to sent you a message. I have devise a plan, International Unemployment Bank, to help and save people. Believe in me and believe in God. Only if you believe in me that your... More > world will transform into one for you and everyone. International Unemployment Bank will offer help to the unemployed. Lend a helping hand to the unemployed now. Introduce this book to your family, friends or anyone you know to help the unemployed. You can also help to support International Unemployment Bank by buying this book. International Unemployment Bank is a combination of a bank operation and a charity operation to help the unemployed which requires the government approval. It is a safety net for everyone. It is also a stimulus to the unemployed, the poor and powerless, not the usual stimulus to the rich businesses, powerful and the rich. Yet it benefit everyone. To find out more read this book. May God bless us all< Less
Unemployed & Overqualified By Richard Sutter
eBook (PDF): $12.50
We are truly living in some very scary and challenging times. So, I have written a book, "Unemployed & Overqualified"' that will help those who are caught in the situation, possibly for... More > the first time. Don't get caught unemployed trying to find a job in a jobless economy! I've discovered that the hardest work in the world is being out of work. . .< Less
The Hero and the Unemployment By Sara Ahmad
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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When I wore my graduation costume, I felt like I was a king at a coronation ceremony. I owned the world and everything in it. The suffering of years of study faded with every step I took to receive... More > my certificate. When I received my graduation certificate, I saw all of my dreams come true with the crowd cheering. But after the loud, wonderful concert ended, everything was over. There was no longer any reason for me to wake up to go to the university or my job that had not come yet. I was in absolute emptiness; hence, I felt shock and bewilderment at the same time... Where am I now? I could not accept the fact that I was unemployed or looking for a job! I did not know how I would get past this stage. Meet Sultan and live his wonderful adventures and see how he strives hard to get out of this stage. I wish you pleasant reading.< Less
The Unemployed Dad - Surviving the Odds By Kuputla David Tsoeleng
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The book “The Unemployed Dad” has been inspired by the South African professionals who are unemployed and looking for employment but still not succeeding. This book provides the general... More > daily difficulties of the unemployed men especially young men who have families to support. This book is an attempt to make the principle of being unemployed in life simple by using characters to show how life is like in families where a dad has to work but it is difficult for him to get a job. I sincerely hope that these insights will be of service to you.< Less
White Paper : Unemployment Insurance By Shubhadha Iyer
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This Paper - originally prepared in 2002 - proposed a mid-tier Insurance product in the category of "Career Insurance" -- primarily aimed at providing Career resources for people facing... More > between-job situations and other career contingencies.< Less
White Paper : Unemployment Insurance By Shubhadha Iyer
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This Paper - originally prepared in 2002 - proposed a mid-tier Insurance product in the category of "Career Insurance" -- primarily aimed at providing Career resources for people facing... More > between-job situations and other career contingencies.< Less
The Diary Of An Unemployed Gentleman By Elias Sassoon
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What do we have? Nonfiction? Fiction? Philosophy? Who cares! We do have a man of the 20th and 21st centuries attempting to jot down his daily thoughts. We have a mental diary, or, the diary of... More > somebody who is mental; here, here thoughts of the mental (case), rather than thoughts of the actions of the mental (case). It’s a diary of a neurotic, and the neurotic is one precisely because he’s not a man of action, not a person of physicality, just one whose main exercise is conjecture, speculation, and obsessive questioning. He, I, is a sportsman of his own mind. Writing about the mental grind of being unemployed in an employed world. The job, having it, a must. The means of earning the paycheck; the means of socialization in group rituals. Unemployed and presently stuck in the suburbs existing beyond time – deserted streets, distant shopping malls, emptied homes. The individual isolated and growing out of touch and out of his mind; the mind retreating into the distant past and future.< Less
Unemployed to Extremely Successful By Chris Deaver
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Unemployment and stress go hand in hand. And, for those who are jobless, the prospect of achieving full potential may seem like an impossible dream. It's not--especially for the world's best... More > mentors. And Christopher Deaver has interviewed them across industries, countries, and cultures. And what did he find? Resilience. Aspiration. Creativity. Focus. Acumen. Connection. Inspiration. These are the patterns that drive Extreme Success. How do you achieve full potential when times are tough and you’re out of work? Follow the seven day Unemployed to Extremely Successful program and the powerful lessons in human progress. Each chapter in the book is loaded with action items for achieving meaningful, revolutionary career and life changes. Through this program, no matter where anyone is, they are uniquely positioned to join the ranks of the elite performers of the world and become Extremely Successful!< Less

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