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Expect The Unexpected By Abhi Jeffdon
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The End Game is a collection of short stories; stories based on games; games that twist and turn; games that people play; games that are played on people; games of passion; games of love; games of... More > lust; games of one-up-man ship; The players range from a minor girl who wants to make love in the middle of the night to an Australian hooker who is media crazy. In this games melee, who wins and who loses is anybody’s guess. In the end, the end game is what matters! Isn’t it?< Less
Unexpected Opportunities By Jon R. W. Thomas
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Sometimes "Togetherness" transcends dying - Talent appears when least expected while people quietly struggle with their lives. This story is about a group of young women who were brought... More > together unexpectedly and given the opportunity to perform. What begins as training ends up as "life-transforming".< Less
Unexpected Opportunities By Jon R. W. Thomas
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Sometimes "Togetherness" transcends dying - Talent appears when least expected while people quietly struggle with their lives. This story is about a group of young women who were brought... More > together unexpectedly and given the opportunity to perform. What begins as training ends up as "life-transforming". Published by Miravenar< Less
So Unexpected By Kem M. F. Garrison
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Daley Harding thought she had it all planned out, including living her life completely free from love. She soon discovers ‘simple’ is only a dream when Aaron Sterling walks into her... More > world. Desperate to win her over, he engages in a plan to be a part of her life but he soon learns that she does not trust easily and is not willing to open her heart. After more than a few years of separation, feeling that their love for one another is more than they both expected, Daley and Aaron find a way to make love work and bring their worlds together. But could it all come to an end when Daley stumbles upon a heart wrenching secret that Aaron has been keeping from her?< Less
Unexpected Gifts By Ariana Gaynor
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Sarah Wilson moves to Montana into what used to be the family vacation home. The memories of her late husband and the heartache of losing him along with their son’s affections visit her on a... More > daily basis. Thankfully, she also remembers fun family skiing trips she went on as a teen with her parents and one special friend. Frank Taylor had never forgotten his best friend Alan’s younger sister. Leaving for college had ended any thought of a relationship when he lost contact with her. No other woman ever measured up to the standards he’d set because of her. He’s in for a surprise when he finds himself stranded in a blizzard and seeks shelter in the nearest home. Will the Christmas season bring Sarah another great love and help her regain the love of her child? [Contemporary Romance (rated PG) released by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. in ebook and print]< Less
Unexpectedly Vacant By Michæl Maxwell Steer
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30' opera for two singers, written & composed by Michael Maxwell Steer. A young woman is shown round a one-room flat by a letting agent. We learn she's a photographer who is trying to fund a... More > photography project about deserts. She agrees to take it and he leaves. She then phones a friend while boiling a kettle. Looking for somewhere to put the teabag she discovers wads of banknotes in the wastebin. She is horrified & excited in equal measure. At first she doesnt know what to do & searches for traces of the previous tenant. But finding almost nothing she slowly realises it's enough to fund her project, and is trying to work out if she could get away with it - when there's a shot & the lightbulb above her head shatters. Terrified, in the darkness she grabs her belongings & exits - but we don't see whether she's taken the money or replaced it. The opera ends with the letting agent showing someonelse round in identical language. We never know whether she put the money back or took it.< Less
Unexpected Turn By Brianna Galvez
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This is a story about a young teenage 8th grade middle schooler named Josephine Rodriguez. Josephine recently moved with her mother and brother into another home in Texas, south Austin, because of a... More > job offering to her mother. Her family moves into the new house which now she has to go to a middle school she went to in 6th grade. While attending her old middle school, Josephine meets a girl named Mercy through her old friend, Elena. Mercy is not such a good influence on anyone her age. Mercy is into Weed, alcohol, and getting in trouble. As for Josephine, she is a smart, young girl who doesn't mess with any drugs or alcohol. Josephine and Mercy end up talking and became closer and closer. Josephine's life takes a turn down a wrong road one night which will change her entire life after she's turned her into a whole new person. With the help of friends and family, will Josephine be able to clear her past and start new? Read along and find out if Josephine did the right thing to get her self back together.< Less
The Adventurous Suitcase: Unexpected Destination By Elaine Merces
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Theo ended up in Greece by mistake, but he decided to take the cultural journey anyway and experience the beauty of the country’s nature and richness of its history. Theo visited The Acropolis... More > and scenic town of Santorini. He learned about Greek customs and made a lot of friends in this land of democracy.< Less
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Unexpected: Four Historical Romances By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Out of Sight: A Victorian Romance Set In England - A poor woman who works in a garment factory starts to go blind from the chemicals used there. As she stumbles towards her meager flat someone tries... More > to rob her and it’s only when a guardian angel steps in that she’s saved. Out For Adventure In London, But Kidnapped To New Orleans - An upper class woman out for a night of adventure in London, is kidnapped. Alice’s Many Children: A woman with many children heads west to become the mail ordered bride of a Christian man, who will be unprepared for just how many she has. Taking Beth West On Her Last Journey – A Christian man tries to fulfill a woman’s dying wish to see California. This is a beautiful love story with a poignant ending.< Less