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Unhappy Marriage By Freedom Isaac
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Unhappy Marriage: is a marriage story full of Pressure, Misunderstanding, Impatient, Jealousy, Lost, Ignorance, Selfishness and Greed. A Man refused to marry the Woman his mother wanted him to... More > marry. so, he decided to marry the Woman he loves so much but unfortunately, the Woman was unable to conceived. that was the beginning of hatreds. He hates his wife so much because he desperately needed a child. Everybody in the family hated the wife more... But surprisingly! The real truth why she was unable to conceived came out at last and its within the husband's family. Find out the whole story in this book...This is a lesson for every family< Less
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Expand: How to Change Your Role In Relationships By Audrey E. Ellenwood Ph.D., Lars Brok M.D.
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This self-help workbook will create pathways to learning nineteen interactional roles which will allow you to become more flexible and responsive in highly charged emotional situations. True-to-life... More > case scenrious, self-reflection, and guided practice will gently encourage you to take new risks in order to change your role in those personal and professional relationships which fester feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, sadness, and even depression. Light will be shed on how the adoption of new roles can even shed new light on complex family situations which appear hopeless.< Less
A Way Out: A Men's Guide to Leaving Unhealthy Relationships By Michael Freeman
eBook (ePub): $6.99
A Way Out is a breakup guide for men who are STUCK in unhappy, unhealthy relationships. Maybe your partner is clingy, manipulative and controlling, and it's time for you to leave. Or maybe you've... More > simply fallen out of love and want to get on with your life. If you've tried to leave and you can't, or you're thinking about a break up but don't feel that she can handle it, you need this book. It's 30 pages of essential info that will show you what's going on, and help get on with your life.< Less
Experience B.L.I.S.S. in Your Relationships By Anitra Durand Allen
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With over a decade of marriage under her belt, Anitra Durand Allen has learned a few things about how to maintain happiness in her relationship. In life and love, discovering the person with whom you... More > can “be yourself” without fear of judgment may seem unachievable. But why is that? Why can’t you be truly loved for who you are, as you are, in a secure, loving relationship? You can! And that's exactly what Anitra wants to show you. "Experience B.L.I.S.S. in Your Relationships" is a "how-to" guide to finding and keeping complete happiness in your relationship. Through personal stories from Anitra's own life this book supplies easy to apply methods, supported by faith-based principals, to not only help you find bliss in your life and love, but to help you keep it.< Less
When Mr. Right Turns Into Mr. Wrong: How To End A Bad Relationship And Survive Divorce And Break-ups By Kate Grundy, Greta Schad
eBook (PDF): $6.00
So you got your Mr. Right, or at least you thought you did? Now you're not so sure. What do you do when he turns out to be Mr. Wrong? In the chapters of this book we’ll help you understand... More > what to do next when you find you're with Mr. Wrong. We’ll take you through the entire process from discovering the truth, to getting rid of him, and moving on with your life. We’ll discuss the tell tale signs that he is in fact Mr. Wrong and the root of your unhappiness.< Less
The Lament of the Tormented Wife By Valerie Howard
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A twisted Poetry collection...Pure angst.
The Lament of the Tormented Wife By Valerie Howard
eBook (PDF): $5.99
A twisted Poetry collection...Pure angst.
What's New (Since I Died in 1952)? By Jerry Meyer
Paperback: $19.95
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Why can't Aunt Fritzi get a sun tan anymore? Did Charles Atlas give up body building to become a fashion designer? Did he then open a franchise of ballet schools? Can we communicate with the dead?... More > Can the dead communicate with us? Did MAD magazine save your sanity? Can telephones read our minds? Would a foot fetishist give up a lucrative academic medical practice to work in an inner-city massage parlor? Can Ruth have a spontaneous orgasm? Exactly what tricks do Sea Monkeys perform? Can you trust a hypnotist? What is the proper relationship you should have with your cleaning lady? Do men ever listen to women? Can four diet pills and three cups of coffee improve your outlook? How about breast enhancers? Can we choose ordinary unhappiness over neurotic misery? These and other questions might be answered in WHAT'S NEW (SINCE I DIED IN 1952)?< Less
Contentment: The Secret Habits of Happy Humans By Allen Young
eBook (ePub): $2.85
This ebook describes five key factors common to contented people. It allows you to self-assess on each factor, and helps you to create an action plan for finding lasting happiness.