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Through the Microscope By Timothy Paustian
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A complete textbook covering all aspects of microbiology. This is the companion volume to the web site for the textbook, located at Purchase of this book also allows... More > access to the companion website. Please make sure that if you buy this book, you go to the website and register. Then send your proof of purchase to and ask to activate your subscription. There are directions on how to gain access to the online version at the textbook web site< Less
Veritas By Dr Raymond Wind
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There are plenty of conceptions that we use in our daily life without asking ourselves about their essential nature. Life as a philosophical problem is usually reduced to the question whether it has... More > emerged by chance, or it has been created by some Supreme Power. Instead of defining life in a wider context philosophers and theologians, even nowadays, make use of the so-called scientific concept of life. Here we shall define this concept as a theory according to which life is a temporary appearance which has been brought about by matter. In short, the unconscious matter has transformed itself into substance of a special kind. The stones and other non-living entities have become unicellulars, and then started developing into more and more complicated organisms. This is the picture depicted by contemporary biology.< Less
Cosmic Winds - A Fantasy Novel (Greek Version) By Tanya Ferris, Τάνια Φέρρη
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Six more minutes, and Automatic Birth would be a fact: The full development of an embryo inside an electrodynamic lung and its precipitate growth to the age of thirty, within a time span of nine... More > months. The Superhuman, as he was temporarily called, was expected to be a perfect psychophysical entity -thanks to the proper combination of chromosomes and the control of nucleic acids during the formation of the unicellular fetus. This was one side of the plan, which was named "New Polity" by those who knew, and promised a bright future for Mankind. The basic idea was the biological improvement of the human species and it could be achieved with DNA manipulation. Soon the earth would become a paradise of Superhumans, who would have very little in common with ordinary mortals. Of course, for the time being the plan “New Polity” could be revealed to a limited number of persons only, since the first measure it demanded was the significant decrease of the human population...< Less