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unknown By nicola hoyle
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The UnKnown By Dahu Mumagi
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The UnKnown is all that we do not know. All that is beyond our comprehension, all that we seek in philosophy, religion and life; all that is beyond our reach, all that is invisible, all that seems... More > impossible… it is obvious, it is mysterious, it is benign, it is dangerous, it is rational, it is miraculous, it is charming, it is frightening, it is nauseating, it is intriguing, it is merciful, it is merciless, it is generous, it is loving, it is hateful, it is peaceful and it is violent. The UnKnown cannot be understood and may always be interpreted in different ways by different people. We do not know the UnKnown, we cannot know the UnKnown, if we knew the UnKnown it would not be UnKnown. We come from the UnKnown and we go to the Unknown. Tomorrow is UnKnown and Yesterday is UnKnown. The Meaning is UnKnown, the Truth is UnKnown.< Less
The Unknown By Jesse Ramos
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set in the year 2015 there was a deadly virus that broke out turning everyone into zombies jesse ramos teams up with a group of unique characters who struggle to survive in this post apocalyptic ... More > world where it is questioned who is the bigger threat the undead or the humans< Less
Unknown By Keith Simpson
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Unknown follows the life of a popular high school girl who is being stalked by a unexpected stranger, who seems to want to do nothing more than ruin her life.
The Unknown By Lindsey Black, Lindsey B;lack
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19c Paris, The Commune, Baron Haussmann's radical design for a city of light to rise from the medieval streets...poverty and wealth rub co-exist in the throes of change. Like the turbulent currents... More > of the river Seine itself, the story of love, loss and courage flows through the life of The Unknown. Her sweet smile in death created a sensation and, a century later, inspired 'the lips that all would want to kiss!' Who was she? Does her spirit live on to captivate a man curious enough to seek out her mystery? A reflection in the water...The Unknown teases us to follow...< Less
The Unknown By mary kelsey
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Abstract photographs taken of eggshells, ribbons, prism colors, a greenhouse hallway, and an old Rolls-Royce
Unknown By Keigan Traylor
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This fictional book, written by an 11 year old, is the story of a boy, entering the war as a spirited “defender” for the United States, ending as a war hardened realist of the cold, cruel... More > consequences of war< Less
Into the unknown By Cym Net
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A travel report of a visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Media artist Cym describes her experiences traveling from Europe to Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to Ramallah in September 2010.
Into the Unknown By John Stevenson
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A hotel at the edge of space; a close encounter with an asteroid, and a journey that no-one expected, go to prove that space tourism is the destination for those who have been everywhere, but not the... More > place you want to be when things go wrong.< Less
The Unknown By Gabrielle Nolds
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16 year old Miranda falls in love with a boy she met online, suddenly she goes to meet him and tables turm.