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Occupational and Environmental Health Program - Air Force Instruction 48-145 By U.S. Air Force
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This Air Force Instruction (AFI) is consistent with Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 48-1, Aerospace Medicine Enterprise, DoD Instruction (DoDI) 6055.05, Occupational and Environmental Health and is... More > consistent with AFPD 90-8, Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) Management and Risk Management. It establishes procedures consistent with the guidance in AFI 91-202, The US Air Force Mishap Prevention Program, for medical support requirements. This publication applies to all Air Force (AF) active duty personnel, civilian employees, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Units and the Air National Guard (ANG). This Instruction does not apply to employees working under government contract. Contractors are solely responsible for compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and the protection of their employees unless otherwise provided by law or regulation to be specified in the contract.< Less
Pararescue Operations, Techniques, and Procedures (Air Force Instruction 16-1202) By U.S. Air Force
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This instruction implements AFPD 16-12, Pararescue. This publication outlines procedures and techniques to conduct Pararescue operations. It applies to Air National Guard and United States Air Force... More > Reserve units or members. Send recommended changes, additions, deletions, and any conflict or duplication of other reports to HQ AF/XOOP, Air Force Pentagon, Washington DC 20330-1480, on Air Force (AF) Form 847, Recommendation for Change of Publication. MAJCOMs may supplement this instruction.< Less
Drill and Ceremonies - Air Force Manual 36-2203 (19 June 2018) By U.S. Air Force
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This manual implements Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 36-26, Total Force Development. It describes the movements and procedures for saluting, drill, ceremonies, reviews, and parades. This manual... More > is for general use throughout the US Air Force and is a guide for persons teaching, learning, or participating in drill and ceremonies (see Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34-1201, Protocol). This manual applies to all Regular Air Force units and members including the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve units and members. Ensure that all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained IAW Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 33-363, Management of Records, and disposed of IAW the Air Force Records Disposition Schedule (RDS) in the Air Force Records Information Management System (AFRIMS).< Less
Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel - AFI36-2903 -AFGM2018-02 By U.S. Air Force
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This memorandum provides policy and guidance for all military personnel serving in the United States Air Force, including those serving in the Reserve and Guard components of the Air Force as... More > identified herein. The specific changes to AFI 36-2903 are listed in the attachment. The paragraphs listed replace the corresponding paragraphs in AFI 36-2903 or add new paragraphs. Failure to observe the mandatory provisions in paragraphs 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 of this memorandum by Regular Air Force military members, Air Force Reserve military members on active duty or inactive duty for training, and Air National Guard military members in Title 10 status is a violation of Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Air National Guard members in Title 32 status performing full-time National Guard duty or inactive duty for training, who violate the mandatory provisions of this instruction, may be held accountable through similar provisions of their respective State Military Codes.< Less
Operations: Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Operations - Air Force Handbook 10-644 27 (March 2017) By U.S. Air Force
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Air Force Handbook 10-644 Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Operations 27 March 2017 This handbook describes the various environmental conditions affecting human survival, and describes... More > isolated personnel (IP) activities necessary to survive during successful evasion or isolating events leading to successful recovery. It is the fundamental reference document providing guidance for any USAF service member who has the potential to become isolated; deviations require sound judgment and careful consideration. This publication provides considerations to be used in planning and execution for effective mission accomplishment of formal USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) training, environmentally specific SERE training, and combat survival continuation training programs. The tactics, techniques, and procedures in this publication are recognized best practices presenting a solid foundation to assist USAF service members to maintain life and return with honor from isolating events.< Less
The Tongue and Quill By U.S. Air Force
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The Tongue and Quill is dedicated to every man and woman in today’s Air Force who will ever sling ink at paper, pound a keyboard, give a briefing, or staff a package to support the mission.... More > Currently, The Tongue and Quill is widely used by Air Force military and civilian members, professional military school educators and students, and civilian corporations around the United States. As United States Air Force employees, it is important we communicate clearly and effectively to carry out our mission. This handbook together with AFMAN 33-326, Preparing Official Communications, will provide the necessary information to ensure clear communications written or spoken.< Less
AFROTC - Field Training Manual: Holm Center T-203 (2013 Edition) By U.S. Air Force
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Welcome to Field Training Preparation. Field Training is a mandatory program for all individuals qualified to pursue an Air Force commission through AFROTC. The program is designed to evaluate... More > military leadership and discipline, determine your potential for entry into the Professional Officer Course (POC), and stratify you among your peers. This Field Training Manual (FTM) is yours to keep, and you must take it with you to Field Training (FT). Everything you need to know to prepare for FT is included within this FTM as well as the Airman’s Manual (AFPAM 10-100). You will be responsible for the content of this manual for the entire duration of FT. You may write in, highlight, tab, or underline this manual as desired. Ensure you have a thorough understanding of this material prior to departing for your Field Training Unit (FTU); you will be held accountable upon arrival.< Less
Tongue and Quill - AFH 33-337 (Certified Current 27 July 2016) By U.S. Air Force
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The Tongue and Quill has been a valued Air Force resource for decades and many Airmen from our Total Force of uniformed and civilian members have contributed their talents to various editions over... More > the years. This revision is built upon the foundation of governing directives and user’s inputs from the unit level all the way up to Headquarters Air Force. A small team of Total Force Airmen from the Air University, the United States Air Force Academy, Headquarters Air Education and Training Command (AETC), the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), Air National Guard (ANG), and Headquarters Air Force compiled inputs from the field and rebuilt The Tongue and Quill to meet the needs of today’s Airmen. The team put many hours into this effort over a span of almost two years to improve the content, relevance, and organization of material throughout this handbook. As the final files go to press it is the desire of The Tongue and Quill team to say thank you to every Airman who assisted in making this edition better.< Less
Airfield Marking and Striping After Major Attack (AFTTP 3-32.13) By U.S Air Force
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PURPOSE: To provide an alternate airfield marking and striping sequence to meet the Air Component Commander’s Air Tasking Order (ATO) after a major enemy attack. This publication implements Air... More > Force Instruction (AFI) 10-210, Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (BEEF) Program; and supports AFI 10-209, RED HORSE Program; Air Force Pamphlet (AFPAM) 10-219, Volume 4, Airfield Damage Repair Operations, and Air Force Doctrine Annex 3-34, Engineer Operations. Ensure that all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained in accordance with (IAW) Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 33-363, Management of Records, and disposed of IAW the Air Force Records Information Management System (AFRIMS) Records Disposition Schedule (RDS). Refer recommended changes and questions about this publication to the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) using the AF Form 847, Recommendation for Change of Publication; route AF Forms 847 from the field through the appropriate functional chain of command.< Less
Cyber Warfare Operations 7- CFETP 1B4X1 (Parts I and II) By U.S. Air Force
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1. This Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP) is a comprehensive education and training document that identifies life-cycle education/training requirements, training support resources and... More > minimum core task requirements for this specialty. The CFETP will provide personnel a clear career path to success and instill rigor in all aspects of career field training. 2. The CFETP documents the career field training program and consists of two parts. Management uses both parts in conjunction with Training Business Area (TBA) to plan, manage and control training within the career field. NOTE: Civilians occupying associated positions will use Part II to support duty position qualification training.< Less

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