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Types Of Custom USB Drives By Alestrol s
eBook (PDF): $1.00
With the advancements in the upcoming technologies everything has improvised a lot. Companies keep looking for something innovative and unique method to market their product and services. Nowadays... More > the trend of custom USB drives is being used by most of the companies; they even use these drives as promotional item.< Less
Digispark USB Development Workshop By Agus Kurniawan
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Digispark is an Attiny85 based microcontroller development board similar to the Arduino line, only cheaper, smaller, and a bit less powerful. This book helps you to get started with Digispark USB... More > development. The following is highlight topics in this book: * Preparing development environment * Setting up Digispark USB * Working with Digital I/O * DigiUSB - Digispark debugging * PWM and Analog Input * Working with I2C< Less
Sam Ram and the USB Plant By George Keddy
Paperback: $20.70
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Sam Ram is an inventor who dreams of opening his own computer shop. At night he works late creating new and exciting things; a USB Glove which controls your granny, a banana which can be used as a... More > phone, and a USB Plant which feeds on the power from the computer. One evening during a thunderstorm a bolt of lightening struck Sam’s virus vault, releasing two viruses. Their names are Wormo and Troja, and they plan to destroy everything electrical, starting with the computer factory.< Less
To Manage Windows With a USB Pen Drive By Mauro Magni
eBook (ePub): $2.70
Using applications on a pen drive can sometimes be handy for testing new programs without creating anything on the hard disk and operating system registry. Sometimes these programs can help us to... More > repair a crashed computer.< Less
Usb Type C: A Guide for Beginners By Philip Tranton
eBook (ePub): $3.99
To get an understanding of the different kinds of USB’s, you will need to know the differences between the types and the standards. Similarly to how phones have different versions, there are... More > different versions of USBs. Each version would have differing speeds and efficiencies as a result of the USB cable. Whereas the USB types refer to the bodily shape of the connectors and ports of the device and the cable.< Less
USB Chargers Help Mobile Functionality By Devin Mitcham
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Micro USB chargers have changed the way of charging. Since it can be hard to find an outlet than a laptop nowadays, manufacturers have reviewed any possible options and found many ways to boost... More > battery quality. USB chargers can change the way your battery device get back to 100% but they are not the only determining factor. The wrong cable can overheat your phones, minimize the capacity and charging can speed as well.< Less
The Top Ten Tips for USB Flash Drives By Fiona Gatt
eBook (ePub): $6.99
There is a lot more you can do with a USB flash drive other than storage and data transfer. The latest USB flash drives offer ample space and ultra fast data transfers for multiple desktop... More > applications, hi-definition media files, as well as routine data transfers. The Top Ten Tips for USB Flash Drives help you get the best use out of your USB flash drive.< Less
How to Recover Files from USB Flash Drive on Mac or Windows By Maggie Don
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Here is the guide showing you how to recover files from USB flash drive on Mac and Windows computer.
Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB, User Interface Design for Embedded Applications By Lucio Di Jasio
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Learn how to interface to color graphics displays (TFT) with touch screen inputs to design compelling graphical user interfaces for your embedded control applications. Use sound to provide quality... More > audible feedback. Store and retrieve data (fonts, audio, images...) from serial Flash devices and microSD cards. Expand your connectivity options to include full speed USB to communicate with personal computers and other devices. This is a hands on learning experience. Through eight chapters of gradually increasing complexity you will develop a number of projects to explore the multimedia capabilities of the Mikromedia board, using 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers and learn how to get the most out of the Microchip Libraries of Applications (MLA).< Less
Gestire Windows con la chiavetta USB By Mauro Magni
eBook (PDF): $2.70
Utilizzare applicazioni su una pen drive a volte può essere comodo per eseguire test su nuovi programmi senza creare nulla sul disco fisso e nel registro del sistema operativo. A volte ci... More > può aiutare anche a riparare un computer bloccato.< Less