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My Man Jeeves By P.G. Wodehouse
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My Man Jeeves was first published in 1919, and introduced, in book form, the gentle characters of Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves. It also included Reggie Pepper, who was a "prototype"... More > of the character Bertie. All of the stories in My Man Jeeves were originally published in either the Saturday Evening Post or the Strand, where they were very popular. Indeed, the characters of Bertie and Jeeves eventually spawned a number of movies, plays, and television serials. Today, the stories are just as fresh and enjoyable as when they were first written, nearly a century ago. This edition should be especially enjoyable as it was printed in a large, easy-to-read typestyle, with a beautiful hard cover that will make a lovely gift for a cherished relative or friend. This gift edition of P.G. Wodehouse's amusing stories has been prepared as a vehicle to help care for a severely autistic young man. Bertie would likely be very proud of that. (For sale in U.S.A. only.)< Less
The Paralogs of Phileas Fogg: Columbiad, the Gem of the Ocean! By James Downard
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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The behind-the-scenes mystery of Phileas Fogg, who in 1872 went around the world in 80 days on a wager, but did so to accomplish a secret task set by his new valet Passepartout: to stop the American... More > genius Barbicane from flying to the Moon. Along the way Fogg finds his match & mate in Aouda, a strongwilled inventor surpassing even the feats of her brother Captain Nemo. Fogg and his newfound friends must evade a global gauntlet of dangerous foes in service of a cabal of villains out to obtain the secret of atomic energy, who they must identify and thwart. They find the most agile of allies in the elderly detective Auguste Dupin, the ex-slave Thomasina Maker (whose supersonic rocket plane is pivotal to Fogg and Passepartout's plans), and the French newspaper correspondent Michel Ardan (or is he something more?). All their skills are needed to defeat an unprecedented armada of ironclad warships, submarines and airships in the Atlantic. Fortunately, Phileas Fogg has his watch, and Passepartout his comb.< Less
Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days - A Midwest Journal Writers' Club Selection By Dr. Robert C. Worstell & Jules Verne
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Around the World in Eighty Days is a classic adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, published in 1873. In the story, Phileas Fogg of London and his newly employed French valet Passepartout... More > attempt to circumnavigate the world in 80 days on a £20,000 wager (roughly £1,324,289 today) set by his friends at the Reform Club. It is one of Verne's most acclaimed works. During this transcontinental adventure, the reclusive bachelor finds love, is involved in mastering various catastrophes place in his path, and spends half his wealth in pursuit of the wager. He is meanwhile being tracked by a bounty hunter who is certain that Fogg is a notorious bank-robber. The story involves cliff-hanger outcomes in exotic locations - right through to the surprise ending. About the Midwest Journal Writers' Club: This was created by popular request to enable any beginning or established author to improve their skills by studying quality editions of classic bestselling fiction. Join at Midwest Journal Press.< Less
Those Extraordinary Twins By Mark Twain
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Pudd'nhead Wilson is a novel by Mark Twain. It was serialized in The Century Magazine (1893–4), before being published as a novel in 1894.The setting is the fictional Missouri frontier town of... More > Dawson's Landing on the banks of the Mississippi River in the first half of the 19th century. David Wilson, a young lawyer, moves to town and a clever remark of his is misunderstood, which causes locals to brand him a "pudd'nhead" – a nitwit. His hobby of collecting fingerprints does not raise his standing in the townsfolk's eyes, who see him as an eccentric and do not frequent his law practice.Puddn'head Wilson moves into the background as the focus shifts to the slave Roxy, her son, and the family they serve. Roxy is only one-sixteenth black, and her son Valet de Chambre (referred to as "Chambers") is only 1/32 black. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Around the World in 80 Days By Jules Verne
eBook (ePub): $2.99
‘You are a Frenchman, I believe,’ asked Phileas Fogg,‘and your name is John?’ ‘Jean, if monsieur pleases,’ replied the newcomer, ‘Jean Passepartout, a... More > surname which has clung to me because I have a natural aptness for going out of one business into another. I believe I’m honest, monsieur, but, to be outspoken, I’ve had several trades. I’ve been an itinerant singer, a circus-rider, when I used to vault like Leotard, and dance on a rope like Blondin. Then I got to be a professor of gymnastics, so as to make better use of my talents; and then I was a sergeant fireman at Paris, and assisted at many a big fire. But I quitted France five years ago, and, wishing to taste the sweets of domestic life, took service as a valet here in England. Finding myself out of place, and hearing that Monsieur Phileas Fogg was the most exact and settled gentleman in the United Kingdom, I have come to monsieur in the hope of living with him a tranquil life, and forgetting even the name of Passepartout.’< Less
Percival Keene By Frederick Marryat
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Percival Keene is a coming-of-age adventure novel published in three volumes in 1842 by Frederick Marryat. The book follows the nautical adventures of the title character, a low-born illegitimate... More > child of a captain in the Royal Navy, as he enters service as a midshipman during the Napoleonic Wars and rises through the ranks with the help of his influential father.At Madeline Hall, an old mansion-house near Southampton belonging to the wealthy de Versely family, lives an elderly spinster Miss Delmar, the aunt of the earl de Versely and Captain Delmar. Miss Delmar invites Arabella Mason, the daughter of a deceased, well-liked steward to stay with her as a lower-class guest in the house. Captain Delmar is known to visit his aunt at Madeline Hall frequently, accompanied by his valet Ben Keene, who is also a private marine. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Riot On Mother's Day: Barefoot Judy- Fabulous Molly By comics creator
eBook (PDF): $10.99
Ninety nine Judy vs Molly matches up to now had the same result. Either in the ring, in the mud pit, or on the mat, Molly raised her hand in victory and Judy left the arena ashamed and humiliated,... More > sometimes badly. Today it’s Mother’s Day. It’s Judy’s day. With her beloved son Alex as ring valet she will wrestle to get revenge for all she has suffered during all these years. This time it’s going to happen in reality, not as bad nightmare. Will Judy succeed to get revenge, or will she leave the ring once again badly humiliated? This time in front of her son. Illustrated story in 10 color pages with 100 panels full of hot action plus a 4-page B&W spotlight on lovely Judy to know her better. This story is contained in ''Women wrestling Vol 3''. IF YOU OWN ''WOMEN WRESTLING'' VOL 3 DON'T BUY IT. THE STORY SHOWS NUDITY- ADULTS ONLY< Less
Women Wrestling #3 By comics creator
eBook (PDF): $17.99
The Best League of (Women) Wrestling –BLOW- championship tournament is in progress and the ‘’Women Wrestling’’ magazine #3 is here with detailed descriptions of the four... More > matches for the third match day.: Rita Pinslip vs Linda Bloom and the question that arises is: should these kind of mismatches be allowed? Mrs. Betty Bean vs Sensational Olga in a loser gets stripped match Lauren Venus vs Karen Lockleg in a violent match that should have been stopped earlier And last but not least Barefoot Judy with her beloved son Alex as ring valet vs Fabulous Molly. This time it doesn’t happen in Judy’s dream as nightmare, but in reality. Four exciting matches in a total of 20 fully illustrated pages in color with 200 panels of hot women wrestling action plus a 4-page B&W spotlight on lovely Judy to know her better plus news and gossip, ratings and a tribute to the 50-60’s legend Judy Grable. CONTAINS NUDITY-ADULTS ONLY< Less
Women Wrestling #4 By comics creator
eBook (PDF): $17.99
The fourth match day of BLOW -the Best League of Women Wrestling- tournament is done, but still now any guess about who will become champion is impossible as Linda Bloom, Karen Lockleg and the... More > Fabulous Molly are leading the race without losses. WOMEN WRESTLING #4 –the only magazine of its kind- is here again with the details of the four new matches for the world’s MOST EXCITING and SEXIEST WOMEN WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP: Linda Bloom vs Lauren Venus in a match that sent Lauren totally naked and crying to the dressing room. Mrs. Betty Bean vs Karen Lockleg in the traditional old vs young confrontation. Who won? Fabulous Molly vs Rita Pinslip in a match that left Rita in her birthday suit for the pleasure of her fans and last but not least Sensational Olga vs Barefoot Judy with her son by her side as ring valet. Plus news and gossip, ratings and a tribute to Mildred Burke a Ladies Wrestling Legend in a total of 44 pages in color. CONTAINS NUDITY - ADULTS ONLY< Less
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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60