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International Journal of Language Studies (IJLS) – volume 9(2) By Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
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(1) Jia LU & Theresa CATALANO: Let them learn English: Reader response to media discourse about dual language education; (2) Ju-Young LEE: The use of English phrasal verbs in American spoken... More > corpora; (3) Gabriela Mariel FERREIRO & Pedro Luis LUCHINI: Redirecting goals for Pronunciation Teaching: A new proposal for adult Spanish-L1 learners of English; (4) Ricardo CASAÑ-PITARCH: The genre ‘about us’: A case study of banks’ corporate webpages; (5) Jesús GARCÍA LABORDA & Mary Frances LITZLER JERMAN: External validation of the foreign language speaking tasks of the High School Leaving Exam; (6) Ann M. JOHNS & M. A. SALMANI NODOUSHAN: English for Specific Purposes: The state of the art (An online interview with Ann M. Johns); (7) Vijay Kumar BHATIA & M. A. SALMANI NODOUSHAN: Genre analysis: The state of the art (An online interview with Vijay Kumar Bhatia); and (8) Keith ALLAN: Book Review.< Less
Heartfelt Mind By Cat Catalyst
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‘Source-Energy’ is what connects everyone and everything. This is why we are all ‘One’ and why there is no such thing as ‘out there’ and why everything but... More > everything always begins from ‘within’. Therefore aligning with Source- Energy enables ones concept of self-love to expand and extend so that one really does ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’ rather than project the absence of self-love by ‘loathing thy neighbour as one secretly self-loaths thyself’. The cause for almost all inharmonic situations is a tyrannical internal dialogue, which dominates ones thought patterns. Ones mind is like a garden. If you don’t make time to pull out those weeds regularly, it will become overgrown and tangled very rapidly. Happiness flows much more effectively when one has a modicum of inner-peace and self- acceptance. Self-Love means that rejection is no longer a threat or something to risk because validation already comes from within and if someone doesn’t get you it just doesn’t matter one fig.< Less
Lessons Learned from U.S. Government Law Enforcement in International Operations (Enlarged Edition) By Dilshika Jayamaha et al.
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Law enforcement (LE) aspects have been an increasingly prominent feature within the U.S. Government’s (USG’s) commitment to international operations. Beyond the deployment of police... More > personnel to interim policing missions, LE agencies may also be involved in international operations to enforce U.S. domestic law; for capacity building; and/or in support of U.S. military forces. This analysis examines lessons from three operations: Panama (1989-99), Colombia (1989-Present), and Kosovo (1998-Present). This analysis was supported by an extensive range of interviews and in-country field research in Colombia and Kosovo. The lessons learned were developed and validated in a series of workshops with subject matter experts. The results show the pervasive and complex role that law enforcement and related issues have played in contemporary international operations. Despite the unique circumstances and history of each operation, there were key findings that are common to all operations considered..< Less
Astral Projection Remote Viewing Soul Traveling & More By DUANE THE GREAT WRITER
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Out of Body Experiences (OBE) are very common with many people. Most do not understand what is taking place with this 'phenomena' in time and space, and there are many so-called officials who 'Think'... More > they know, whatever. Astral Projection is a projection of one of the Five Bodies a person has. It is a valid experience outside the physical body, which confirms there is so much more to a person than just this physical life. UNUversal Positioning (UP) with The NU~U NUSound IS the Ultimate Experience with Your RealAwareniss. ALL LifeIS Here&Now. Moving from 'here to there' is a fun experience and all of us do this, whether conscious or not, but there is a much Bigger Picture with Your Real Awareniss. There is no freedom in Creation, only Restrictions, and so OBE is a start for people, but not the final step to RealFreedom. Test The NU~U and Watch Tour DreamVisions. Learn to 'Let Life Show You' YU are The Answer for YourSelf! / ASK DUANE&EVA on Facebook!< Less
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Fallen Crown: Clothed In Glory The Naked Truth By Katrina Idemudia
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Fallen Crown is a candid depiction of true life filled with setbacks, struggles and triumphs. It’s a refreshingly honest and transparent look, into the life of a regular girl on a journey to... More > not only finding herself in a world of uncertainty, but also trying to find purpose while chasing after God. It's a raw uncut view of self-loathing, love, heartbreak, and inadequacy. Have you ever felt like your never good enough despite what you do? Do you ever wonder why the people you date always seem to leave you in tears? Why you chase after unhealthy relationships and seek validation in the wrong things? Then this book is for you. Katrina details how she herself was just like you chasing unhealthy relationships and trying to fill a void that only a relationship with God could fill. Katrina bares all on this quest of finding herself, making her testimony an open book and truly being who God has called her to be.< Less
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“Bilderfarben” (German, lit. “Picturescolors”) is four books-in-one.The first book starts with Dr. Dross at the point of suicide, when Genie, Captain of a starship, takes him... More > on a cosmic voyage to the limits of the Universe. They visit the origins of most religions, devoid of all myths and legends, by time-travel. An ideology, Mirism is proposed, so that Man may peacefully evolve into the Cosmic Era. The second book continues with turning theory into practice, establishing Mirism as the reliable and valid guide with which to resolve conflicts, establish world government, and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. The third book takes a look, by means of time-travel, at the future to see the Mirist evolution of Mankind. Dr. Mir marries his young Arab doctor, and they have a son. The stories in all three volumes are interspersed with many humorous dialogues and sexy adventures. Dr. Dross / Mir dies and his ashes are scattered in the garden of the hospital where he was born. “The Mirist Manifesto” is appended.< Less
The Macro Hoard By Laurence Carter
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Hugo Sinclair, unexpectedly summoned home from Africa, finds himself 13th Earl Lowick, and owner of a crumbling stately home. He also finds himself the owner of a hoard of Roman silver thought to be... More > worth between fifty and a hundred million dollars at auction. The silver is however at present in a Swiss bank vault and without a valid export licence may never be sold. What was his brother thinking of, raising a loan of eight million pounds and then disappearing into a monastery? Where did the silver come from, and how is Hugo to sell it without the licence, and pay off the mortgage? The story takes us from Wiltshire, first to Zurich, then to Lebanon, and to Croatia as Hugo finally discovers the origin of the Macro Hoard. We also find ourselves in Rome in the fourth century. Macro has come from nowhere and will claw his way up through Imperial Roman society. He is the man who one day will have that silver made for his wedding.< Less

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Full Count Ministries Romans Journal Full Count Ministries... By Carter Reese et al.
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